A startling number of Instagram growth services that have flooded the market in recent years have failed to live to see another day.

They are constantly getting shut down by Facebook and sometimes they suddenly disappear for no apparent reason. Whatever the reason, it appears that an increasing number of services are shutting down, and Instaboostgram is one of those services. 

We were surprised to see that Instaboostgram had disappeared completely. It was operational a few months ago, so we were curious as to what had transpired recently to cause them to shut down.

If you are just as intrigued, this Instaboostgram review covers all the details regarding Instaboostgram’s demise. 

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Introducing Instaboostgram

In the past few months, when you try to visit Instaboostgram’s former website, you’re greeted with the following:

A screenshot of Instaboostgram’s current website.

After discovering this, we decided to investigate it further to see what happened to Instaboostgram.

At first, we wondered if perhaps Instaboostgram simply moved to another domain, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Truth be told, we don’t have enough information about the whole situation, so all we’re left with are speculations. The company hasn’t issued an official statement, so no one really knows what’s behind this mess. 

Just like the reason behind the demise, the question of its comeback is still open for debate. Instaboostgram claims, though, that the site is under maintenance, and will come back. 

But, from our experiences with similar services that hit the wall, it’s highly unlikely Instaboostgram will ever return to the main stage. 

Until relatively recent times, Instaboostgram was a service that helped you grow your Instagram following. They also offered to help you build your Youtube, Spotify, and TikTok channels.

We can’t really tell you anything about these three services because we’ve never paid attention to them and Instagram is our preferred platform, so we’ll only talk about that part of Instaboostgram.

Instaboostgram followers – were they real?

Instaboostgram provided a variety of packages to select from, each of which included the same things – quick delivery, real followers, and confidentiality. We’re not sure what the last one really means, though. 

They separated their followers into two categories: premium and high-quality. The main difference between the two was in price. However, the quality seemed to be different too – premium followers were less likely to be removed by Instagram, according to Instaboostgram. 

This categorization of followers is more and more common among Instagram growth tools. However, it’s pretty obvious it’s a sham. Companies usually separate the followers so they can justify the high price points for the “premium” followers, although there’s nothing premium about them.

Another thing that looks problematic about the Instaboostgram’s old offer is the promise of instant delivery. 

This is acceptable only with smaller packages with around 1,000 followers. Anything more than that will put your account at risk because it won’t take long for Instagram to notice unnatural growth on your profile. 

And the rule against it is pretty strict, so you could face a ban or a block. 

Instaboostgram likes 

Likes were incorporated in the second part of their Instagram service. They provided both basic and automated likes. The latter would appear each time you uploaded a new photo, with a daily maximum of four photographs, which was very reasonable.

This concept seems appealing, but it comes at a cost (a hefty one) and a slew of negative customer reviews, which we’ll go over in depth in a moment.

How does Instaboostgram work?

This requires the use of past tense since Instaboostgram doesn’t really work. To be honest, one of the advantages of Instaboostgram was that it was always quite easy and quick to use.

You’d first choose a plan, then give your Instagram account and complete the purchase process.

It’s important to note that Instaboostgram never asked for your password. It’s a red flag if a provider demands to know your personal information, such as passwords.

There is no valid basis for this, therefore people that do it appear to be quite dodgy and are probably scammers. 

What happened to Instaboostgram?

This company’s demise can be attributed to a variety of factors. And that’s how it generally works: a firm like Instaboostgram seldom goes bankrupt for one reason. Here are a few of the key causes, all of which combined led to the service’s demise.

Fake followers

They can call them anything they want, but the poor quality of the followers they sold is evident.

There have been accusations that the followers appear shady and untrustworthy. They would be a whole new account with no photo, no posts, and a completely random name. This surely doesn’t make premium followers. 

Horrible customer support

One of the most glaring faults was the terrible customer service department, or a person for all we know. 

We use the term “person” because one name appears in every complaint: Matthew. And yes, it’s pretty weird. 

This individual is described as unpleasant, obstinate, and even aggressive by some reviewers. Any business that handles its consumers this way is doomed to fail. This level of unprofessionalism can’t go unpunished. 

Shady practices

This company unlawfully charged people without their knowledge, which is unethical on so many levels if true.

The following are customer testimonials that back up these claims. 

Customer reviews

Perhaps it will become apparent why Instaboostgram was shut down after you read what customers really think of it.

It had its merits, but it wasn’t without problems. In fact, the issues were far too serious, so the positive sides of this service were easily overlooked. 

The first two places we checked to see what people really think of Instaboostgram were Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

On Instaboostgram’s Sitejabber page, you’ll discover a lot of negative feedback. The average rating is just 2.8/5 stars, and there have been no positive Instaboostgram reviews on this trustworthy site in the last 12 months.

It’s a similar situation over on Trustpilot. There, the rating is 3.5/5 stars, which is a little higher, but still not that great. However, there are three times as many one-star ratings as five-star reviews, which tells us a lot.

Take a gander at what a few unhappy customers had to say:

 A screenshot of a negative Instaboostgram review on Trustpilot.

According to some, Instaboostgram is a complete rip-off. Some customers even advise against using this service because nothing positive comes from it. The guy who posted above claims that all of the followers are fake.

If you go through all of the Instaboostgram reviews on this site, you’ll notice that many of them have one thing in common: they all mention a man named Matthew, and some even claim to have been attacked by this supposed customer service representative.

A screenshot of a negative Instaboostgram review on Trustpilot.

The following review is by far the most alarming. The firm somehow obtained this person’s credit card information and charged them $50, despite the fact that they had never used the service or left their credit card information.

A screenshot of a negative Instaboostgram review on Trustpilot.

All of this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to read more about the Instaboostgram scam and issues people faced with this service, you can check out Instaboostgram’s Trustpilot page or Instaboostgram’s Sitejabber page

Is Instaboostgram legit?

It won’t come as a shock to hear that Instaboostgram is not a legitimate service.  This company should be avoided at all costs, even back then when it was fully operational.

It was not safe for your personal information or your Instagram account; it brazenly scammed customers and continuously provided terrible service. Not to mention the fact they stole money from their customers

Instaboostgram Pros & Cons

While there were a few positive aspects to this firm, the negative aspects clearly outnumber the positive aspects.

Simple to useSold fake followers
Didn’t require your passwordCustomer support was rude and threatening
Stole from their customers
Too many negative reviews

Summing up

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell the difference between a legitimate and a dishonest service until it’s too late.

Our honest advice is to learn from these subpar services rather than obsess over them. 

If you’ve had a bad experience with this or another comparable firm, try to make the best of it by figuring out what you should avoid in the future, and always remember to check every service twice before trusting them with your Instagram account.

By Dejan

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