What You Can Learn From The “In Your Feelings” Challenge

Remember the white gold, blue black dress debate? Or how about the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? Both of these social media topics gained worldwide attention, and the “Ice Bucket Challenge” even helped scientists make life changing discoveries about ALS.

Social media trends are powerful, and influential. The “In My Feelings” Challenge or “Kiki” (or Keke) Challenge is no exception.

So what is the In My Feelings challenge, and what life-changing discoveries did this trend lead to?

None, actually. In fact, this challenge forced countries to create new laws about behavior associated with the Kiki Challenge. Police all over the world are urging users NOT to participate in this dangerous challenge.

As an influencer, it’s important to learn about the Kiki Challenge to understand the dangers associated with participating in some trends.

Let’s dissect this internet craze, and discuss how you can participate in an informed and safe way.

How The “In My Feelings” Challenge Started

It all started with a music video. A music video that went viral.

The music video was created by Drake about his song “In My Feelings.”

But the dancing started when comedian Shaquille Mitchell (known as Shiggy), posted a video of him dancing to the song. Shiggy was dancing to the words that became a part of the Kiki Challenge. It’s important to note that he was never dancing after jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Soon, users everywhere wanted to dance to the popular Drake song. The trend caught on, and eventually, people started jumping out of moving cars to dance the popular moves.

And so, the #KikiChallenge was born. And users all over the world began participating.

Here’s What The Challenge Included

Although the challenge started with a seemingly innocent dance, the dance evolved to people jumping out of their car to dance to the lyrics to the song.

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Just like a wildfire, the challenge caught on quickly, except this dangerous fire spread across the globe as videos of it went viral.

Who Participated In the “In My Feelings” Challenge?

Everyone from celebrities, to law officials, to pilots, to animals participated in the “In My Feelings” Challenge.

Cows participated in the challenge.

Dogs participated in the challenge.

Farm animals even tried to dance their way to fame.

Just like the Mannequin challenge, celebrities quickly jumped on board to join in on the dancing fun.

Will Smith busted a move in Budapest, on top of a building.

At least he warned users to not try this at home (because surely, people listen to celebrity advice).

Ciara and Russell Wilson also participated. Notice how they too, are not dancing on the side of a freeway.


Shay Mitchell danced in a safe neighborhood, but the ending of the video definitely shows the dangers associated with the challenge (like filming while driving).

Ryan Seacrest got SUPER into it.

The challenge spread across the world, even farmers in India jumped in on the challenge.

The Results of the “In Your Feelings” Challenge

As of this week, the #InMyFeelingsChallenge has been used more than 622,400 times just on Instagram. The challenge is also popular on Facebook and Youtube, as users from all over the world break out some of the popular moves.

Unfortunately, this challenge has had negative results. People have been hit by cars, suffered from fractured skulls, and by the end, police started to fine people for endangering the lives of others.

In July, a Turkish celebrity participated in the challenge and she will be fined for stepping out of her car to participate in the KiKi Challenge. Although it is unclear who is filming her, she will be fined for endangering traffic.

Throughout the world, rules and regulations have been put into place to make sure people realize how dangerous the #InYourFeelingsChallenge has become. In Egypt, you can face jail time for participating in the challenge.

In Abu Dhabi, officials issued an arrest warrant for several social media influencers who participated in the KiKi Challenge.

And in other countries, officials used social media to warn participants of the dangers surrounding the challenge. Officials painted a picture by tweeting videos of the challenge resulting in serious risks.

In the United States, The National Transportation Safety Board weighed in, saying that “distraction mode is dangerous and can be deadly.” They also emphasized that no matter what vehicle you operate, you need to make sure you are paying full attention.

The Kiki Challenge definitely “challenged” officials to come up with creative ways to communicate with the online community about the risks associated with this not-so-innocent dance.

This challenge also forced countries to take a hard look at laws and regulations, and how to control dangerous internet trends.

Keep Your Brand Reputation At Bay

The #InMyFeelingsChallenge took a turn for the worse quickly. As a brand or an influencer, it can be tempting to participate in these challenges because the hashtags are popular, and will gain your post traction quickly.

There is a way to participate in these challenges without destroying your brand’s reputation, or worse, someone getting hurt.

  1. See who is participating- Who is participating in the challenge? Not only do you want to make sure these people are your brand’s target demographic, but you also want to make sure the people participating in the challenges have a reputation that reflects your brand.
  2. Understand what the challenge really means- What does the challenge really mean? Where did it start? Who started it? Make sure you understand the entire story before participating.
  3. Don’t break any laws- This seems obvious, but there are LOTS of laws that any given challenge could break. Jumping from moving vehicles, texting while driving, posting something inappropriate, etc. are all things you should avoid participating in.
  4. Set a good example- Think about the risks associated with any of the challenge. For example, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” seems innocent, but there was an outrage about all the gallons of water that were wasted. Some celebrities and brands caught on and used recycled water, but others didn’t even think about this small detail.

Safely Participate In Challenges

Participating in challenges, or posting an opinion on a trending debate such as the white gold, blue dress debate, is a great way to get posts from your brand trending, but keep in mind it can also have huge negative effects on your brand.

Although the #InYourFeelingsChallenge took a turn for the worse and led to physical pain across the world, it also led to an important conversation that officials, brands, celebrities and parents are now having—how can we keep users on social media safe?

If you’re reading this, you probably want to grow your Instagram, and as you become an influencer, it becomes more and more important for you to think about the content you are creating and the consequences that might follow.

The  #InYourFeelingsChallenge should make you rethink the challenges your brand participates in, and maybe it will even inspire you to create trends that are safer and kinder.

Creating content is key to every successful social media plan, but if you still need help finding your voice, growing your following or engaging with users online, try Upleap for free today.

By Ahmad

Ahmad spearheads marketing for Upleap, helping brands grow their social presence with expert account management for Instagram. In his free time, he enjoys helping local businesses market themselves online.

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