iDigic is a social media service that has been around for a long time and is among the popular ones in the industry. They promise to be able to supply you with Instagram likes, followers, and views in minutes.

Is this, however, the case? And how genuine are those likes and followers?

We’ll explore it deeper in this iDigic review.

We looked all over the web for iDigic reviews, including those from their previous customers, so we could offer you an objective evaluation of their service.

Is this service a scam? Will it get you in trouble with Instagram? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

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Can the same be said for iDigic? Time to find out. 

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iDigic Review – A recap

Comprehensive reviews usually mean a lot of info will be presented in a short span of time, which is why we like to provide our readers with short, to-the-point pros & cons tables right at the beginning, so you know what to expect. These are the main ups and downs of iDigic. 

The prices are reasonableThere’s a chance you get fake followers
It’s a legit businessInstagram removes them after a while
You can get a refund easilyIt’s not the safest option for your account
You’ll get some real followers

What is iDigic?

A picture of iDigic’s homepage

iDigic is a trailblazer in the industry. During the company’s many years of existence, it has amassed a sizable user base as well as a certain amount of reputation.

This tells us one thing: iDigic is most likely a legitimate business. They wouldn’t survive nearly as long if they weren’t.

Commonly, most services that are outright frauds do not last long. Instagram’s stringent regulations eventually put these pitiful attempts to deceive people out of business – typically sooner rather than later.

When we initially started looking at iDigic, this was our first thought. iDigic is a reputable firm, as evidenced by numerous internet reviews.

Let’s take a look at what their service involves now that that’s out of the way.

iDigic followers

The primary focus of iDigic appears to be followers. They categorize them into two groups: high-quality and super-quality.

The “normal” followers, or “high-quality” followers, are accounts with a profile picture but no content. On the other side, super-quality followers are accounts with a large number of posts. These, according to iDigic, are less likely to vanish.

You can gain from 100 to 5,000 followers from iDigic. Although iDigic offers quite low costs for their followers, you have to examine what you get for those rates.

Customer service and quick delivery, for example, are both commendable features of iDigic. We can’t, however, ignore the numerous complaints (scroll down for details) regarding dwindling numbers of followers.

You will, without a doubt, get some followers. However, the exact quantity is not guaranteed, so we’re not sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

Before we move on, check out some of their prices:

 An image of iDigic’s price for 5,000 high-quality followers.

It costs $40 to get 5,000 followers and these are the high-quality followers who are more likely to abandon you.

iDigic likes and views

The likes bundles vary from 50 to 10,000 likes. iDigic claims they’re all from actual accounts.

You can divide the likes amongst different photos, which might be quite handy.

The likes aren’t cheaper than followers – 10,000 of them cost about 70 dollars:

An image of iDigic’s price for 10,000 likes.

Instagram views can also be purchased. For IG videos, you can pick between 100 and 50,000 views.

This function would be better if updated to work with IGTV, reels, and stories. These are undeniably more significant than regular videos in terms of engagement.

After taking a closer look at their tariff plans, we concluded that iDigic isn’t the most costly Instagram service on the market, and the prices are reasonable.

That being said, if the followers are bots and the likes aren’t from real people, it’s not worth a cent. 

However, we love the fact that iDigic provides refunds and is not hesitant to provide them. One of the nicest aspects of this business is that if you’re not satisfied, you can usually get your money back.

Free trial

We should note that iDigic offers a free trial that allows you to see what they have to offer.

They have one just for followers, and you can get ten of them for free to try it out.

Is this enough to determine whether iDigic is the best option? Probably not, but a free trial is always good. Most similar businesses do not offer such a service.

Now, let’s check out the most important part of any review – customer testimonies. 

iDigic customer reviews

Customer evaluations speak louder than anything else about a company. Of course, we mean those on third-party sites, not the company’s website. Sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Scamadviser are our go-to.

A quick Google search for “iDigic buy Instagram followers review” will provide you with all of the information you want.

You’ll see iDigic’s Trustpilot page and the fact that iDigic has a very high overall rating:

A screenshot of iDigic’s page on Trustpilot.

There are a number of bad reviews, which we’ll discuss in a moment. Why don’t we start with the ones that support the argument that iDigic is a legitimate service?

An image of a positive iDigic review.

Customers report having a positive experience with iDigic in huge numbers. The majority of them mention great customer service and prompt delivery.

The biggest gripes, though, are about the decline in the number of followers and the quality of those who remain.

As we previously stated, iDigic says that super-quality followers are less likely to vanish. This is what sparked our curiosity the most since the abrupt reduction in followers was one of the most common complaints consumers had with iDigic.

Followers procured via iDigic appear to go away after a period. Not all of them, but a significant number.

Is it likely that the accounts that follow you are bots? Look at what one disgruntled client had to say:

A screenshot of a customer complaint on Trustpilot.

Here’s one similar complaint about the likes:

An image of a negative comment on iDigic’s likes.

This appears to be a recurring problem; users report that the likes and follows they receive from iDigic are from clearly phony accounts.

If this is the case, it might explain the unexpected decreases.

Because Instagram has a tendency to remove bots from your profile, we wouldn’t be surprised if the aforementioned accusations were legitimate.

Is iDigic trustworthy?

Some argue that iDigic can’t be trusted since the followers they offer might be phony.

Others may opt to trust iDigic since it is a legit business that protects your personal information.

The latter is correct; iDigic’s website is safe, and payment gateways are secure. They accept all major credit cards, as well as certain local payment methods including WebMoney, iDeal, and others.

They also don’t demand to know your Instagram password.

Getting bot followers, on the other hand, puts you on Instagram’s radar, and you risk facing the consequences of buying fake followers.

iDigic Review – Gathering our thoughts 

Here’s another complete summary of iDigic’s advantages and disadvantages. Let’s hope it will assist you in making a choice regarding this service, since, let’s face it, it’s been a crazy ride thus far.

It offers relatively affordable prices. There is a huge chance you’ll receive some fake followers.
It’s a legitimate company.Sudden drops in followers are a possibility.
They offer a money-back guarantee with each purchase.Likes come from fake profiles.
Your account is not entirely safe.

The advantages of iDigic are indisputable: it’s a reputable firm that’s been operating for a long time. Their objective is not to deceive people. You’ll actually receive your money back if you’re not satisfied with the service, which shows you can trust them.

On the other hand, the drawbacks can’t be ignored: the danger of acquiring fake followers is too large and it puts your Instagram account at risk.

At this point, it’s totally up to you whether or not you’ll give iDigic a try.

By Dejan

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