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Ready to tune into IGTV?

For years now, marketers have been discussing the growing value of video. In fact, the stats on video content speak for themselves: video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

The question is, what’s the best channel for your snaps and streams? Up until recently, YouTube may have been the most obvious answer, but now Instagram have entered the playing field with something truly innovative.

IGTV rolled out to the world on the 20th of June 2018.

Designed to help companies create the authentic, immersive content their customers crave, IGTV is a compelling opportunity for brands hoping to reach that all-important millennial demographic. What’s more, now that Instagram is the third largest social media channel in the world, Instagram TV provides a fantastic way for marketers to find their stride on the platform.

So, how can you use the new app to your advantage?
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What Is IGTV? The Basics

IGTV is Instagram’s attempt to change the way we watch video.

Essentially, the team behind everyone’s favorite image app decided that it was time for younger users to enjoy content designed explicitly for their needs. That means easy-to-access vertical videos available on your phone.

Instagram isn’t the only company that’s spotted the change in viewing trends. In fact, YouTube’s rise to fame reduced the amount of time teens spend watching TV by 40%. Combine that with the prediction that 78% of mobile traffic will be video-based by 2021, and you’ve got one highly impressive content strategy.

Fortunately, Instagram has made IGTV available to anyone.

For now, most accounts will only be able to make videos up to 10 minutes long. Larger 60-minute posts are reserved for large, verified accounts. However, Instagram announced that eventually there’ll be no time limit at all.

Picture of the Instagram App

How To Create An IGTV Channel

So, how do you start posting content on IGTV?

Well, just like any TV program, you’ll need a channel.

To start, download the IGTV app and login using your existing IG username and password. This will sync your accounts and connect you with any existing followers.

Next, click on the little “gear” icon in the right-hand corner, and select the “create channel” button. You’ll be able to visit that channel by clicking on your avatar on the main page of the app. Then:

  • Click the “+” icon to add a video to IGTV
  • Select a vertical video from your existing camera roll
  • Add a title and description (remember, you’ll want to add in relevant #hashtags and keywords here, to help people find your video)
  • Add your cover photo: Instagram automatically uses a clip from your video as a cover photo. However, you can always add your own instead.
  • Click the “post” button.

Voila! Video created.

Of course, you’re not done quite yet.

You’ll need to track the performance of your videos too.

The “…” button next to the share, like and comment buttons will give you an insight into important metrics, like how many people are viewing your videos. There’s even an option to track audience retention rate, which is great for figuring out where you’re losing engagement.

Quick Inspiration For Your IGTV Channel

Just like with any new content strategy, figuring out where to get started can be tough.

Both highly-edited and casual content do well on IGTV, particularly now, while the platform is still young. Ultimately, your biggest challenge is to figure out what your customers most want to see from you. To help you start experimenting, here are a few ideas:

1.      Tutorials

Who doesn’t love a great tutorial? How-to videos have always been extremely popular on channels like YouTube, and Facebook. Show your audience that you know some stuff with an interesting, and useful guide. This IGTV piece from Tastemade, for instance, is a great example of a how-to designed to take advantage of the vertical video format:

2.      “Behind The Scenes” Pieces

In a world where customers want stronger connections with their favorite brands, behind the scenes content is a fantastic way to show your authentic side. Alternatively, you can just let people into a secret or two, like the FoodNetwork does with this look at how Reese’s peanut butter cups are made.


View this post on Instagram


The first step in making Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups starts with a 2,500 pound bag of peanuts! Watch and be amazed.

A post shared by Food Network (@foodnetwork) on

3.      Product Videos

Finally, why not get an expert to show off how your latest product was made? If you can work with an influencer here, then you’ll instantly boost your credibility, and make your promotional content more compelling. Just make sure you don’t get too “salesy”. For instance, this IGTV piece from “cheddar” shows how the iconic Freakshake was first made.

Making The Most Out Of IGTV: Advice For Marketers

Before we wrap up our discussion of IGTV, let’s take a look at some top tips for how you can use this new channel to promote your brand.

Although Instagram TV is still pretty new, there are already plenty of tips and tricks out there for marketers to explore. In fact, Instagram even released their own 48-page guide highlighting ways that you can improve your IGTV experience.

Here’s our best advice to get you started.

1.     Capture The Right Quality Of IGTV Video

Your Instagram followers don’t expect perfect videos. IGTV is intended to be raw and simple in places. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort. If you can capture in 4K – do it. You’ll find it’s much easier to edit a high-quality video.

Additionally, remember that there are plenty of apps out there that can help you with your capturing too. Browse through the app store for things that adjust shutter speed and frame rates, like Filmic Pro. A few offline upgrades might help too. For instance, Instagram suggests buying an external microphone for sound that’s not too close to the phone.

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2.     Practice Shooting Vertical Video

Becoming an IGTV master is going to take practice, and maybe a little outside help too.

Since IGTV doesn’t let you record videos in the app itself, you’ll need to use your phone’s camera to work on getting the best vertical footage. When practicing your shots, remember:

  • Always shoot content in portrait mode
  • Make sure that you leave plenty of space to zoom and crop the video as necessary.
  • Avoid distractions by cleaning up the video’s background.
  • Check the sound quality before you publish

The more you work on your vertical video skills, the easier it will be to create engaging content for your customers.

3.     Maintain A Consistent IGTV Brand

Video marketers can achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.

Just because you’re exploring a new type of media, doesn’t mean you should forget all about the identity you’ve worked so hard to create. Make sure you maintain a cohesive identity across every platform.

Keep your brand colors in mind when creating cover photos and remember to show off your unique personality and tone of voice.

It’s a good idea to implement a schedule for your new content strategy too. This will help you to build up a consistent reputation with your audience. Since IGTV supports long-form content, you don’t need to publish every day. However, a ten-minute video once a week may be ideal. Track your campaigns and find the schedule that works best.

4.     Get The Length Right

Finally, remember that IGTV isn’t meant to be a replacement for your customers’ Netflix accounts. Just because you might one day have the option to post an hour-long video, doesn’t mean you should. Instead, simply use the flexibility that the platform provides to create videos that share the most value, in the best amount of time.

The goal of IGTV is to become a place where people can watch their favorite vloggers and influencers in their natural habitats. Try different lengths and keep track of your retention rate to see where people start to lose interest in your videos.

Getting Started With Instagram TV

IGTV is still a brand-new concept in the content marketing and social media space.

However, it’s already attracted the attention of countless companies and influencers looking to make their mark.

If you want to accomplish that all-important #InstagramFamous status, then IGTV could be the best way to do it.

Want help bringing your new campaign to life? That’s where Upleap comes in. Reach out to us for the ultimate answer to making your Instagram presence shine.

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