Instagram Fitness Models: Who Are They?

You’ve heard of Instagram modeling. So many people have found their careers through Instagram modeling, and gone on to amazing careers! But there are also Instagram Fitness Models.

What Are Instagram Fitness Models?

Fitness is a popular and important trend, and it’s grown in popularity over the last few years! Combine that with Instagram, and fitness models will post about their fitness routines, their diets, and their motivation.

Instagram fitness models use the platform to encourage and motivate their audience. They help them meet their fitness goals with short videos, photographs, tips and more!

Some Instagram fitness models focus more on fitness while some focus more on the modeling. But all Instagram fitness models do a bit of both!

If you’re looking for motivation and tips, then here are a few Instagram fitness models to follow.

1. Sommer Ray @sommerray

In the last few rows of her Instagram, Sommer Ray definitely focuses more on modeling, but she’s still got a great fitness game going on!

Sommer is 22 years old and from Colorado. She has over 20 million followers, akin to some A-list celebrities!

She began documenting her fitness journey on Instagram in 2016 and quickly became one of the most influential Instagram fitness models.

Although she doesn’t need humor to get popular, she still prides herself on her funny, normal side! In this video, she is seen dancing after smashing a workout.

Of course, she posts modeling photos, too. Her workout lifestyle has helped her get the kind of body she feels confident posting about. That’s why Instagram fitness modeling is a great avenue because it’s all about body confidence!

But what makes Sommer Ray so popular is that she is just like everyone else. She actually has an entire second Instagram account dedicated to it! On @sommerray2 she posts about food, silly faces, dancing in the car and her friends.

So, if you want to follow an Instagram fitness model who is totally relatable, Sommer Ray is a good place to start!

2. Jen Selter @jenselter

Unlike Sommer Ray, Jen Selter posts much more fitness content. In fact, she talks a lot more about her fitness in her captions, too.

If you’re looking for someone whose journey you can follow through pictures and words, Jen Selter is a great inspiration!

In this photo, her caption starts with an inspirational reminder to “forget about our failures from the past, learn from them, and move on!”. She also teases her audience with giveaways appearing throughout the month of May to keep them interested in her account.

Preaching to over 12 million followers, Jen Selter has her own YouTube channel and fitness app.

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Austria, WHAT’S UP?!? 🐰

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She also does a bit of traveling! For an Instagram fitness model, Jen does it all: fitness, modeling, traveling, motivation and more.

3. Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines is one of the many Instagram fitness models but she’s as unique as they come! She posts about a huge variety of things. Of course, she posts about her fitness routine and more recently her #activepregnancy. While she was pregnant, she remained super active until 38 weeks where she decided to only do walking.

She has over 11 million followers on Instagram, but even more on Facebook. She’s influential for her fitness regime #BBG – Bikini Body Guides. She has helped lots of people reach their goals with this fitness regime!

Fitness goes hand in hand with diet. Your diet must reflect the exercise you do, so it’s great that Kayla also talks about food. In this post, she shares what she might eat in a day. She also provides a call to action so her followers know where to get more information like this!

4. Elisabeth Akinwale @eakinwale

Elisabeth Akinwale is a mother and fitness model from Chicago. She has 110,00 followers on her Instagram where she shares her fitness workouts, motivation, and her mission to build a “stronger Chicago”.

In this caption, she talks about partnering with an organization that does work in Chicago Public Schools. She is passionate about getting outside and working out!

On Instagram, she shares videos of her workouts, showing different variations for exercises. Of course, if you’re new to this, get a spotter!

Fans that comment on her videos say that she motivates them to workout.

Like a few of the other Instagram fitness models, Elisabeth talks a lot about food. Specifically, she focuses on the importance of fruit, veg and protein which is essential for hardworking fitness folks!

5. Morit Summers @moritsummers

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Morit Summers is a personal trainer and fitness expert with over 18,000 followers. She is super inspirational because she is a plus size Instagram fitness model who is passionate about body positivity.

She even owns her own personal training studio!

Morit shares practical tips on her Instagram like this short sandbag workout video which gives tips on sandbag workouts!

She also does a bit of modeling on her Instagram! All the comments are extremely supportive, praising her for both her beauty and her inspiration!

Of course, follow Instagram fitness models if you’re looking for motivation, before and after pictures, tips and tricks or even just some body positivity on your Instagram feed. You’ll discover new fitness routines, apps, recipes and hopefully, friends!

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