Boost Your Marketing Game With Instagram Archive Feature

More than a year since its release, the Instagram archive feature has become a huge hit. With this feature, you won’t have to regret deleting content!

From cleaning your feed to preparing a product launch- Instagram archive is a total game changer.

What is the Instagram Archive Feature?

Have you ever had the urge to delete an old post? That’s what Instagram archive is for.

Your profile represents who you are – whether you have a personal or business account. With that said, it also evolves over time.

Instagram archive offers the flexibility to customize profile while preserving memories.

Instead of deleting a content, Instagram archive simply hides them from other users. It’s like putting certain posts on private mode.

As soon as you tap the Archive button, that post will be saved to a private section. Only you can access this space. Don’t worry! The likes and comments of that post will remain intact.

Sample of an Instagram Archive feature

Why is it a handy feature?

  • You can quickly and easily move photos from your profile to archive – and vice versa.
  • Photos or videos in the archive are organized chronologically. If you want to restore them to profile, they’re added back in their original order.
  • Content in the Instagram archive is still included in the Insights analytics.
  • You can preserve your phone storage. You don’t have to download old Stories or save photos and videos from your profile.

With Instagram archive, the platform saves them in a server. You can privately view and publicly share them.

Sounds great, right?

How Instagram Archive Works

  1. Go to your profile and choose the content you want to archive.
  2. Tap the ellipsis at the right-hand part of your post.Step 1: How to archive a post
  3. Tap Archive

Step 1: How to archive a post

Your post will be sent to the private archive section. To access, simply go to your profile and tap the clock-like button.

How to access Instagram archive

Changed your mind? Easily retrieve your post!

  1. Open your Instagram Archive
  2. Select the post you want to restore
  3. Tap the ellipsis
  4. Choose “Show on Profile” Step 1: How to archive a post

Is it exclusive for business accounts?

Everyone can use the Instagram archive feature. It was first rolled out to a few accounts. But in 2018, all users can make the most out of it.

Unfortunately, you can’t archive in batches. You can only archive one photo or video at a time.

Instagram Archive Never Lets You Lose Your Stories

The platform also automatically archives your Instagram Stories. You can change this option through your Story settings.

Stories saved in the archive will retain their quality. They are saved in reverse chronological order with date stamps.

Instagram Story archive sample

To access, go to your Story archive. From there, you can choose to download the story to your phone.

Tip #1: Use the Instagram archive to create Highlights on your profile. You can also download archived content or send them through Direct Messages.

Tip #2: Instagram Live Stories are also available in your archive. Don’t delete them while live. Doing so will delete it from your archive as well.

No need to download Stories before they expire. With the archive feature, it’s done automatically!

How The Instagram Archive Feature Is Changing The Marketing Game

Don’t limit yourself to simply archiving old selfies or photos of your ex-boyfriend. The Instagram archive feature has a ton of potential. Especially for a marketing strategy.

Use Instagram archives to ensure that your posts are always “on brand”. Use it to create a more impactful content. Here’s how:

Prepare For A Big Announcement

Hide content in preparation for a big announcement. Take pointers from Taylor Swift.

She – most probably her team – used Instagram archive to generate buzz. They archived all of her posts just before she released her single, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

taylor swift IG

It certainly left her followers wondering what she’s up to.

You can use the same strategy for your brand. When you archive your posts, your audience will know that something big is about to happen. They’ll keep their eye on your account.

The focus will be on the announcement instead of the old content. Once that’s done, you can restore the posts. Or choose to keep it fresh.

Chipotle also used this strategy when they promoted their Queso Cup. They archived most of their content. Then proceeded to upload a bunch of “Queso” photos.

Chipotle IG feed

You might think that archiving all posts is a bit extreme. But it is a great move to generate buzz for an announcement.

Let your audience know that something big is coming. They should be on the lookout!

Keep Your Feed Relevant

Not all posts in your feed are relevant. For instance, you might have shared photos or videos to a time-limited offer. This is true for Sale announcements.

