Everything You Want To Know About The Luxurious Lives of Instagram Girls

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, there are A LOT of people on Instagram. But, amidst all the content on the platform, a group of users stands out: Instagram girls.

From sunbathing on yachts in the south of France to taking selfies at Rodeo Drive boutiques, Instagram girls seem to have it all going on. But, are their lives too good to be true?

In this post, we’re diving into the Instagram girl trend. We’re examining the life of an Instagram girl and investigating Instagram girl salaries. Just how much does it pay to be young, beautiful and Insta famous?

As if this post were the Aegean Sea, let’s dive in.

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Who Are Instagram Girls?

At a glance, Instagram girls are mostly young women in their 20s and 30s. While some of them may have careers outside of Instagram, they rarely elude to them—preferring to portray a life of pure luxury.

Some defining characteristics of an Instagram girl include:

  • Enough designer clothes and handbags to open up their own shop
  • A glowing tan regardless of the season which is accentuated by a bright white, super straight smile
  • Flawless makeup
  • A passport full of stamps
  • Being deeply passionate about all things bougie

In short, Instagram girls have gotten famous for living like their famous. It’s “fake it till you make it” at its finest.

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What Is The Life Of An Instagram Girl Like?

Certainly, it can’t all be skipping to the front of the line at exclusive clubs and ordering enough room service to feed a small army. Or, can it?

The Instagram girl trend took off in cities like Dubai and Ibiza. Promoters recognized the brand potential for having beautiful, young women at their events, restaurants and clubs. In exchange for access, money or both, Instagram girls post pictures to help build a buzz about a location or an event.

Essentially, they get paid to party.

In the past, fixers for the mega-rich turned to modeling agencies to round out a group and surround their client with gorgeous women. Today, these fixers recruit Instagram girls, according to Cosmopolitan.

Self-described “luxury concierge” Anthony London told Cosmopolitan: “I’ll book [my clients] a table in whatever is cool and arrange for 10 girls to come along. All they’ve got to do is look pretty and have a good time.”

While wanting attractive people around is nothing new, finding them via social media is. Some women regard the Instagram girl trend as an opportunity to see the world and, even, a potential career.

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What Is The Salary Of An Instagram Girl?

Once an Instagram girl builds up her following and asserts her influence, the ball just keeps on rolling. Because she has beautiful pictures of herself doing fancy things, she gets invited to do more fancy things and takes more beautiful pictures of herself doing them.

The Instagram girl’s grid is as luxurious as a multi-million-dollar Italian villa, and she’s able to continue posting more swaggy content because promoters continue to fly her out to extravagant locations.

But, before life is all diamonds and Dom Perignon, an Instagram girl has to invest in her own image.

For example, in Russia, you can pay to take pictures on a grounded private jet. The plane never leaves the tarmac, but customers snap selfies like they’re jet-setting around the world.

Some women have gone broke pursuing the Instagram girl life. In 2018, Lissette Calveiro racked up $10,000 in credit debt while trying to become Insta famous.

Calveiro shared her worries about the Instagram girl trend. “Nobody talks about [his or her] finances on Instagram,” she told the New York Post. “It worries me how much I see girls worry about image.”

Instagram users with 100,000 followers can make $5,000 for a post made in partnership with a brand or company, according to Forbes. However, Forbes focused its study on Instagram influencers, which isn’t the same as Instagram girls.

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Instagram influencers cultivate their online brand in order to procure partnerships and brands. Instagram girls cultivate their online brand with the purpose of snagging exclusive invites or, in the case of some women, a sugar daddy.

One Instagram girl, Anna Bey, told Cosmopolitan: “You begin wanting a millionaire, then a multi-millionaire, until only a billionaire will do. I reached the point where if a man didn’t have an Amex Black Card, I wouldn’t date him.”

Rather than pursuing a payday, some Instagram girls, like Anna, are looking for someone to pay for them. The Instagram girl salary is the lifestyle.

How To Become An Instagram Girl

To better understand the Instagram girl trend, we turned to the platform itself where Anna Bey runs several accounts promoting her School of Affluence program.

According to her Instagram bio (@schoolofaffluence), Anna teaches women “elegance” and “high-society code.”

She encourages women to use #jetsetbabe if they’re interested in pursuing a life similar to hers.

In a TV interview with a British talk show, Anna said an Italian boyfriend introduced her to an “affluent lifestyle” and found it much to her liking. “I’ve managed to maintain this luxurious lifestyle through the men I’ve been with—and I’m not ashamed of that.”

But, becoming an Instagram girl isn’t easy, Anna revealed she’s had a nose job, paid for cheek fillers and dieted in order to achieve her look. “Many [rich men] want a high-caliber woman. We have to be honest we live in a very superficial world.”

The hashtag “jetsetbabe” has nearly 5,000 posts. Anna, who is currently dating a banker, has more than 32,000 followers.

On the School of Affluence website, Anna’s course offers a “7-step formula to high-society.” The program is for women who want to “fine-tune their elegance, social grace and enter the elite community.”

Even though Anna doesn’t think elite women should have to work if they don’t want to, she said, in her course, she preaches establishing independence in the event a relationship ends.

“I teach [the students] to be clever, to have savings, to have education, work experience,” she said.

Of course, the “7-step formula” and the Instagram girl lifestyle isn’t for everyone, Anna acknowledges: “I don’t think everybody has to do this. I’m speaking to a particular type of woman who wants to upgrade her lifestyle.”

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