How to Create and Use Instagram Polls to Boost Your Engagement

Are you on Instagram? If you are, have you ever used an Instagram poll? If yes, what are you using it for?

Today polls are not just used on Twitter and Facebook, but also on Instagram. They’re fun, interactive and useful. And many businesses are now taking their marketing to a whole new level through Instagram.

There are two types of polls on Instagram:

  • The story poll — lets you ask a question and give your audience two options to vote.
  • The emoji slider —  lets you share a question or story that viewers can react to using an emoji on a sliding scale.

So how do these polls work?

First, we’ll guide you through on how to create Instagram poll questions using the Instagram story poll. Then, we’ll guide you on how to create and use the emoji slider.

How to Create Instagram Poll Questions

Follow this guide to learn how to make Instagram poll questions.

Step 1: Create a Story

To create a new story, take a photo or add an image from your photo gallery. To do this, swipe left from your Instagram feed to your Instagram story.

By default, the ‘normal’ mode will appear first. Swipe horizontally to choose the mode you want: type, live, normal, boomerang, superzoom, focus, rewind or hands-free

Feel free to add texts, filter, emojis or doodles. Just make sure you’ll have enough room for your Instagram story poll.

Step 2: Add a Poll to Your Story

Once you’ve chosen your background, now it’s time to add your Instagram poll. Swipe up on the screen of your story to find the poll on your sticker tray. Then tap on the poll sticker.

Instagram Poll- Yes or No

The Instagram story poll lets you add a question and provide only two options (yes or no) for your audience to vote. Type anything in the text field. And don’t be afraid to be creative!

Tip: When using the text mode, you won’t be able to open your sticker tray just by swiping up. You need to add the text first.

After that, click on the arrow button. You should be able to swipe up and find your sticker tray now.

Click on the Instagram poll sticker and place it wherever you like. To remove the text you’ve added earlier on, drag it to the bottom of your screen until a bin icon pops up.

Add new text to the text field of the poll. Then share your story once you’ve customized everything.

Did you know that you can also edit your options?

Simply tap on any of them and type your text. You’re allowed to type up to 26 characters for each option in the poll.

How to Edit Instagram Poll Options

Step 3: Place Your Poll

Once you’re done customizing your poll, simply tap on the ‘Done’ button at the top right corner of your screen. To adjust the position of your poll, drag it around using your finger. To adjust the size of your poll, simply pinch the screen.

Step 4: Share Your Story

Share your story the same way you do for all of your stories. Your audience will be able to view your poll as they browse through your latest stories. If it’s their first time seeing your poll, then they would likely see a notification pop-up telling them about how the poll works.

Step 5: Analyzing Your Votes

To see your Instagram poll results, go to your story poll and swipe up. You might realize that not everybody would vote. To get them to participate next time, try to create a more eye-catching question, along with creative options that’ll make them feel compelled to vote.

Instagram Poll Sticker Result

You’ll get notified when someone votes as long as you’ve turned on your push notifications. You’ll also be able to know from whom do your votes come from. Before your story expires, you can share the results of your poll to your audience if you like.

Please note that the poll results are only available while your story is live. Once the story is gone, you won’t be able to look at your analytics anymore. So be sure to save the results before your story ends.

How to Create an Emoji Slider

The emoji slider is another Instagram feature which you can use to poll your audience. What’s great about it is that it allows people to show how much they like or dislike something using an animated emoji on a sliding scale.

With the emoji slider, you can ask your audience whatever you like, from getting their opinions to simply entertaining them. To learn how to create your own emoji slider, keep reading.

Step 1: Create Your Story

The steps for creating a story with an emoji slider is similar to the steps for creating an Instagram story poll.

From your Instagram feed, swipe left to your Instagram story to select the mode of your choice.

Optionally, you can click on the camera icon located at the top left corner of your Instagram feed. The ‘normal’ mode will show up first by default. Here you can take a photo or record a video, or swipe up to select a photo from your photo gallery.

After choosing your background, swipe up to find the emoji slider from your sticker tray. Tap on the emoji slider sticker and place it wherever you like.

Instagram Poll Step 1 - Emoji Slider

Step 2: Edit Your Emoji Slider

Once you have your emoji slider placed, type your question in the text field. You’ll notice a variety of emojis to choose from just below your emoji slider. Select whichever one you’d like to use for your story.

Insert emoji slider Step 2 for Instagram Poll

Tip: For better engagement, the emoji you choose must be related to the question you’re asking.

Add your text, filter or doodles wherever necessary.

Step 3: Place your emoji slider

Once you’re done customizing your emoji slider, simply tap on the ‘Done’ button at the top right corner of your screen. You can adjust the position of your emoji slider by dragging it using your finger or adjust the size of your emoji slider by pinching the screen.

Insert emoji slider for Instagram Poll

Step 4: Share Your Story

Publish your story and wait for your audience to share their reactions with you. Just like any other story you put out there, your audience will be able to view your emoji slider as they browse through your Instagram stories.

Insert Emoji Slider Final Step - Instagram Poll

Step 5: Monitoring Your Reactions

You’ll be able to see your emoji slider results by swiping up on the screen of your emoji slider story.

Monitoring Instagram Poll Reactions

You might realize that not everybody plays around with your emoji slider. To get them to share their reactions next time, try sharing a quirkier question, photo or emoji that they’d likely be able to relate to.

Your Instagram analytics will inform you about the people who swipe on your emoji slider. You can also choose to share the results of your poll to your audience before it ends.

Just like the Instagram story poll, your emoji slider results are only available while your story is live.

Good news!

Instagram recently announced that now you’ll be able to send polls via direct messages on Instagram. It’s pretty much like adding an Instagram poll to your stories, but you can share your poll to specific users via direct messages. Everyone in the list will be able to see the results as they vote or share their reactions real time.

This new feature is perfect for those of you who want to send a specific poll to a specific individual or group of people.

How to Use Instagram Polls Effectively

So now you know how to make a poll on Instagram, let’s discuss how you can use it effectively, whether it’s just for fun or for sales and marketing purposes.

A poll is typically used in surveys because it helps collect feedback from people. With the Instagram poll, you can interact with your audience and learn more about them. A poll is the easiest and quickest way for you to get straightforward answers from your target audience.

Use it for getting:

  • Feedback about a product
  • Opinions
  • Preferences (for example, colors, tastes, sizes, etc.)
  • Information about customers pain points
  • Suggestions (say, a topic for your next blog post)

For marketers out there, take advantage of this new Instagram trend for your market research, event planning, or when deciding on giveaways ideas that your audience would be interested in.

Always keep up to date with trending topics to help you create more effective polls in the future.

There are many ways on how to engage with your audience on Instagram, and using Instagram poll questions or the emoji slider is a great way to do it.

So whether you just want to get input from your audience or get engaged with them, the Instagram poll feature is an Instagram trend you must not miss this year!

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