Instagram For Business

Instagram For Business

60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram and 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily. Businesses everywhere are adding Instagram to their digital marketing strategy, but with so many options, what is the best Instagram tactic for businesses?

Today, we’re going to talk about the best way to use Instagram for your business. Whether you own an online store, or you sell software programs, Instagram is the place to be for your business.

Let’s get started.

Instagram Business Account

Before you get any further, make sure you get an Instagram Business Account, not just a regular account. Instagram business accounts give you access to more features.

With an Instagram business account you can:

  1. Gain insight into the performance of your profile with advanced analytics.
  2. Add a “Contact Us” button. A CTA button helps followers contact you in an easy, convenient way.
  3. Access to Instagram ads. Although you can still run an ad through your Facebook profile, it is more effective to have an Instagram profile attached to your account.

With an Instagram Business profile, you really have nothing to lose. Plus, if you end up hating it, you can always switch back to a regular profile. Read more about why you should switch to a business profile here.

Using Instagram Influencers for Business

We’ve talked about the power of Instagram Influencers before and they are important to mention again.

Top Instagram Influencers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars from advertisers by promoting products on the platform.

The strategy works just like old-fashion referral strategies, simply make a deal with Instagram influencers, and watch as they promote your product in their everyday life.

A great example of this is Emily Herren, @champagneandchanel, a beauty and fashion blogger with more than 660,000 followers.

Bloggers like Emily often order full outfits from their partners, and do full try on sessions of clothing capsules and tag the brand.

Some brands, like @shopreddress use multiple influencers to promote their posts. With 391K followers, The Red Dress seems to be doing it right.

Using Instagram Paid Ads for Business

The Instagram algorithm is always changing. Your feeds are constantly getting updated to show you the posts with the highest engagement. Instagram wants you sucked into the app for as long as possible, and for this reason, they will continue to show you the posts that keep you there the longest.

Although the algorithm is great for users (and Instagram in general) it is making it harder and harder for new businesses on Instagram, as well as any content that promotes products.

Because of the Instagram algorithm, more and more businesses are turning to Instagram Paid Ads to get their content in front of more users.

Using Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can set-up, monitor and analyze Instagram ads. Although there are lots of ways to use Instagram ads to grow your business, we suggest some of the following campaign objectives and strategies:

Campaign Objectives:

Use a campaign objective that aligns with your business goals. If you are looking to grow your Instagram account, try using a reach or impressions based objective. If you are looking to increase your product purchases or conversions, try a conversions objective.

Find the right audience:

Using the Audience Insights Tool in Facebook’s business tools, you can find out important information about your audience. We recommend you spend some time in this tool, gather around 30 new interest points from your audience, and use these to target in an interest-based campaign.

Use audience information you already have:

Think about the audience information you already have. Including Facebook followers, Instagram followers and email lists or existing customers. All of this information is valuable. You can target these users on Instagram in a retargeting campaign, or you can create a “lookalike” audience, that is essentially people with similar interests as your list. These are some of the most valuable audiences on Instagram, so make sure to try this in a campaign or adset.

Connect your online catalog:

Setting up your online catalog can be confusing, unless you use Shopify (which integrates easily with Facebook.) Connecting your catalog to Facebook Ads Manager makes it so that you can tag products in your Instagram feed, and create campaigns that show people exactly what items they were interested in.

Make compelling ad content:

Like all your content on Instagram, your ad content needs to be especially compelling. With all the content users are seeing daily, yours needs to stand out and create a sense of urgency, so that users will buy or convert.

Create Compelling Instagram Content For Your Business

What makes users follow brands on Instagram? Compelling content. Content that creates an emotion, or makes users feel like their life is incomplete without this product or service.

Compelling content includes professional looking photos, videos, carousels and stories. Not only is the creative exceptional, but the captions should be funny, witty, thought-provoking or inspirational.

Ben and Jerry’s does a great job of creating content that ice-cream addicts can relate to.

Not only does this get points for creativity, but the caption is also relevant to their audience.

Go Pro creates great content, with action packed photos that relate to their audience. Go Pro also constantly asks for user generated content. Users want to follow and engage with Go Pro because their content could be featured.

View this post on Instagram

Put our weekly ProTips to use or run with your own creativity. ❄️ Submit your best content to the #GoProSnow Challenge for the opportunity to earn $500 or $1,000 each week. No restrictions, just snow. What are you waiting for? 👇 • #ProTip: Landscapes should be captured how you experienced them. Living in the moment? Forget about the settings + use #SuperPhoto from #GoProHERO7 Black. Want full control in post-production? Get the most out of your #GoPro in Single Photo Mode, with Raw Photo, Flat Color, + Low Sharpness. Worried about missing the moment? Try Time Lapse Photo Mode. The options for photos are endless. 🎨 • • • 📷: @chrisroams #GoProPets #SledDogs #Mushing #SnowPhotography #OptOutside #WinterIsHere

A post shared by GoPro (@gopro) on

Picky Bars also creates compelling content, but what we want to point out about their profile is the way they saved and highlighted their stories. Since Instagram stories have become more important and more popular, saving Instagram highlights gives your potential followers the opportunity to see what your stories are like, before committing to following your business.

Use Analytics On Instagram For Your Business

How do you know what will work best for your brand? You don’t, until you test it. This means testing your content, your audiences, your hashtags, everything. Then you can understand what works best by monitoring your analytics.

With an Instagram business account, you have more access to analytics, and you can see what is happening across your account.

Before nerding out on analytics, make sure you understand which KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) work best for your brand.

If your goal is to build brand awareness, measure how many likes, shares and follows you’ve received. Whereas, if your business wants to increase sales, make sure you measure how many conversions and actual shares are coming from your Instagram business strategy.

There are lots of important analytics to measure on Instagram, and it can be overwhelming to look at everything at once, especially if you are new account, or a small business with big goals.

Staying focused on just a few analytics, will help you reach your business goals, one step at a time.

Using Instagram for business can feel like constantly feeding a giant beast, but we know it is worth the effort. Here at Upleap, we can help you reach your Instagram goals. Try us for free today, and get matched with an Account Manager who will help you increase page engagements, gain followers and improve the overall look and feel of your account. Contact us now!

By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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