The New Instagram Verification Process

How To Get Verified On Instagram

Ever dreamed about getting a verified badge on Instagram? Much like being verified on Twitter or Facebook, Instagram verification signifies that you’re the real deal.

Surprisingly, it’s not as tough to get verified as you may have thought! That little blue and white check mark might be within your grasp.

Though it used to be nearly impossible, Instagram has made changes. Today there’s a simple way to get Instagram verification.

We’re taking a look at that new process now. From what kind of account you need to the steps you need to take, let’s check it out.

The History Of Instagram’s Verification Process

In the past, Instagram didn’t hand out many blue check marks.

Getting verified on Instagram was very difficult, if not impossible. It was reserved for the big names.

For example, the most followed person on Instagram, Selena Gomez? Yep, she was verified.

The most followed athlete on the social media platform? Cristiano Ronaldo. You bet he had a little blue circle with a white check mark next to his Instagram username.

It seemed at first that Instagram only verified accounts of the very rich and very famous. And at first, that seemed like the most necessary move.

When you’re searching for your favorite celebrity, usually many accounts pop up.

Sure, some are obviously fan accounts. But many people are pretending to be the famous person on Instagram. That can create dangerous situations where they can dupe naive fans.

By introducing the verified check mark, Instagram became safer. Now fans knew to look for the unique symbol. Fake accounts no longer posed a threat.

Though the check marks helped, the Instagram verification process was far from simple. In fact, the whole process seemed mysterious to those wanting that check mark.

A black market even surfaced, where people charged money for Instagram verification. And rates went up to as high as $15,000.

So how did it work?

Reportedly, people had friends working for the social media platform that would help them give out Instagram verifications.

These Instagram employees would charge a fee. The middle man would charge another. So for those willing to shell out cash, that check mark could be placed on their profile for thousands of dollars.

And over the last few years many “influencers” nabbed their Instagram verification through this sketchy process.

But those days are likely over. Instagram reportedly became savvy to this practice. Many employees who were selling Instagram verifications were fired.

Fortunately, now you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for Instagram verification. In fact, the process is much more streamlined and simple these days.

What changed?

If you’re in the market for Instagram verification, we’ll show you the new steps to apply.

It’s not guaranteed you’ll be granted that fancy blue circle, but it’s worth a shot!

But first, let’s see if you may qualify!

Instagram Verification Guidelines

In order to receive Instagram verification, you need to meet Instagram’s standards.

The social media platform cites that that are “a number of factors” that go into this decision. They give four specific factors on their site:

#1: Your Instagram account has to be “authentic,” meaning  it must “represent a real person, registered business or entity.” So no fake Selena Gomez accounts allowed!

#2: Your Instagram account has to be unique. This sounds vague, but really means you can’t be verified for the same business or as the same person more than once. Fair enough.

#3: The Instagram account must be “complete.” What does that entail? Well, in order to get Instagram verification you must have a public account, complete with a bio, profile photo and at least one Instagram post. You also aren’t allowed to have “add me” links to other types of social media.

#4: The last factor Instagram notes? Your Instagram account must be “notable.” Here’s where they have the most power when it comes to deciding, as this is a pretty wide notion. Instagram claims in order to get Instagram verification, your account “must represent a well-known, highly searched for person, brand or entity.” So we’re sorry, Aunt Carol, but this means you’re probably not eligible.

Now that you’ve seen what Instagram verification asks for, is your account still in?

If you think you’ve got what it takes follow these easy steps:

Instagram Verification Step #1: Go To Settings

Ready to get started? Log on to the account you want verified first. From there, head to Settings.

While in Settings, at the bottom of the list of options lies “Request Verification.”

The Request Verification selection takes you to another page, an application for Instagram verification.

Instagram Verification Step #2: Apply for Instagram Verification

Instagram explains what the verified badge means on this page. It also explains that simply requesting for Instagram verification is no guarantee.

Next, it’s time to type in your username and full name.

The third piece of information Instagram requires? A photo ID. This identification must be government issued, showing your name and date of birth. So passports, driver’s licenses and national identification cards all work here.

Additionally, if the Instagram account is a business, there is another option. You can also submit an official business document like a tax filing or article of incorporation along with your request.

Instagram Verification Step #3: Wait And See

Once you’ve filled out the info and attached your documents things are out of your hands. All you can do is wait.

Instagram lets you know that you’ll receive a notification either way. You’ll either be approved or rejected, and the social media platform will let you know.

It’s also worth nothing that if you are rejected, hope isn’t all lost. You can reapply for Instagram verification after 30 days.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Instagram verification helps your account get noticed. It makes your personal or business account stand out, proving you’re authentic.

Though the check mark is still not easy to get, Instagram’s new verification process does make things more straightforward.

If you think you might be eligible for Instagram verification, give it a shot! It’s such a simple process now that there’s nothing to lose.

The worst that can happen is a rejection. And even if you get rejected, don’t forget that you can try again.

Good luck getting those check marks!

By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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