Or you might have posted products that were discontinued. You wouldn’t want customers to ask about a product that’s no longer available.

Maintain the timeliness and relevance of your feed. Archive content that’s not evergreen.

Yes, you can delete it. But the likes, comments, and analytics of that content will also be gone.

Note: Instagram archive keeps outdated content out of public view. However, its data, such as likes and comments, is still available for metrics and engagement.

The ability to use this data even from archived content is a huge advantage. You can archive content and still access engagement rates.

Hide Expired Giveaways

Your audience might see your giveaway post after it’s over. Instead of editing the caption to say “contest over”, consider archiving expired content.

Take a look at Plan with Ady‘s feed. Which post do you think she should archive once contest period’s over?

Plan with Addy feed (sample)

Archiving content will retain its engagement and comments. If you asked followers to answer a question, it’ll be useful to revisit it later on.

Brands are not the only ones who love this feature. It also appeals to non-committal users.

Take this as an example: Your giveaway mechanics include reposting with a hashtag. But once the contest is over, your giveaway post will be relevant to the user’s personal account. With Instagram archive, they are more likely to play along.

Why? Because they can simply archive their contest entry.

Create An Exclusive Account

You don’t have to go private to provide your followers with exclusivity. Treat your profile like your Story. Followers will get the idea that your content’s not permanent.

Tip: Archive posts that are non-evergreen.

This will encourage more profile visits. It’s also a great hack to outsmart Instagram’s algorithm. Additionally, you can also use it to drive engagement. Here’s how:

  1. Create a campaign where you archive different post every day.
  2. Ask your followers to familiarize your grid.
  3. Make them point out the difference in the comment section.
Spot the difference game sample
Story screen shots from Later

Remove Offensive Content

We can’t please everyone. What’s not offensive for some, might be offensive for others.

Instagram archive helps individuals and brands remove offensive content. Instead of completely deleting the content, they can archive it. They can revisit and learn from their mistake.

If it came to your attention that one of your posts is offensive, remove it immediately. Issue an apology.

Take a look at how Dove issued an apology after a mess-up.

Dove apology

Putting the post in Instagram archive will retain its caption and comments. These are valuable data that will point what went wrong. Use it to correct your mistake. Conduct a study to improve your brand.

Keep Your Feed On Brand

Posted subpar content? Not sure whether a photo or video best represents your brand?

Instagram archive makes it easy to clean your feed!

Take a look at your profile and see if there’s any post that isn’t on brand. Maybe the really old campaign that didn’t take off? Or the post that doesn’t go with your aesthetic?

Take a look at Pepsi’s feed. Which post doesn’t go with the brand’s theme?

Pepsi Instagram feed

If a content doesn’t go well with your brand message, archive it. Curate a feed that showcases who you are to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Archiving posts isn’t permanent. You can archive content and see if it improves your feed aesthetic. You can always un-archive it anytime.

Share Similar Visual Content

Constantly coming up with bright new ideas can be challenging. Sometimes you just want to get ideas from your previous post and share something similar.

Do you have a post that earned a lot of engagement? Do you want to share content with a similar style?

With Instagram archive, you can post similar visuals without being repetitive.

Use Archived Stories To Create Your Highlights

Extend a Story’s life. Put it on your Highlights.

If a Story garnered a lot of engagement, consider sharing it to your profile as a Highlight.

First, go to the Story section of Instagram Archive. This will open your archived Stories. You can save them to your camera roll.

How to access Instagram Story Archive

To put it in a Highlight, simply select a Story. Tap the “heart” highlight icon.

Tap the heart button to save in Highlights

Instagram Archive and Highlights opened a lot of opportunities for brands to be creative. Here’s how you can use Instagram Highlights:

  • Create a category for your product lines
  • Highlight dedicated to your team
  • Repost IG stories with high engagement rates
  • Answer FAQ

However you choose to use Instagram Archive, this feature is definitely an asset. Don’t be afraid to archive content. The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll have to reinstate the post.

Have you tried the Instagram archive feature? How did it help boost your IG marketing game? Share it in the comments!

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