How The Top Brands Use Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlights were first introduced in December 2017. Almost a year later, this feature has made a huge difference for businesses.

You can find Instagram story highlights on your profile just below your bio. This feature allows users to show different sides of their personality.

So what does this mean for businesses?

Ben and Jerry's Instagram Highlight

Brands are using these curated stories to drive engagement. They used Instagram story highlights to:

  • Showcase their products
  • Share customer reviews
  • Promote their latest marketing campaigns

The Instagram Highlight feature is highly versatile.

In this post, we’ll talk about how businesses are using Instagram highlights. Plus, we’ll give you examples from real brands!

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Instagram Highlights: An Overview

Typical Instagram stories expire after 24 hours. But with Highlights, your stories will be available for viewing on your profile as long as you want.

They’re located just above your IG feed. This puts timely content where your followers can see them first. Users can quickly discover and repeatedly view your highlights.

For Love and Lemons Bio

Unlike a regular IG Story, an Instagram highlight will play as a stand-alone when someone taps on it. Think of it as a pinned content. So don’t be afraid to get creative!

Use Instagram highlights to show off your products, drive traffic, and raise brand awareness.

How The Pros Use Instagram Highlights

Today, an aesthetically-appealing Instagram feed is not enough. Engage and attract new followers by having well-curated Instagram story highlights.

Story highlights can be grouped together into different categories, events, and topics.

Make it super easy for your followers to watch your content! Here’s how:

Creative Brand Introduction

Create an “Our Story” or “About Me” highlight. When potential followers find your IG account, they’ll want to know:

  • Who you are.
  • What your brand about.
  • Your products or services.
  • The uniqueness of your brand.
  • What they can expect from following your account.

Be as creative as you can with this Highlight. Hook your potential followers and showcase your brand in the best light possible.

Perfect Bar did a great job with introducing themselves in a nutshell. This brand is a maker of organic, non-GMO protein bars. Their “In a Nutshell” Instagram highlight gives users an overview of their products and FAQs.

Perfect Bar Instagram Highlight

Categorize Stories and Content

Share and curate content based on categories or topics. Let potential followers know what you have to offer.

Take a look at Her Majesty’s Pleasure‘s Highlights. They are categorized into nails, mood, beauty, and hair.

hermajestyspleasure highlights categories

By categorizing Instagram story highlights, your followers can quickly find the content that’s relevant to them. This makes your account easier to navigate.

Take a look at H&M‘s Instagram highlights. They categorized them according to the type of clothing. They have a Highlight for Coats, Autumn wear, Knits, and Denim.

H&M highlights categories

Categorizing Instagram story highlights is also perfect for quickly finding content. Take Her Majesty’s Pleasure as an example. With a minimalist Instagram highlights cover, their followers can quickly find the content they need.

Showcase Products

Instagram highlights equipped e-commerce brands with the ability to put their products front-and-center.

For instance, clothing brands can create separate highlights per collection. Check out how For Love and Lemons does it!

For Love and Lemons Highlights categories

Anthropologie has a unique way of highlighting their products. Their “Degrees of Cozy” Highlight features a variety of clothing perfect for Fall. It’s very cohesive, aesthetically appealing, and perfectly curated.

Degrees of Cozy Instagram Highlight

You can also use this feature to announce current promotions or sale. Charcoal Clothing created a Highlight to inform their followers how to avail the 20% off!

Tip 1: Include a call to action for higher sale conversion. For instance, add a “See More” link so your viewers can easily find and shop at your website.

Tip 2: Utilize the new shoppable sticker feature! What’s great about this is you don’t need to have 10,000+ followers to use it.

Share Customer Reviews

Got a five-star review? Great! Curate those reviews and share them in a dedicated Highlight.

When potential followers find your account, they’ll know how your customers love your brand.

Check out how Krave Beauty does it.

Reviews Instagram Highlights

Additionally, this skincare brand also encourage their customers to tag them using their branded hashtag! Instagram marketing done right!

Reviews Instagram Highlights

Your Instagram story highlights are front-and-center on your profile. Therefore, it’s the best place to share your stellar reviews.

Tip: Add a “See More” link or shoppable sticker so viewers can easily find the product being raved about.

Take Viewers Behind The Scene

Humanize your brand by giving viewers a sneak peek behind the scenes. It’s not enough to showcase your brand’s personality and aesthetics. Your followers want to know the people behind the brand.

BTS content allows you to connect with the audience on a personal level. Take a look at how Tasty showcased their BTS stories. It’s fun, exciting, and encourages the viewers to take action.

