How To Take Advantage Of Instagram Slideshows

Ever have the Instagram photo dilemma? Instagram slideshows to the rescue!

You know that photo dilemma we’re talking about.Β When you have a few pictures you love equally and just can’t decide which one to post?

Instagram has solved that problem by adding the Instagram slideshow tool.

This excellent feature means the days of having to pick a favorite photo are long gone. You now have the ability to post up to ten photos in an Instagram slideshow.

That means you can post two or three or seven or the full ten. And your followers can scroll through and see them all.

Let’s learn more about this tool.

When Did Instagram Introduce Instagram Slideshows?

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If you’re always on Instagram like us, you may have noticed this feature a while ago.

Instagram used to allow slideshows for companies for ad purposes. There could be a carousel of snaps in an Instagram ad.

An update in February 2017 made Instagram slideshows available to everyone. The new feature let everyone add 10 slides to a slideshow. They could either be photos, videos or a mix of both.

The Benefits Of Instagram Slideshows

Users loved this new addition. Because it let them avoid picking a favorite photo, and had an added benefit. It cleared up Instagram feeds when it came to multiple-photo-posters.

You know the type! We all have that one friend that goes on an Instagram-bender. They don’t really understand Instagram etiquette and unload their camera roll.

This clogs up our feed and is, quite frankly, annoying.

The Instagram slideshow solves this problem (hopefully!). Now users are encouraged to group their photos in an Instagram slideshow, cleaning up feeds all over.

Another benefit? It lets you be a little more creative on the social media platform. You can tell a full story or share an entire experience through an Instagram slideshow.

Here are some of the ways people and companies have used Instagram slideshows since their introduction:


Do you run an Instagram where you like to teach your followers a thing or two? The Instagram slideshow is great news for you!

If you’re a DIY person or you’re trying to help your followers follow a recipe, the slideshow makes things both easier and easier on the eyes.

Post how to do something step-by-step. You can even post up to 10 videos giving clear instructions. Giving directions on Instagram became way easier with slideshows.

Want to see a real-life example?

Take the account @howtobecomeanartist. They used the slideshow tool to give instructions on how to draw hair.

Isn’t that easily laid out?

Selling Products

For those using Instagram to show off their products, the Instagram slideshow will really help things out.

This is particularly great for things like jewelry. Sometimes an item of jewelry can look completely different on. With Instagram slideshow, jewelers can show different angles and let you see how jewelry looks on.

Time to see what it looks like in practice. Here’s a great example from @annoushkajewellery:

Furniture retailers like West Elm have also embraced the Instagram slideshow for this reason. It lets them show an entire line.

Maybe all these pieces wouldn’t have fit in one picture. Thanks to the slideshow tool, you can check them all our separately.

It can also help you advertise a sale. Clothing giant Forever 21 used the Instagram slideshow to not only tell them a sale was happening, but show them what was marked down.

A MIni Photo Album

Guilty of filling up your friends’ feeds with that recent trip to Europe? Not anymore!

With Instagram slideshows you can put your best vacation photos on display without being a feed-hog.

Maybe you just had engagement photos taken, or got married. Maybe you got a new puppy.

No matter the occasion, Instagram slideshows are the perfect solution when you have more than one photo you’re dying to share.

How To Use Instagram Slideshows

Want to try it out? If you haven’t taken advantage of the Instagram slideshow feature, what are you waiting for?

Adding photos to a slideshow isn’t much different from posting a single photo to your Instagram profile. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

Step #1:

Start out just as you would posting a single photo. Hit the plus button first to pull up your photo roll. Hone in on the first photo you’re including in your slideshow.

Step #2:

Look for the little button in the bottom right corner of your photo that looks like a slideshow of images. Once you click that, a blue circle with the number one should pop up on your selected photo.

Step #3:

Once you see that blue number one, you’re ready to add your next photo (or video). Press the next selections just as you did the first. You can add up to 10 photos and videos total.

Step #4:

Once you’ve picked all of the photos and/or videos you’d like included, hit next. You’ll have the opportunity then to add filters. You’ll also be able to edit your pictures further, as a whole or individually. And here is where you can switch the order around if need be.

Step #5:

Continue as you normally would. Add a caption. Add a location. Tag your friends. Get your post ready for Instagram.

Step #6:

Post away! Then wait for the likes to roll in.

What’s The Bottom Line?

One of the best things about Instagram? It lets people express themselves. You get to know friends, family and even your favorite celebrities even better.

Instagram slideshows are one of the greatest latest additions. Users can get their point across, and are able to tell a full story.

So give this fabulous tool a try today!

By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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