How To Use Lightroom Presets To Create An Amazing Instagram Feed

The best way to create a cohesive professional Instagram theme is to use Lightroom presets! There are millions online, or you could even make your own!

What Is Lightroom?

Lightroom is software by Adobe made for all-in-one editing, organizing, storing and sharing photos. It’s available on PC, tablets or smartphones so you can edit on the go.

With sliding tools, presets and quick adjustment settings, it’s easy to edit and create high-resolution images in any style you want.

Editing Lakes and Trees Image With Abode Lightroom CC

Why Use Lightroom?

Of course, there are many reasons to use Lightroom! One is that it’s comparable to Photoshop, but it’s easier to use. So even if you’re a beginner, Lightroom is a good idea! However, if you’re a professional, Lightroom is still one of the best options for you.

You can sync changes across multiple images. You can copy paste your settings for quick editing. This is a unique but effective tool that you won’t find amongst many other editing software.

In fact, it’s easy to remove objects with a simple healing and cloning tool. Need to get rid of a shadow? With Lightroom, it’s simple.

There are lots of Lightroom presets. Presets are basically just filters. With Lightroom, you can create your own or import them into the software.

Lightroom is a safe, secure place to store photos. It’s got a great backup feature with lots of storage!

How Much Is Lightroom?

While Lightroom isn’t cheap, it’s not too hard to work into your monthly budget! It’s $9.99 per month. With that, you get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Adobe Spark, and 1 TB of Cloud photo storage.

While you’re investing money in your Instagram career, make sure to give Upleap a go, too! You can start your free trial here: you will get a dedicated account manager who is committed to growing your account, building your brand and unlocking your Instagram potential.

However, the Lightroom Mobile app is free. If you aren’t keen on paying for Lightroom, the mobile app has a good amount of features and you can still import Lightroom presets!

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are filters with already adjustments, colors, tones and more. Like an Instagram or VSCO filter, Lightroom presets are a one-touch editing tool for your photos.

Lightroom For PC

If you’re using Lightroom on a PC, there are lots of places to get free Lightroom presets which you can import into your software.

Click here or here for some great options! Of course, you can Google ‘free Lightroom presets pc’ for more options.

Importing Lightroom presets is easy:

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Go to: Edit • Preferences • Presets.
  3. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom PresetsFolder.
  4. Double click on Lightroom.
  5. Double click on Develop Presets.
  6. Copy the folder(s) of your presets into the Develop Presets folder.
  7. Restart Lightroom.

To apply a Lightroom preset to your photos, follow these steps:

  1. Select a photo and click Edit. Next, click Presets at the bottom of the column of editing panels to open the Presets panel. Click a category title in the Presets panel to access the presets in that category.
  2. To preview how a preset will look on the selected photo, hover over the preset without clicking. Some controls in the editing panels will change.
  3. When you find a preset you like, click the preset to apply it to the selected photo. You can apply multiple presets to the same photo.
  4. You can remove presets using the Undo or Revert to Original commands.
  5. If you want more than one version of a photo, each with a different preset, choose Edit > Make a Copy. This creates an additional copy of the photo in your photo library.

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Lightroom For Mobile

If you’re using Lightroom mobile, it’s much harder to find free mobile Lightroom presets! We’ll talk about where you can purchase these later.

When you do buy a mobile Lightroom preset, follow these steps to install and use them:

  1. Download the DNG file you get with your purchase. Email this to yourself.
  2. Open the email and save the image. It will show up blank in your camera roll.
  3. Open the Lightroom mobile app and create a new folder titled with that preset. Then, import the blank photo from your camera roll. It will appear with an image when it’s in the Lightroom app.
  4. Now that it’s installed, import some of your own photos.
  5. Next, copy the settings from the DNG file you imported. To do this, click the three dots in the corner and then ‘copy settings’.
  6. On your own photos, click the three dots and paste the settings. Easy! If you need to, you can easily adjust the details with the Lightroom tools.

If you want to have a unique style, creating your very own Lightroom preset is a wonderful idea! Although it will take time, you can adjust your photos so they look exactly like you’ve always dreamed.

Where To Get Lightroom Presets

Of course, a quick Google search will bring up lots of results! However, today we’ll guide you to a few specific sites which provide stunning Lightroom presets.


First, Etsy. Etsy is going to be your best friend when it comes to Lightroom presets! Lots of new shops have opened in the last year and there are hundreds of options. Of course, because you get a digital download, you don’t need to pay any shipping either.

@louandmarks is a popular Lightroom presets Etsy shop with over 34,000 sales in the last three years. They have over 43 products full of presets for any style of photos! Their presets cost $5 and up.

Filter Collective is another successful Etsy shop selling Lightroom presets. They have 40 products. In fact, a lot of them are inspired by VSCO filters so if you don’t want to join VSCO, you can get similar filters from this shop!


The next stop for Lightroom preset shopping is from your favorite influencers. Lots of Instagram and YouTube stars make amazing Lightroom presets! So make sure to check out the links in your favorite Instagrammers’ bios because they just might have a shop somewhere where they make and sell their filters!

@shethespy sells her Lightroom presets on her website. They are all very feminine, dreamy and airy! Plus, they’re all available on the mobile app so even if you don’t pay a Lightroom subscription, you can still use her presets.

It’s great to find your favourite Instagrammers sell their presets. If you find their feeds inspiring, yours could be looking like theirs in no time! @aspynovard also sells her Lightroom presets here. She also includes mobile presets for those who don’t have a subscription.

Other amazing presets come from @zoelaz who has soft rustic tones in her photos. Certainly, if you’re looking for vintage filters, this is the place to shop!

Lightroom presets are easy to find on Instagram! Just look at people’s bios, check the hashtag #lightroompresets and see who your favorite preset creators are following. The last one for today though is @saltyluxe who prides herself on bright vibrant colors. You can buy her Lightroom presets here.

Say goodbye to Instagram filters. Say goodbye to apps that give you no wiggle room and limit your creativity! Lightroom presets are the way forward, whether you create your own, download some free ones or purchase them from your favorite creators.


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