The Most Liked Picture On Instagram Is Now An Egg

Kylie Jenner just got dethroned on Instagram by nothing more than an egg. A regular, brown egg just became the crowned ruler of the most liked photo on Instagram. The egg’s name is Eugene, and now, it’s also the most liked photo on the internet.

How did this happen? How did Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement get topped by a not-so-exciting egg? Let’s investigate, because this is definitely a monumental moment in Instagram (and internet) history.

How Did an Egg Take Over Instagram?

Set out to beat Kylie Jenner’s image with 18.3 million likes, the egg had a daunting task. But, seriously, how does anything become viral on Instagram? It’s all about sharing (and some luck). The egg knew one important fact about human psychology—whether people love or hate Kylie Jenner, everyone wants to be a part of a world record.

Plus, people wanted to participate because they loved Kylie, AND because they dislike Kylie, and would rather see an egg with the top photo on Instagram.

People participated in the challenge because it was simple. Simpler than the Kiki challenge (which also went viral), less dangerous than the tide pod challenge, and less controversial than the gold/white, black/blue dress debate.

All you had to do was like the photo. “Egg-gang” fans would go one step further and ask their own followers to like the photo. It was as simple as a few clicks.

The egg was quickly shared across the world, through DM’s, Instagram Stories and reposted throughout Instagram. There were also a few trending egg Hashtags including #LikeTheEgg #EggSoldiers and #EggGang.

We also saw several tried-and-true marketing tactics used.

1. Set a clear CTA: the egg was created to beat Kylie Jenner, and it never sidetracked from that goal. The caption could not be any more clear and gives people a specific call-to-action.

2. Use compelling content: the egg is just an egg. There are hundreds of comments on the post just asking what the heck an egg is doing trending on Instagram. The comments boosted the post, therefore adding to internet storm.

3. Post during peak hours: the egg did what any good marketer would do, and posted on a Friday night. It’s the perfect time because most people had the time to repost, share and tell their friends to like the egg post.

4. Use Instagram stories: the egg kept the fire rolling on Instagram by constantly updating its story. Now full of memes (we’ll get to that soon) the egg used Instagram’s story feature in a tactful, funny and creative way to engage with followers.

Clearly, these tactics worked. The egg received almost DOUBLE the amount of likes as Kylie Jenner with more than 35 million likes. Not only does the egg have the most liked photo on Instagram, but it is now the most liked photo on the entire internet. #mindblown

Why An Egg on Instagram?

Why an egg? There’s nothing glamorous about this egg. It isn’t glittery, it doesn’t move, it isn’t even traveling! Why did the creator use an egg?

Of course, the internet already has some conspiracies about the egg and what it means.

Since Kylie Jenner posted about her newborn baby, does this egg represent fertility? Possibly.

Is the egg a political image? Does the egg represent reproductive rights? Maybe.

Does the egg represent the ever fragile social media culture? It could.

Is the egg a symbolic message that anyone or anything can go viral? Maybe.

Even the secret creator of the egg doesn’t know exactly what the egg means, but we can all agree on one thing—it is funny an egg took the crown over the glamorous, beautiful, successful Kylie Jenner.

Who is Behind The Instagram Egg

Let’s get real for a second. A real human has to be behind this egg idea. So who are you, and why did you do this? Several journalists have set out to talk with the manager of the egg, but it still remains a secret.

All we know is the agent of the egg is an individual who lives in London. The idea started after the individual read an article about the top 20 Instagram posts of 2018.

It’s too soon to tell if the egg’s creator will reveal him or herself, but we’ll all be watching, just in case.

What Happened After The Egg Went Viral

The internet moves fast, especially since everyone wants to share something about the egg. And we can’t blame them, this is definitely a great trend to take advantage of.

It should come as no surprise that LOTS has happened since the egg was posted on January 4th.

First of all, Kylie Jenner responded in the most genius way:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Serious hats off to Kylie Jenner. She created her own meme, frying the egg. She captioned this “take that little egg.”

Her response was funny, clever and trendy. Well played, Kylie Jenner.

Since the Eugene the egg went viral, there have been memes all over Instagram. We’re sure these memes will continue for the rest of 2019, but here are some of the most popular ones so far:

#Egg has more than 6 million posts.

#EggGang has more than 28 million posts.

Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres have joined in on the fun:

Fake accounts have popped up EVERYWHERE claiming to be the egg for followers. And other odd food photos are trying to top the egg, like an account for potatoes.


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What Happens Next?

If you’re actively following the egg, or you consider yourself in the #EggGang, you might be wondering what will happen next.

Besides the never-ending memes and fake accounts we know will continue to flood your feeds, we investigated a little to see what might happen next in the #LifeOfTheEgg.

On the egg’s Instagram story, we learned there will be egg merchandise you can purchase. Soon, you’ll be able to rep your favorite egg. Who knows, maybe it’ll sell more than Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit.

Also on the egg’s Instagram story, we got a cryptic message that the egg will be back for more:

A screenshot of world_record_egg's Instagram story containing texts.

“It doesn’t end here though, we are only just getting started.”

What does this mean?! What other ideas does the egg have? Is the egg going to influence the internet in some other way? Only time will tell.

One thing we definitely predict will happen this year is a bunch of eggs hitting the streets for Halloween 2019.

So there you have it, that’s all you need to know about the egg that took over the internet this weekend. 2019 will go down as the year remembered by the egg. And since this is only the beginning of the egg takeover, you can count on us to follow this trend as it takes over the internet. We’re egg-cited.

What do you think the egg will do next? We want to hear your predictions. Comment below!

By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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