With some services, it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to notice that something is wrong.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that the number of unreliable growth tools is growing day by day. That’s why today, we’ll be focusing on reasons why you should avoid Hublaagram. 

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Anyway, back to the growth service we’re talking about. 

Hublaagram has been under the radar for some time now, and that’s why we made it our mission to sort out the issue, and figure out what went wrong. 

We’re spilling the tea, and all you have to do is scroll down.

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Preview Of Hublagraam’s Service – Not Promising

We don’t plan on hiding anything from our readers. 

It was probably clear to you from the very title of this review that Hublaagram doesn’t promise a reliable service. However, it is not enough just to say it. You need an explanation.

Take a look at this short table of pros&cons, and try to grasp the general idea of this service.

Web sign-in feature unstable
Requests your Instagram password
No reviews or customer feedback
Risk of having your account shut down
App is unavailable for download
Customer service is unresponsive

Were you expecting such a long list of snags? If you take a second look, you’ll see that there are some pretty serious red flags mentioned here.

Now is definitely not the time to stop reading. It’s getting real!

Hublagraam’s Official Site – Unstable

Let’s start by saying a few words about Hublaagram’s official site.

In case you’ve entered Hublagraam’s homepage, and want to read this review and research the homepage simultaneously, you might not get what you were expecting.

The homepage looks poor, to say the least. You can’t scroll down, there’s almost no information, and the design itself doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while now.

Their goal is to boost your Instagram audience, but after such a poor first impression, how true can this be?

A huge potential problem of Hublaagram is right there, on the homepage. Take a look:

A screenshot showing the sign-in option on the homepage

It says that the site is currently unstable, and that if you plan to continue your “expedition”, you should use the mobile version, and not the official Hublaagram.me website.

What worries us here is that in addition to this warning, Hublaagram still allows potential users to sign in or log in.

What’s the point of the initial warning if they let their customers get scammed? 

But wait, that’s not the worst part.

Requesting Sensitive Information

Hublaagram wants you to enter your Instagram username and password.

That can’t be right, and it’s a major red flag for anyone who has considered the slightest opportunity to buy something from this service.

We can’t stress this enough – you shouldn’t give away your private Instagram information to any online service!

The Internet is a breeding ground for hackers that are just waiting to steal your private information and use it against you. This is exactly what Hublaagram is trying to do.

This service requires you to enter your Instagram password, which is absolutely unacceptable. You shouldn’t even think about it.

Here’s a free tip.

If the service asks you to type in any kind of sensitive information at the checkout or log in, cancel the purchase, no matter how tempting it might be.

We have seen dozens of examples where services ask you for various sensitive information, from your phone number and address to credit card information.

Not long after the purchase, customers’ accounts would get shut down and they would notice huge sums of money missing from their bank accounts. 

Some serious examples included identity theft.

However, you should know that this is not inevitable. You can influence this, and preserve your online identity and private information by just being cautious.

Your Account Is At Risk

The next thing that worries us is the way Hublagraam forwards its services. Let’s take a second to look at this list of available services.

 A screenshot showing a list of available services.

Basically, what you’re looking at are:

  • Instagram profile autolikes
  • Instagram likes
  • Twitter profile autolikes

This doesn’t look like your usual offer, and it seems rather disorganized. However, this is the least of their problems.

The real issue here is the way these likes arrive on your profile. All of these services rely on automatic inflow, which is unacceptable if you are looking for organic growth.

The thing is, Instagram’s algorithm can detect any unnatural inflow on your profile and remove it. The worst-case scenario would be getting banned from Instagram.

Is that what you want? Of course not.

But Hublaagram doesn’t seem to care about what their customers want.

According to these offers, it forwards from 100 to 1000 likes at ridiculously low prices. We understand that this can attract someone who doesn’t have such a flexible budget, but that doesn’t mean you should jump at the first cheap package that pops up.

The services we mentioned were all related to likes, and there is no sign of Instagram followers. This automatically means that Hublaagram lacks your primary choice – buying Instagram followers.

Even if Hublaagram had a follower package, we doubt they would be real followers. Like other offers we’ve seen here, these would probably be bot accounts that would not interact with your further activity – and that’s just a waste of money.

By now, it’s pretty obvious that these are just fake bot accounts because Hublaagram does not offer any guarantee or option for a refill in case you experience a sudden drop.

Kind of disappointing, don’t you think?

Lacking Essential Information About The Service

In your research, you must have wondered if there is any additional information about the company, such as a FAQ section. This can be very useful, especially for someone who is buying Instagram followers for the first time.

Sadly, Hublagraam has denied us any additional information.

As we said at the beginning, the homepage is so short that no information about the company background is included.

Is Hublagraam safe?

We’re seriously starting to doubt that.

Hublaagram App Unavailable For Download 

The only thing highlighted on Hublagraam’s homepage is the app. It says that you should download it because the site itself is currently unstable.

How do I download Hublaagram?

You can try, but you won’t succeed.

When you go to the Google Playstore, you’ll see this:

A screenshot showing the play store app for download.

It says that this app is currently in the programming phase, and that it’s unstable (just like the official website).

If that’s the case, then Hublaagram shouldn’t have directed you here. This just tells you that there is no aspect of Hublaagram that works properly.

Also, this eliminates iPhone users and their ability to download this app as well.

Customer Service Is Unresponsive

If you think the fact that Hublaagram has no FAQs was disappointing, think again. Their customer support team is completely ignoring its customers’ needs and inquiries.

The primary form of communication is via email, and that’s never promising.

Customers with an emergency could be waiting for days, and still not get the feedback they desperately need. This can ruin the entire experience, and it wasn’t that good so far.

Being available in this business is a must, and this is just one more aspect that puts Hublaagram in a not-so-enviable spot.

No Reviews Or Customer Feedback

There’s no use in looking for past customer reviews outside Hublaagram because you won’t find any. 

We tried.

Neither Trustpilot nor Sitejabber have any review on this service. All we can say is that it’s not a good sign at all, and it can make you even more confused and suspicious.

The closest you can get to any kind of customer feedback is the user activity they have on their homepage.

A screenshot showing user activity

Mind you, there’s a good chance that this segment is just for show, and our advice would be not to rely on what you can read here.

The Final Verdict

We can agree that this was not promising at all, but it’s time to conclude this review and seal the fate of this growth service.

Is Hublaagram legit?

That’s a loud and clear no. By going through this review, Hublaagram has not given the impression that it’s a legit growth service. The site is currently unstable, it relies on automatic inflow, and there’s not one single review that’s posted online.

You shouldn’t waste your time trying to find the good in services like this. The best move would be to look for something else. Good luck!

By Dejan

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