Instagram Fonts And Where To Find Them

You can have a lot of fun with Instagram fonts! More fun than you probably thought. In this article, we’ll talk about the fonts Instagram uses for its logo, captions and comments, and stories.  In addition, we’ll discuss fonts you can download to add more personality to your profile.

Instagram Logo Font

Of course, everyone is familiar with the famous Instagram font.

instagram font and logo

It launched in 2013 after three years of the previous Instagram font.

original instagram logo and font

Remember that? It’s so retro!

Anyway, the new font was created by a designer called Mackey Saturday. It is hand drawn, custom and script text. Certainly, it is iconic and easy to recognize. Unfortunately, because it’s hand-drawn, you can’t download the font via the Internet.

However, you can download the old Instagram font: Billabong.

Instagram seem to love using their quill inspired typeface. It definitely has a classic feel.

Instagram Fonts For Captions And Comments

Instagram fonts have varied over the years. Now, they seem pretty settled on Proxima Nova.

It’s neat, clean and easy to read.

Instagram Font Dog Looking In Mirror

It’s very important for such a popular app to use a simple inoffensive font. With this in mind, Instagram has done a great job choosing the right font for their audience.

Keeping a consistent Instagram font across their app makes for a user friendly experience.

Lucky for you, this font can be downloaded here!

Using Fonts In Stories

Now, onto the fun part!

It’s been over two years since Instagram launched their stories. Two years!

In August 2016, Instagram introduced their 24 hour stories and later that year, live stories.

Indeed, Instagram stories have been widely successful, threatening the likes of Snapchat and Facebook stories.

Since August 2016, Instagram has introduced many new features to their stories, such as:

  1. Face filters.
  2. Adding photos from your anywhere in your camera roll.
  3. Gifs.
  4. Boomerangs.
  5. Music.
  6. Time, temperature and location.
  7. Polls.
  8. Mentions and hashtags.
  9. Questions.
  10. And, fonts.

Late 2017, Instagram introduced their ‘Type’ option which allows users to choose a unique Instagram font for their stories.

Currently, there are 5 Instagram fonts to choose from.

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1. Classic

Keep it simple with the original Instagram story font. It’s still Proxima Nova, as used in captions but it’s thick and bold enough to grab your follower’s attention.

Autumn Bike Instagram Story

Although it’s called Classic and it is loyal to Instagram’s brand, you can still customise the font.

Autumn picture, Instagram fonts

In fact, you can change the colour of the text, make it larger or smaller, and add a coloured background. The options are endless!

2. Modern

Next, Modern is a great Instagram font for a fun, laid-back look! Certainly, this tall bold lettering is really popular right now.

It adds a youthful character to your Instagram story.

Autumn Bike Instagram Fonts

Although you can’t add a background to this Instagram font, you can use the pen tool to create a nice brush stroke.

Autumn Bike Instagram Modern Font

3. Neon

Neon is a classy yet fun font. It’s a nice cursive lettering with a bright glow behind it.

Autumn Bike Neon Instagram Font

Tip: Hold down the color bubbles and a gradient grid will appear. This allows you to choose any text colour you like!

4. Typewriter

Next, we have Typewriter. This is one of the favorite Instagram fonts amongst the more nerdy accounts. It embodies old fashioned typewriter vibes. It also looks great with vintage looking photos, perhaps taken with the HUJI cam.

Autumn Bike Typewriter Font Instagram Story

Thankfully, you can add a background to the Typewriter font. This enables you to use any colour you like without it getting lost in your image.

For sure, the Typewriter font is nice and easy to read which is great for longer Instagram story captions. In fact, you can use the ‘Type’ option when uploading a story and create a slide without an image at all.

If you have something to explain or share with your followers, Typewriter is a great choice for which Instagram font to use.

Instagram Fonts

You can use this feature to give your followers updates on anything. Whether that’s giveaways, account updates, personal opinions, short messages or a goodnight thought, the Typewriter font is the perfect choice.

5. Strong

Last but not least, we have the Strong Instagram font.

