Instagram Growth Services Roundup [2021 Edition]

Who here compulsively looks at their Instagram followers every twenty minutes hoping the number went up, raise your hand! 

Oh, the time we live in, Instagram growth services, organic Instagram growth, Instagram followers, fake Instagram followers, sort of real but they don’t engage Instagram followers, influencer marketing, oh my God I think I’m having a stroke.

An average person looking for a way to get their business more exposure can literally go insane just by trying to grow their Instagram account.

But, there might be a way to skip the psychiatrist costs and just hire an Instagram growth service instead. 

Is it cheap? It depends on what you consider cheap, but if you can’t spare the much-needed time to grow your following and dedicate to Instagram marketing, then Instagram growth services might be for you. 

However, unlike us, humans, not all Instagram growth services are born equal.

That’s what will be discussing today. We’ll go over some of the things to consider when hiring a growth service, we’ll compare some of the more popular ones, often thought of as the best Instagram growth services, and at the end, we’ll pronounce a winner.

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Upleap

The major advantage of Upleap is the real organic Instagram growth, no buying fake followers, likes, and comments. That defeats the purpose of social media. 

With Upleap you’ll get your own dedicated account manager that will help you find the right strategy. But unlike some of the other growth services that offer something similar, the account manager is neither underpaid to an extent he/she doesn’t care, nor overpaid to make you feel you’re spending way too much money. 

The customers are primarily upcoming Instagram stars and not A-list actors that don’t need any particular Instagram marketing to begin with.

You’ll get real followers, that are part of your target audience who’ll engage with your posts and  a  customer support team behind you if you need it.

That’s why Upleap is the best Instagram growth service.

There are no false promises, depending on your content you’ll get a real estimate as to what to expect and how to move forward in order to grow your Instagram account. The premium plan is 100$ a month and it’s a bargain for what you’re getting.

2. Social Sensei

Social Sensei offers its customers organic growth and real follower engagement. 

They provide an account manager and their monthly rate begins at 300$ for their silver package, $500 a month for gold, and a whopping $999 for their platinum package. 

They promise, a little hefty, 80% retention rate after their promotion is over and a guaranteed success. 

Social Sensei claims to work with some of the most popular people in the world and that’s one of their major selling points. 

However, it does beg the question, what about a lot less popular people?

It’s not that hard to promote a famous singer who would get likes and followers regardless of their marketing strategy, they already have an entire team responsible for exactly that.

But an average individual, just looking to gain some following for their business or account doesn’t have the same appeal as a celebrity.

3. Combin

Combin lets you plan and schedule Instagram content.

They have around 60000 users on their platform.

They are quite cheap and even offer their starter package for free.

You can’t necceseraly buy likes, followers, auto likes, and views. Instead, you get 1000 instant search results for posts and users.

Can that get you to the discovery page? It might. 

Is it organic Instagram growth? It’s fairly unclear if it is.

To get a detailed comparison between Combin and Upleap click here.

4.Mr Insta 

Mr Insta is a multiplatform service that covers a range of social media networks like  Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Mr Insta tries to be unique by offering some free followers at the very start. However, there’s no such thing as free lunch and it makes us wonder are they real followers.

Those followers are either profile made for exactly that, or they’re bots, whatever the case may be, you don’t have a real person behind the profile. 

Just like SocialEmpire, it also offers a purchase of new followers, likes, auto likes, comments, and views. 

Just as well, that’s one of our biggest gripes. It just doesn’t appear to be organic Instagram growth. 

The word free is thrown around like a football on their site. That’s always a sign that you should be wary of what you’re getting into. 

They offer 15 daily followers for 20$, 30 daily followers for 40$, or 60 daily followers for 80$, you even have a free trial option.

 As we said, if somebody can guarantee you the number of followers, in this case, DAILY followers, well, we’ll just say- Slim Shady. 

To get a detailed comparison between Mr Insta and Upleap click here.

5.Sara Agency

We included this one primarily because of the name as it suggests you’ve hired an agency with real people as employees that will help you grow your Instagram account.

However, Sara Agency is a software that helps you automate your social media. 

Their payment plans start from around 10$ a month, which is pretty cheap. You can pay on a weekly basis as well.

You know how we feel about automation software and cheap services. It’s not organic growth and we wouldn’t recommend it.

Plus you run the risk of Instagram catching onto the software activity since it promises engagement with 1000s of people without touching a single button. We’re getting suspicious just by writing that.


