A rebranding campaign is something that can become necessary at some points, but only if there’s a good reason for it.

Inzta, or former Hypez, has become a professional rebranding company, or so we have a reason to believe, taking into consideration how many times they have rebranded over a short period of time.

Usually, when this happens, it means that there’s something seriously wrong with the way they go about their business.

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But, we digress, let’s get back to the main point – Hypes (or Inzta), and if you should buy Instagram followers from them.

It’s not every day that you need to pick a service that’ll serve you as a regular way of boosting your Instagram account.

So, when you do go on a journey to decide so, you need to be fully focused and pay close attention to details as they can play a crucial role in the service you’re about to choose.

Taking into consideration how important this is, let’s jump straight into the article and see why Hypez or Inzta aren’t what you’re looking for, but are the complete opposite instead!

What Was Hypez (Inzta)?

Since both Hypez and Inzta are now shut down and not usable, we’ll shift our focus to what they used to be since today they are just useless links floating around the internet.

First Hypez, and then Inzta, were designed to be the boosting service for accounts on various social media platforms, but mainly Instagram.

These kinds of websites are not too hard to come by, and can be found on every corner of the internet.

It seems that Hypez was special because of one thing – incapability to meet their customers’ needs and getting shut down twice.

Both of these things are far from desirable,  so we can’t tell you that we’re too thrilled to talk to you about the characteristics that made former Hypez stand out from the crowd.

Now that we’ve learned what made Hypez special, let’s see what they did wrong and why they ended up being shut down twice.

Is Hypez A Scam?

Calling someone or something a scam is a pretty heavy accusation, so we have to be pretty careful when using this term.

When we say “scam”, we think of a specific way of doing things and going about your business.

That’s where former Hypez shines, and that’s why we use a term like a scam when talking about them.

Scamming someone or being a scam means promising one thing and not delivering what you promised, or sometimes even worse, not delivering anything at all.

Both of these scenarios (delivering the wrong thing or not delivering at all) are equally bad when they happen to you.

They may not seem so bad when listening about them or seeing them happen to other people, but if or when it happens to you, you start to realize how bad it feels to be scammed.

Hypez wasn’t exactly famous for delivering on their promises, especially when talking about the quality of the services they advertised.

They claimed to be the best place to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views which is obviously not true – otherwise, they wouldn’t end up getting shut down twice.

A screenshot showing the main page of the former Inzta website for buying Instagram-related services.

Misleading information can certainly be classified as a scam, so if you take this seriously, it’s obvious from the start that Hypes and Inzta were scams.

Some of you still might be asking yourself, “Is Hypez legit?” and after all of this, we feel obligated to give you a direct answer.

Both Hypez and Inzta are not legit and should be considered SCAM WEBSITES.

It’s unfortunate when a website has an unequivocally bad reputation. This indicates that there are far more problems than we think, which is not such a good thing.

There are some websites that have a dodgy reputation, but that’s much better than having an undeniably bad reputation.

Making a mistake and using a website such as this one will most likely result in you wasting your money, and getting nowhere when we talk about boosting your Instagram account with bought services.

Nobody wants to go through that, so you should always do your research before entering your credit card details into a website that you haven’t used before.

Why Did Hypez Get Shut Down?

Getting shut down once is bad enough, but getting shut down twice is an unforgivable scenario.

Hypez rebranded into Inzta when it shut down the first time, and now Inzta is also shut down. Well, technically, there still is a website.

A screenshot depicting the current state of the main page of the official Inzta website.

As you can see, technically, there still is a website out there, regardless of it being a “wiki.link” URL.

This doesn’t make the situation any better since the website is unusable and doesn’t actually provide its visitors with any kind of service.

The fact that there is a website dedicated to Inzta isn’t even close to being enough, taking into consideration that there aren’t any services available on there.

Well, when we think about it, it’s not that bad that Inzta doesn’t offer any services anymore since the services that were once available were a complete abomination.

Hypez (Inzta) Review – Our Final Thoughts On The Subject

There aren’t many websites that get shut down once, and there are even fewer websites that manage to get shut down twice under two different names.

Well, former Hypes and former Inzta managed to get banned and shut down under those names in a very short time span.

It’s not that it matters anymore, but let’s take a look at what they did wrong, and see if there’s something they did right after all:

Secure website Sells fake followers
Free trialInstagram removes the followers
Doesn’t require your personal dataMany negative customer reviews

As you can see, people behind these websites didn’t even try to correct their mistakes from the past once they got a second chance.

Usually, when a website shuts down, it’s for a good reason such as rebranding or the website got sold to a new owner.

But getting shut down twice and not being able to stay online and meet your customers’ needs is on a completely different level of incompetence.

Having said that, we highly advise you to inform yourself about the website you’re thinking of using so you don’t end up like one of the customers that used Inzta, woke up one morning, and saw that the website they used yesterday isn’t usable anymore.

We wish you all the luck in your future endeavors of finding a suitable company that will offer and deliver anything and everything you need for your Instagram profile to become what you always wanted it to be!

By Dejan

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