This font is bold, powerful and perfect for short, snappy captions.

It’s an italicized version of the classic font. Therefore, it gives off a more urgent tone with its big size and brick-like shape.

Like the Classic and Typewriter Instagram fonts, you can add a background which will make it stand out even more.

Certainly, this is a great option if you want to grab your follower’s attention and tell them something important.

Autumn Bike Instagram Fonts

Let us know which font grabs your attention most.

For example, I like Strong because it’s out there. It speaks volumes!

The Strong Instagram font also looks great with a coloured background. In fact, try two separate captions in complementing colours as pictured above. It gives it a very classy characterised look.

Tip: Use the eyedrop tool on the far left of the color bubbles to choose the best colour for your text.  Next, drag it around the screen and it’ll pick up on the hues and colors in your image. As a result, this will make your your Instagram fonts look amazing with your chosen picture!

Tips For Using IG Fonts Well

It’s true that choosing the right font means everything.

You need to make sure that it’s easy to read so your followers are more likely to interact with your stories. In fact, the more interactions, the more Instagram will push your story out into the world.

Try these tips when choosing an Instagram font:

  1. Be consistent. Don’t use Neon in one story and Modern in the next before switching to Classic the following day. Choose 1 or 2 fonts as your favourites and brand them as your own. Then, when your followers click onto your story, they’ll recognise the font you’ve chosen. They will then start associating that font with you!
  2. Choose the right size. For example, if your Instagram font is too small, your followers won’t read it. If it’s too big, it might take away from the image.
  3. Finally, put the font in the right place on the image. Don’t cover up an important part of your photo. Remember that when viewing an Instagram story, your followers can hold down the image to see the whole picture so don’t worry if you’re putting your text at the very bottom. They’ll still see it.

Finding Custom Fonts For Instagram

If you thought you knew everything about Instagram fonts, you are wrong!

There’s a little secret we’ve discovered lately. Now, this tip will help you customise your Instagram profile to suit your aesthetic perfectly. It’s not all about filters and themes. Instagram fonts are just as important.

Did you know that you can use custom fonts in your bio and captions? Well, you can!


LingoJam is an easy way to choose custom fonts for your Instagram profile. Forget Proxima Nova! Indeed, you can choose fancy, fun fonts to suit your personality.

All you have to do is type your Instagram caption or bio into the box on the left. On the right, LingoJam will give you a list of almost 100 fonts to choose from.

Instagram Font Generator

Now, copy the font you like the best and paste it into your Instagram account.

If you’re on a PC, you’ll only be able to edit your Instagram bio. However, if you’re using a mobile, you can write all of your captions like this as well as changing your bio.

Now, you have no excuse to have a standard account like everyone else. With all these Instagram fonts to choose from, your account will definitely stand out online!

Personally, I like to use the spaced out one for my name on Instagram. Although it’s just a simple change, it makes my title stand out in my bio.

Instagram Fonts in Bio

It gives a clean minimalist look which is really popular right now.

Ariana Grande likes to use the upside down one in her Instagram captions. This adds an element of mystery!

View this post on Instagram

uoos llǝʍ ʇǝƃ

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities do all these fancy things, now you know! Certainly, customing your Instagram fonts is a really easy task with very powerful effects.

Spice it up a little with one of the more abstract fonts. The medieval one looks great paired with Instagram’s origianal font, Proxima Nova. It’s eye catching and a little spooky, perfect for autumn!

Tip: Don’t use these custom Instagram fonts for long captions. They’re not always easy to read so they work better for short, snappy captions or part of a caption.

Summarising Instagram Fonts

In conclusion, Instagram fonts are fun to use and explore. Choosing the right font can make or break your Instagram account.

Although you can’t play around with the font used in Instagram’s famous logo, Instagram certainly gives you access to experiment with their other custom fonts.

Even copy pasting fonts from the internet is a great idea to add some more character to your Instagram account.

Remember to follow all of our tips to put your Instagram fonts to best use! It’s all about being stylish and consistent. And of course, be original.

By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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