Instazood is another automation service.

They claim to be the best and cheapest Instagram automation  service around.

They offer a five day trial and their services start from 10$ a month.

However, if you want all of their services at the same time, and chances are you do, that price goes up to 105$ a month,which isn’t that cheap.

Do they make your Instagram interaction easer? By looking at their services , they probably do.

However, you’ll be using bots and if Instagram finds out you’re using bots, they can ban your account. That just isn’t worth the risk.

To get a detailed comparison between Instazood and Upleap click here.

7. Gramista

Gramista asks you let them manage your Instagram account and they’ll get you likes, followers and all the engagement you’ll ever need.

Their pricing method is really weird. They offer you a single package which you can buy for a day for 2$, for three days for 5$, and for a week for 11$.

They do offer monthly packages as well, but what we find weird is they don’t explain how they operate and what exactly is that they do.

To get a detailed comparison between Gramista and Upleap click here.


Another service that lets you buy followers, likes, and views. 

If you’re looking for a cheap way to get some concrete results, go ahead. 

When we say concrete results we mean numbers on the screen that might eventually result in nothing. 

We’re mentioning this one because it’s somewhat popular but all the things we listed for other brands that offer this exact type of growth apply here as well. 

Buying these types of things in this very cut and dry way feels like grocery shopping and not growing a business. 

Imagine opening up a shoe store and paying someone to get inside and pray they buy something, what’s the point?

To get a detailed comparison between Buzzoid and Upleap click here.

9. Instaboostgram

Instaboostgram lets you buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views Instantly. We’ve said several times throughout this article we’re not into that kind of thing.

Whenever you’re buying followers you’re not gaining the following you need and want that actually cares about your business.

They let you buy 5000 followers for 40 bucks. That just begs the question of where are they getting those 5000 followers, and instantly as well. But hey, there’s an audience for that out there for sure.

To get a detailed comparison between Instaboostgram and Upleap click here.

Do Instagram growth services work?


Asking do Instagram growth services work is like asking do condoms work. Sure, they work, but the manufacturers still put the 98% (not 100%) success rate on the box, plus, they can accidentally break. 

Unplanned pregnancy jokes aside, Instagram growth services work, but they might not work the same for everyone.

Some people expect that by hiring one of these Instagram growth services their Instagram account is going to get 1 trillion followers in a week and they’ll become the next Dan Bilzerian or Kylie Jenner.

It doesn’t work that way, they’re Instagram growth services not tooth fairies. 

Social media marketing is a tricky business, especially on Instagram. You want to grow your account as fast as possible but you also want to have organic Instagram growth and these two can be worlds apart from each other.

The king

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to Instagram, or any other social media, is that content is king i.e. content creation should be your primary focus.  

These services are just another growth tool for your account, they can improve your engagement rate and find you a larger audience, but they can’t create your content.

If your content sucks you can have Dwayne the Rock Johnson tag you on every one of his Instagram posts, you might gain some initial following but you’re not keeping it in the long run.

Even the best Instagram growth services have trouble when it comes to unpopular and undesirable content, make sure yours doesn’t fall into either of those categories.

Now that your expectations have been subdued and you know not to expect a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, we can go into some of the more practical stuff.

How do you get organic growth on Instagram?


You get organic growth on Instagram by being patient. 

Does that mean you should make an account and just wait for people to find it without posting, of course not, but it does mean that nothing happens overnight.

Again, content is king, but it needs to be consistent and something people, that end up being your real followers, are interested in. 

Are you interested in a particular niche that not that many people are into, you probably won’t get the biggest following but you might get good engagement. 

Are you an Instagram model with the skin of a 5-year-old and a narrow waistline, the potential for a lot of followers is there but the nature of that engagement might be questionable? 

Whatever the case may be, consistent, high-quality content is a must and if you haven’t been seeing any results, an Instagram growth service is probably the way to go.

How do I grow my Instagram following in 2021?


Started from the bottom

Instagram was founded in 2010 and oh how things have changed and yet remained the same. 

It had around 90 million Instagram users back in 2013 and now it has well over 1 billion. 

That’s a lot of Instagram users fighting for their place in the cyber world of social media. Seeking help from a professional growth service has become the norm.

A good organic Instagram growth service will offer things such as advanced targeting, a dedicated account manager, good customer service, etc. In today’s Instagram climate, that’s almost essential.

But what if you can’t afford an Instagram growth service, well there are some things you can do by yourself 

Liking other people’s stuff and following them. 

