Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram dark mode is coming! The popular social media platform is about to get a whole new look. Instagram is finally introducing a dark mode — something users have been requesting for quite some time.

Not sure what dark mode is? Wondering what to expect from Instagram dark mode? We here at Upleap are breaking down what you can expect from this new Instagram update. Now let’s investigate.

What Is Instagram Dark Mode?

Instagram dark mode sounds scary, but we promise it’s not! Though this update has been timed right around spooky season, it’s simply a different aesthetic available for your favorite app.

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After smartphones added the dark mode feature, many Instagram users have actually been begging for the platform to offer the feature.

So what exactly is dark mode? Well, on iPhones and Androids alike, phones give users the choice of dark mode. This effectively turns the background black, feels easier on the eyes and makes the screen less glaringly bright to look at.

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When you’re perusing your phone for hours on end, this can be a welcome change.

We know what you’re wondering:

If smartphones already have this feature, why does Instagram need it as well?

Unfortunately, each app has to actually offer the dark mode option. Otherwise, despite setting your phone to dark mode, apps will retain their normal appearance if they don’t have a dark mode option.

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Instagram dark mode will give users the opportunity to finally browse their Insta feed in a darker setting. And with the option, Instagram joins other popular apps like Twitter, Facebook Messenger and many Google apps that already offer dark mode.

What Can I Expect From Instagram Dark Mode?

If you love Instagram the way it is, don’t worry. Dark mode won’t be all that drastically different! Design features will stay the same.

Wondering if this means you won’t see photos in vivid color? Don’t be. Photos on your feed will look exactly the same.

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Basically, Instagram dark mode just means that bright white color you’re accustomed to seeing behind your posts will be a darker hue.

When Is This New Feature Starting?

Bad news: Instagram dark mode won’t be rolled out for everyone just yet. This new Instagram feature will only be available for some users with the next update. For now, it’s only being beta tested within the Android version of the app — sorry, iPhone users!

A select amount of people will get to try out dark mode after their update, but won’t be notified. They will simply be able to see the new dark mode setup if their phone has its dark mode setting turned on.

After this testing roll out, rumor has it that Instagram will later officially launch the feature with a dark mode button in the application for all users.

Is There Anyway I Can Try To Get Dark Mode First?

If you’re a big fan of dark mode on your smartphone, you’re probably one of the Instagram users who have been begging for this option.

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For those eagerly awaiting this new feature, we’ve discovered two things you can do to up your odds of being one of the lucky ones who gets it with the next update.

Make Sure You’ve Done These Three Things:

In order to potentially get to try Instagram dark mode, there are two qualifications you need to meet. First, make sure your smartphone is on the latest version of iOS or Android.

Second, make sure your Instagram is up to date as well.

Third, have your smartphone set on the dark mode option in settings.

Though this doesn’t ensure you get access, it will definitely help your odds. And if you’re not immediately given the dark mode option, don’t despair! Instagram is reportedly rolling it out gradually.

Reasons To Use Dark Mode

Wondering what all the hype is about? You’re not alone. Plenty of people aren’t obsessed with dark mode quite yet. If you’re curious as to what all the hype is about, here are some reasons that make dark mode preferable.

Dark Mode Is Easy On The Eyes

Have you ever turned on your phone in the middle of the night, only to be blinded by the brightness? Dark mode can help with that! Especially in the case of Instagram — we’ve all been there, scrolling our feed during a bout of insomnia.


Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans on Unsplash

By swapping out the social media platform’s signature bright white background with a black or gray, scrolling through your feed will be much easier on your eyes. The darker colors make for less eye strain when compared to stark white.

Dark Mode Can Help You Get Better Sleep

When do you do the most Instagram browsing? If you’re like most people, scrolling through your feed is the way you wind down at night.

Unfortunately, Instagram’s default white screen can be bad for your sleep pattern, since that blue light can mess with your internal clock. Dark mode reduces the amount of blue light your smartphone emits, which could help you get a better night’s sleep.

Dark Mode Saves You Battery

For smartphones that have OLED displays, dark mode isn’t just better for your eyes. It’s also better for your phone battery!

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

By running a darker screen, dark mode can save you precious battery life.

Dark Mode Is Trending Everywhere

Though dark mode is a relatively new feature added to smartphones, it’s catching on like wildfire. All kinds of app are following suit and providing a dark mode option for users.

The only downside? It might make you stay on your phone even longer than normal!

What Are People Saying About It?

So what are users saying about Instagram’s new dark mode feature? On Twitter most people are excited about the option, sharing their excitement about a long-awaited feature.

Twitter user @nischay_jairaj wrote, “Dark mode Instagram has changed my life”. Another user, @LegendaryScoop added praise, tweeting, “Guys, Instagram dark mode is awesome.” 

In fact, finding any negative tweets about Instagram dark mode was actually a challenge. It seems this new feature is a huge hit with users who’ve been lucky enough to have it offered to them in the most recent update.

What If You’re Not A Dark Mode Fan?

Not a dark mode convert? If you like Instagram the way it is and aren’t interested in dark mode, no problem.

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As long as you don’t have your smartphone’s setting set to dark mode, there’s no chance you’ll be seeing this new feature on your phone.

And when Instagram ends up rolling this feature out to everyone, there will reportedly be a button where you can opt in or opt out. Bright screen users unite!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Dark mode is a feature that’s only growing more popular with time. It was a great decision by Instagram to get involved, offering users the option to scroll their feed in a darker hue. Instagram dark mode will slowly become to all users.

Whether you’re interested in Instagram dark mode to save your battery life, or simply want to get better sleep after browsing before bed, there are plenty of reasons to check out this new feature. The best part? If you don’t like it, just turn it off and your Instagram goes back to normal!

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