A Guide To Instagram Username Generators

Having trouble coming up with an Instagram handle? An Instagram username generator can help!

Thanks to Instagram’s popularity, Instagram username generators are on the rise. So let us help you figure out which Instagram username generator is best for you!

Here’s the deal:

Sure, you could try and think of your own handle. But the chances of being able to snag your own name are slim. That means you’ll probably need to get creative.

Trying to pick a clever handle can be tough. That’s where an Instagram username generator comes in.

There’s only one problem:

These days, there are dozens of Instagram username generators out there. How do you know which one is best for you?

Picking an Instagram name is tough enough. So we’ve narrowed down the five best Instagram username generators. Check them out and figure out which one you should go with.

SpinXO: The Most Fun Instagram Username Generator 

This one’s easy and fun! SpinXO is an Instagram username generator that asks you just six questions. With the answers, the site provides you 30 Instagram username options.

Yes, 30!

So what does SpinXO want to know?


First up, it asks for your name or nickname. Simply pop in what you’d like to be called on Instagram.

Second, it asks what are you like? Here’s a perfect place to pop in your favorite adjective about yourself.

Third, SpinXO wants to know one of your hobbies. Do you love to sew? Do you love to play golf? This is your chance to include something you love to do.

The fourth prompt is more generic: things you like. You can really get creative here. List your pet’s name, your favorite food, your favorite type of car… the possibilities are endless.

Fifth, SpinXO wants to know if there are any important words to include. It’s another place to think outside the box. Maybe you want to add another adjective, or something about your career.

Finally, they ask for numbers. Put in your lucky number, your jersey number or your birthday.

And now you’re ready to go! Hit spin and get your personalized list.

SpinXO then gives you 30 options. All of them incorporate your answers, giving you plenty to choose from.

Not happy with the list? No problem. Just hit spin again and you’ll get a new round of options.

Jimpix: An Instagram Username Generator With Plenty Of Options

Looking to do a little less work? Our next Instagram username generator asks you nothing but your name!

Yep, this one is super simple. Jimpix lets you put in your name and choose from 35 categories.

And these aren’t your standard numbers and hobbies. Jimpix’s categories get pretty random. You can choose from categories like Rivers in Scotland or Dickens.

Or you can choose random – meaning Jimpix will pick the category. This means you’re guaranteed to have a unique username. This is great for those who want to use their own name, but with something added to it.

So go with Jimpix if you want to have the most random, unique name that also includes your own first name.

Lingojam: A Very Random Instagram Username Generator

Perhaps you want a more random Instagram username. Lingojam is an Instagram username generator that really thinks outside the box.

With an easy user interface, Lingojam lets you put in your name or whatever word you’d like to use. Then voila! Lingojam gives you tons of options.

You might be a little baffled by some of them, but maybe it will be exactly what you were looking for.

The best thing about Lingojam? It’s by far the most simple Instagram name generator out there. One click gives you dozens of unique ideas. What more could you want?

Username Generator: An Instagram Name Generator That Counts Characters

If you’re looking for an Instagram handle that’s a certain number of characters, choose Username Generator.

This one’s user friendly. Simply pop in your and pick a desired length. You can choose between less than 10, less than 15 and less than 18 characters. Then just hit generate!

This generator will give you some pretty random options. Sometimes they’re a little nonsensical. But hey, that’s almost a guarantee that they won’t be in use by another Instagram user.

Username Buddy: An Instagram Name Generator If You Want To Stay Anonymous

Hoping to stay completely anonymous on the internet? In that case, Username Buddy will really be your friend.

Their random generator lets you choose a starting letter, and then pick a prefix and suffix category. The categories range from movies to car brands to body parts.

The results? A little bit of alliteration combining the two categories.

Username Buddy is a great option for parents picking an Instagram username for their child. It’s also great if you don’t want to be found by coworkers or acquaintances.

Speedy Password: A Username Generator For Your Whole Name

Not afraid to use your first and last name? Speedy Password is an Instagram username generator that allows you to put in both.

Their first question is what type of username are you looking for. You can choose from positive, negative, Shakespearean, space, baseball, heroes and villains or unicorns. It’s then optional to put in your first name, last name and any lucky number.

There’s one drawbacks with this one. If your last name is long, you might exceed the character count Instagram allows. But if that’s the case, you don’t have to use your last name. All of the fields are optional on Speedy Password.

What’s The Bottom Line?

If you’re in need of help picking a handle, Instagram username generators are great. You can get help creating a username with your first name or your favorite hobby.

Not happy with the options on one? Lucky for you, there are plenty of Instagram username generators out there.

So if you’re starting a new account or just want to change yours up, give one of these Instagram username generators a try!


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