It would especially help if you can find the profiles you’re interested in and think they might be interested in you. The influencers in your niche probably know something you still don’t.

We wouldn’t recommend following everyone and liking everyone, that is just too unpredictable, make sure you’re engaging with real users who want to engage with your content.

The amount of fake accounts you might run into also plays a big part here, the difference between 1000 fake accounts and a hundred real followers is massive in the long run.

Just keep it honest, you can easily get lost in trying to grow your account.

If you ever find yourself obsessing over this platform, don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first, we have an article called Instagram vs Reality right here on that goes a bit more in-depth about this somewhat psychological phenomenon. 


Things To Consider When Hiring an Instagram Growth Service


What is your goal? Do you have a business you want people to know about, are you an artist looking to present their work to the world or do you just want to have a popular Instagram account?

You need a vision and willingness to put in some work by yourself.  

You could be wasting money hiring an Instagram growth service if you don’t have enough material and ideas to keep your target audience interested in your content.

There have been accounts that had great content in the beginning and their Instagram growth service brought them a lot of real followers but then they just stopped posting regularly and the Instagram account died out.

Again, good, consistent content is a must, the best Instagram growth services will always tell you it’s much easier to market and grow an account that is engaging in and of itself, compared to one that is just desperate for new followers without anything real to offer.


How To Choose an Instagram Growth Service

You took a good long look at the market. The thing your selling, promoting, arguing, or whatever, has a certain target audience and it’s time to grow your Instagram account.

Now, you have to decide, do you want more followers or do you prefer more engagement? These two things are a lot of the time mutually exclusive.

For example, an Instagram growth service like Upleap will analyze your account and give you the most objective estimate as to what to expect. 

If you’re selling police collectibles and somebody promises you a million real followers, each and every one dying to buy your stuff, you might as well save some money and watch a good sci-fi movie, it’s probably more realistic. 

Do your research, see what a particular service is offering and how they operate, Instagram marketing is a serious business and it pays to find the right growth service for you. You are spending real money at the end of the day.


Why Should You Use an Instagram Growth Service?


The most valuable resource that we all eventually run out of is, you guessed it, time. 

If you’re creating content you probably don’t have enough time for focusing on real, organic Instagram growth.

Remember the 1 billion users we mentioned? That’s a hell of a lot of competition, people are ecstatic if they get 0.1% of that 1 billion pool, but it takes time and effort to achieve that. 

We said that content is king, but if you can’t market it properly and only your mom sees it, what was the point of posting it on Instagram, or any social media network, in the first place?

If you’ve been struggling to grow your following by yourself an Instagram growth service can probably get you there. 

On the flip side, you might be good at growing your Instagram account, but it’s taking up a lot of your creative time to do it, before you know it, you got a big following but you’re posting only once or twice a week.


Ultimately one has to ask themselves the question, am I willing to dedicate all of my time to my Instagram account and creating content, or can I take a break here and there and have somebody else take care of, often boring, social media marketing and organic Instagram growth.

There’s a reason growth services have become a thing. Instagram accounts are treated as the number one way to reach the necessary audience.

If you are caught between organizing your business and having to market the whole thing at the same time, you’ll burn out sooner or later.

There’s this dude called Lao Tzu, he died a few thousand years ago, he said: “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”. He knew what was up even way back then.

But enough with the ancient Chinese philosophy, let’s see what kind of growth services you should avoid.


Avoid These Types of Instagram Growth Services

As we said, not all Instagram growth services are born equal and there are definitely a few that you should avoid.

We won’t be mentioning any names in this section, but you’ll put the pieces together very easily at the end of the article where we’ll give you some of the best Instagram growth services and ones that might not fit those criteria.

Right now, we’ll just tell you some of the things to look out for and keep in mind, this type of stuff doesn’t just apply to Instagram but to all social media.

The “Guaranteed” Number of Followers

If a growth service is guaranteeing you a certain number of new followers, you should be suspicious. Even the best Instagram growth service can’t guarantee a number of followers.

How can they know the number of Instagram accounts that will be interested in your content, and sometimes on a daily basis as well, social media has never worked that way.

Like with a lot of online services whose primary function is marketing, when it comes to Instagram growth services things are rarely black and white. 

You might have been selling face masks for cheap in 2019 and nobody gave a damn, but when Covid hit, your account could have gotten more traffic than PewDiePies Youtube channel. 

