Instagram Sign Up: How to Get Started for the First Time

Everybody around you seems to be talking about Instagram and you are still wondering what that is. Don’t be ashamed if you have heard about it, but never understood what it is.

This article is all about Instagram sign up. Keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Instagram?

Basically, Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos, although it does more than just that — live updates, stories, ads, etc. The app is very similar to Twitter and Facebook. Anyone who wishes to use the app is required to do an Instagram sign up first and create a profile. Once they do that, then will be able to share their stories with the world.

Whatever photo or video you share to your Instagram will appear on your news feed. Other Instagram members, no matter who or where they are, will be able to see your updates. But before they can see your updates, they will need to follow your Instagram first. And if you want to see their updates, you will have to follow them, too.

Sounds like Facebook? Definitely. But Instagram puts more focus on visual sharing. Although Instagram is available on both web and mobile, it is mainly used on mobile.

With Instagram, you can make new friends, discover new things, share experiences and so on. Maybe you have always dreamed of showcasing your cooking talent, perhaps even start your own online cooking channel. You probably already do that on Facebook. Well, you can share your content not just with your friends but the world using Instagram!

You can connect your Facebook to your Instagram account, too! So you can easily share whatever you post on Instagram to Facebook. When your friends see your Instagram updates on Facebook, they will be able to find you on Instagram easily and follow you. And you all can always like each other’s posts or tag one another on your photos or videos.

Also, you can write to each other via private message, or bookmark the photos you want to see again next time.

Devices That Work with Instagram

You can use Instagram as long as you have an iOS and Android device. You can log on to your account via web from your computer or the Instagram app, but you can only post your photos and videos from your mobile device.

Instagram Sign Up

Are you ready to create an Instagram account? Follow these quick steps:

1: Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download the Instagram app.

2: Once you have downloaded the app, launch it. Sign up via email address or Facebook.

3: Complete your bio by adding your profile photo and description. If you already have your own website, don’t forget to include the link on your bio so people can check it out. You can add photos to your news feed right away if you like.

Instagram Sign Up Without the App

Do you know that you can sign up for Instagram without downloading the app? You can create an account straight from your web browser. Follow these quick steps:

1: Visit the Instagram website.

2: Choose how you would like to sign up, whether you prefer using your email address or Facebook account.

Instagram sign up via web

3: Enter your username and password if you choose to use your email address, or sign up with your Facebook account if you already have one.

4: Click on Register if you wish to sign up with your email address. If you sign up with Facebook, you will be prompted to log in to your account if you are not signed in.

Instagram Sign Up ‘Blocked’ Error

But what if you come across a sign up error that prevents you from signing up for Instagram via the app? You try do it a couple of times, but the app keeps telling you to wait a moment. This is especially frustrating for anyone trying to sign up for the social app for the first time.

If this happens to you, keep calm and sign up for Instagram via desktop. This will solve your problem.

There could be several reasons why the Instagram sign up error pops up. Instagram prevents people from creating multiple accounts in order to fight spamming on its platform. Another reason is the use of VPN. When someone uses VPN, the real IP address of their devices are hidden, making them seem suspicious to Instagram. Also, once an IP address has been blocked by Instagram, it cannot be used to create an Instagram account.

Whatever it is that is preventing you from creating an Instagram account, follow these steps to solve the problem:

Check if you already have an Instagram account. Who knows you already have it after all?

If you are using VPN on your phone, uninstall it. Then clear the cache and try signing up for Instagram again.

If your IP address is blocked for some reason, try clearing your cookies and sign up again. This will not work if Instagram already bans your IP address.

Getting Started with Instagram

Instagram sign up successful? Awesome! Now you can start sharing your stories with world and those who truly matter. You have completed your bio, so now it’s time to post your first photo or video.

Instagram is all about discovering interesting stories, which usually involve beautiful photos, cool videos, engaging live updates and interesting Instagram story. So make yours as interesting as possible to get more likes and followers.

At first, it is normal that you don’t have many likes and followers. But with the right content and hashtags, you can quickly grow your Instagram organically. Choose high quality photos, use punchy captions (that best describe your post) and use the most suitable hashtags for your posts.

As you become more familiar with Instagram, you will learn that the numbers of your likes and followers matter a lot. That is if you are looking to grow your Instagram. It is not very important to some people, hence their accounts are usually private.

Remember: when you set your account to private, only people who follow you will be able to see your content. If your account is public, then anyone in the world will be able to see your photos and videos.

If you like a picture or video, double tap on the screen of your phone to like it. You can also do this from your web browser with just a click on the heart icon below the picture.

How to like Instagram pictures

If you want to search for people (friends, relatives, social influencers, etc.) to follow, you can browse for users using the search bar. To find it, click on the magnifying glass seen on your profile. You can also use the search bar to find specific users and hashtags.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories. Rather than sharing photos and videos to your news feed, share them to your Instagram story instead. The stories will disappear in 24 hours and moved to your stories archive.

To post a story, take a photo or upload it straight from your phone. Add filters if you like. There are also lots of cute stickers to choose from.

And if you want to grow your followers on Instagram, choose any of our plans to get started.

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