Tasty BTS Instagram Highlight

Take a step further by introducing the faces behind the brand. Look at how Krave Beauty presented their profiles in this Instagram highlight.

Our Team Instagram Highlight

Behind-the-scene content reminds your followers that there are trustworthy people behind your business. This will help you build a strong community.

Answer FAQs

Do you get the same questions over and over? It’s time to create an Instagram highlight dedicated to answering those FAQs.

Look at how Ban.Do created a simple yet on-point FAQ highlight.

Ban Do FAQs Instagram Highlight

Tip: Use an FAQ story highlight to help viewers understand what your brand is about. Let them know how your business operates. Or how services work.

However, not all brands have products that users can click and shop. Take SunPower Corporation, a leading solar innovator, as an example. They use their highlights to inform viewers: “Why Go Solar?” and “How many panels their home might need.”

Why Go Solar Instagram Highlight

How Many Panels Instagram Highlight

Curate How-To Stories

Your Instagram Highlights must provide value to your audience.

Use Instagram story highlights to educate viewers. Establish your credibility as a brand. Build trust with your followers.

For instance, curate stories featuring tutorials and tips and tricks. Benefit Cosmetics does a great job with their “Beauty School” highlight. They have a professional makeup artist who shows viewers how to achieve a Fall-inspired look.

Beauty School Instagram Highlight

Another example is from Etsy. In this Instagram highlight, they gave viewers a step-by-step guide to making a bath soak.

Etsy DIY Instagram Highlight

Tip: Remember that you can’t switch Stories. They’re always in chronological order. So make sure to post them correctly. This is important when sharing How-To or tutorial content.

Be Creative With Your Job Hiring Ads

These days, brands are not only attracting potential customers. They’re also enticing future employees with creative job ads.

Businesses are using Instagram highlights to post job openings. Take a look at Liah Yoo‘s personal account. She’s the founder of Krave Beauty which is a skincare brand.

Job Ad Instagram Highlight

Posting recruitment announcements to your Instagram account is a smart move. Why?

  • You’re targeting loyal followers.
  • You’ll have a better candidate pool.
  • The hiring process becomes more intimate as compared to a third-party employment website.

Instagram Highlights is a powerful feature. Use these strategies and more to provide the most value to your audience.

Want to see how the best brands are using Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights By Top Brands – What They Did Right

The Kitchn

This company post content that is food-related. From recipes to cleaning tips, they have it! They use their Highlights to provide additional info for their audience.

The Kitchn bio

Their highlights contain meal plans, behind-the scene action, and additional cleaning tips.

The Kitchn Instagram Highlight

Tip: Post Instagram highlight content that’s relevant to your brand. The stories must be useful for your followers and audience.


This brand is an online clothing retailer that first built a following on Snapchat. Their customers love their BTS content.

Everlane‘s core value is transparency. It’s strengthened through their Highlights. Take the example below. They share honest and unfiltered answers to viewers’ questions.

Everlane transparency Instagram Highlight

Tip: Take advantage of IG highlights to build trust with your audience. Show them what really happens behind your social media content.

Perfect Bar

This company is a maker of organic, non-GMO protein bars. They use their Highlights for a variety of strategies like introducing new products.

Perfect Bar Bio

Their “In A Nutshell” highlight answers frequently asked questions. Additionally, it helps new viewers understand who they are and what their products are.

In a Nutshell Instagram Highlight

Their stories are exceptionally done because they use audio, video, and text overlays. This means you can watch it even without the sound!


This company was launched in 2014 by a highly popular beauty blogger, Emily Weiss. This brand operated through social media. To this day, they have a huge Instagram following. With that said, they’re slaying Instagram story highlights.

Glossier‘s main products are for skincare and beauty. Their target is the millennial audience. This means their content must be fun and creative.

Take this Instagram Highlight as an example. They explained what the Glossier Solution is through Q&A. This content is highly valuable for potential customers who are looking into purchasing it.

Glossier Solution Q&A Instagram Highlight

Their tone is casual and personal. Like a friend who’s giving you a recommendation.

Another example is their “Quizzes” Highlight. This highlight encourages engagement in their audience. Viewers are enticed to swipe up to take a quick, fun quiz!

Glossier Quizz Instagram Highlight

Tip: Use Highlights to connect with your audience. Start conversations and make them feel like they’re a part of your brand journey.

Use these top brands’ strategies to up your Highlights game.

Although you can still share spontaneous content, Instagram Highlights encourages you to plan ahead.

Be more strategic with your Stories. This powerful feature will help you build your brand and cultivate trust with your followers.

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