No marketing agency can predict that and those that claim they can are either into some real James Bond stuff, or are most likely frauds. 

So if they guarantee any kind of linear, constant, never-ending growth, they could be into making fake accounts or using an Instagram bot that will trick their customers into thinking they’re legit. 

Buying Followers For Instagram

Imagine you have a child and that child can’t seem to make any friends, so you hire someone to act like that child’s friends, what do you get? Probably a sociopath with vindictive tendencies.

Something similar will happen to your Instagram account/business. It might not become a nutcase per se, but the followers you bought won’t care in the least about the content of your account and will just represent an arbitrary number on the screen, something you don’t want.

Are their Instagram growth services that offer that kind of things, sure there are, but should you waste your money on them, probably not. 

We can play the devil’s advocate here and give the argument that the more Instagram followers a profile has the more likely someone else is to follow that profile. 

But wouldn’t it be weird if you have 20k followers but 700 likes and 3 comments on a post? It would. And wouldn’t you get suspicious at the question of the legitimacy of that Instagram account, you most likely would.

This notion of buying followers is completely against the organic Instagram growth philosophy which argues that long-term sustainability is the only way to be successful in this kind of business. 

You want people that will follow and engage with your content, not a bunch of fake accounts or even real people that don’t care at all.

Automation of your Instagram account

Instagram is getting better at recognizing spam and Instagram bot behavior. 

It was a lot easier to have an automation software monitor and grow your account back in 2014 or 15, but now, the Instagram authorities are a lot better at catching it. 

The number one reason for this is that Instagram doesn’t benefit from having these types of accounts and this type of “behavior” on their platform. 

Don’t be tricked by fancy terms such as artificial intelligence or machine learning. Notice the word “organic” in the organic Instagram growth. Artificial intelligence organic it is not.

We understand the appeal of the automation software as an Instagram growth tool. A lot of them allow you to target accounts in your niche, some of them even allow you to engage with your target audience without touching the phone.

A lot of them offer a free trial and promise to grow your Instagram followers relatively fast.

However, the algorithm that bots use is far from foolproof and you risk getting banned just because you wanted to save some money.

Too many direct messages sent and sooner or later and Instagram will catch up.

That’s why having a dedicated account manager is a much better idea. You have a real person behind the screen doing what’s necessary to help you grow. 

No proper customer support

If you’re not able to communicate whenever you want with the those who have your Instagram profile’s future in their hands, you’re might be doomed to fail. 

A lot of businesses are completely reliant on their Instagram account, hiring someone, and giving them control over that part of the business is a serious step. 

There are services that claim to provide 24/7 support but it’s highly recommended you do your research before hiring them as that might be just an empty advertising gimmick. 

Email support is also desirable, especially if things didn’t go as you planned, since it can be easier to get a refund.

Cheap and effective

You can find a cheap Instagram growth service, just like you can find a cheap mechanic for your car, but how smart is it to actually hire someone like that? 

Some of us learn that lesson the hard way, with our rear tires rolling next to us on the highway, or by logging into our Instagram account, oh wait, no, I can’t log in, somebody changed the password, how odd?!

Yeah, don’t give away your livelihood to someone who offers a lot of value for a cheap price, after all, having to start from scratch could prove to be a lot more expensive in the long run.

Selling your kidney to pay them

On the other hand, there are extremely expensive growth services.

Can they provide you with real followers – probably. Can they provide you with organic growth and a good target audience – probably as well. Can they provide you with a bill high enough to cover your mortgage and car payment at the same time – most definitely.

If you’re just starting out and your budget is limited, it doesn’t matter how good a growth service or a growth tool is, there’s no way they can get you some intergalactic results in one month.

Find an affordable service and concentrate on content creation. 

What is the best Instagram growth service?

As this behemoth of the industry called Instagram continues to grow, so does the number of businesses surrounding it. 

There are a lot of Instagram services and we won’t mention all of them, just the ones we feel deserve to be mentioned, for better or worse. 


We get it, it’s hard, that little icon on your phone’s screen is often a struggle to maintain sanity. Do you have more followers, will you have something to post tomorrow, why is there so little engagement, etc.

But things don’t necessarily have to be that hard. A good Instagram growth service can get you the stable and organic growth that you’ve been looking for.

We’ve argued against any bot automation in this article since Instagram is better at detecting them year after year.

An agency approach with an account manager, like the one you have with UpLeap, is the most compelling option that ensures real results.


By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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