How Upleap Works

This article takes you through how Upleap works and how we help hundreds of Instagrammers grow their Instagram followers every day.

How Upleap Works – An Introduction

Upleap pairs you with an account manager that helps you grow your Instagram. Your Instagram manager does this through targeted engagement, a.k.a. liking relevant hashtag photos or posts of users that would love your content.

In short, Upleap is really easy to use and lets you focus on creating content for your Instagram. Rather than you spending time finding the right people to engage with, Upleap finds and engages with your target audience organically. Because of this, you get more Instagram followers with Upleap that are interested in your content!

how upleap works with an account manager and results

How Upleap Works – Step 1: Signing Up For Free

The first step to growing your Instagram with Upleap is by signing up for free. Upleap offers a three (3) day free trial, where you get to experience growth by your account manager, completely for free.

How Upleap Works – Step 2: Describing Your Insta

As soon as you sign up, answer a few questions about your account. More specifically, tell us what you’re interested in, and what type of followers you’re looking for.

how to set up your Upleap account

From there, your account manager tries to log in to your account. As soon as your account manager logs in, they will start working on growing your Instagram!

How Upleap Works – Step 3: Building Your Audience

While your account manager starts picking up your followers, they also identify new hashtags and users for your account over time. Optimizations usually mean that the longer you work with your account manager, the better your growth rate and followers will become over time.

It’s important to remind you that your Upleap account manager only engages with real users on Instagram.

And engagement only comes in two forms – liking posts and viewing Instagram stories.

Upleap benefits & how it works

This way, your account manager doesn’t impact your brand voice, keeping your brand and persona consistent.

Get Started With Upleap

Our community sees hundreds to thousands of new followers come in each and every month. Overall, followers being picked up are real and incredibly targeted, which is the point of our service. We don’t promise to get you 100,000 followers (not within the first few months anyway!).

Instead, what we do promise is to help you grow your engagement with organic, real, and targeted followers. Your followers should love what you post and your offers, and we want to help make sure that happens.

Sign up for a free trial if you’d like to get started (no strings attached!). If you’d like to subscribe with a discount, you can use the code EMILY20 at checkout to get 20% off your account for life!

By Galateia Karalouli

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