How to Make Instagram Post Templates And When To Use Them

Want to take your Instagram game to the next level, but not sure where to begin? You need Instagram post templates!

It’s no secret a good-looking Instagram feed is crucial to engaging your Instagram followers and growing your business. You know it’s important, but designing content and keeping everything on-brand can definitely feel overwhelming.

That’s why Instagram post templates are so important!

In today’s post, we’ll break down how to make templates for Instagram, the best Instagram template apps and when you should use Instagram post templates.

Create A Cohesive IG Theme Using Instagram Post Templates

Everyone wants a beautiful, cohesive Instagram theme, but what does that actually mean?

Before your followers even see your handle, you want them to know a post is yours. The goal is to consistently create posts that scream YOU!

One of our favorite ways to build brand recognition and cultivate an Instagram theme is to use Instagram post templates.

Since Instagram is more than just your most recent post, it’s crucial to think about your grid as a whole whenever you’re creating new content.

To make creating awesome, on-brand content easier (and, thus, making your life easier), we’re dishing on how to make templates for Instagram.

Want to learn how to use Instagram post templates! This guide revels the best Instagram template apps for creating awesome Instagram post templates!
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What Are Instagram Post Templates?

Instagram post templates are pre-made layouts you can customize to fit each unique post.

While we think everyone can utilize Instagram post templates, they’re especially useful for brands who don’t always have photos or videos to share.

Maybe you want to tell your followers about an awesome sale or share a super motivating quote.

Instagram post templates make eye-catching, on-brand graphics as easy as a double tap.

If you’re a team creating content, Instagram post templates are helpful for keeping everyone on the same page.

Need content for your Instagram post templates? Learn how you can drive traffic to your account with Instagram quotes!

How To Make Templates For IG

Before you jump into making Instagram post templates, it’s beneficial to spend some time determining your brand colors and fonts.

Doing so will save you time when you’re customizing your Instagram post templates.

For the most flexibility and and freedom, we recommend making your Instagram post templates in Adobe Photoshop.

But, you don’t need expensive editing software to create gorgeous Instagram post templates.

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Best Instagram Template Apps

Totally sold on Instagram post templates, but feeling a little intimidated about designing something yourself?

We feel you, and that’s why we’re sharing our favorite Instagram template apps!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer or shell out for Photoshop in order to create amazing Instagram post templates your followers will love.

How To Make Instagram Post Templates With Canva

We’re obsessed with Canva, and once you see how easy it is to create fantastic Instagram post templates, you will too.

Canva is free, beginner-friendly graphic design software. You can access it online or through their mobile app.

To make an Instagram post template with Canva, select “Find Templates” on the homepage. Scroll down to “Social Graphics.”

Once you click “Social Graphics,” Instagram post templates is the first option.

Make an amazing Instagram post template using one of our favorite Instagram template apps: Canva!

There are hundreds of Instagram post templates to choose from!

And, no worries about needing to resize. All the templates under “Instagram Posts” fit Instagram’s post dimensions.

After you select the Instagram post template you want to use, go wild customizing the fonts and colors.

In addition to making the content your own, you can also upload your own images and brand logo.

Check out this guide for how to make an Instagram post template using Canva!

More Instagram Template Apps

While Canva is our go-to for effortless Instagram post templates, it’s not the only fantastic Instagram template app out there.

We also love:

The usefulness of Instagram templates doesn’t stop at Instagram posts. In fact, that’s just the beginning.

Some Instagram template apps, like Unfold, specialize in Instagram Stories templates.

From Stories to posts and everything in between, we can’t wait to see how on point your Instagram theme is about to be!

Ready to take Instagram Stories by storm? Don’t miss our guide to using Instagram Stories templates.

Use Instagram Post Templates To Grow Your Instagram Account

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