How to Upload to Instagram from PC or Mac Computers

Wondering how to upload to Instagram from PC?

Let’s face it, snapping the ultimate Instagram pic on your smartphone isn’t always easy.

Instagram is a social media platform that’s all about “in the moment” experiences. That means that it wants you to post the immersive, raw experiences you capture on your smartphone – not your DSLR.

Here’s the problem though.

If you want to capture the attention of thousands of #IG followers – you need truly stunning, engaging photos. Unless you have a kick-ass phone, you’re going to have a hard time competing against influencers that spend 6 hours editing each image on Photoshop before they promote it online.

The dirty little secret that Instagram doesn’t want you to know is that countless photographers, influencers and businesses who want to deliver consistently great content online snap their pictures on a camera, edit them on their computers and then upload them to Instagram.

It’s entirely possible – Instagram just doesn’t make it easy for you.

Why Learn How to Upload to Instagram from PC?

Because it’s all about genuine moments, Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload videos and photos to your profiles as standard from the desktop site.

It’s an intentional move, made by Instagram to encourage the rise of the app as a mobile tool – not something you spend hours on your laptop with.

Luckily, there are plenty of useful ways to get around the IG rules when you want the perfect content or the ultimate profile picture. However, you may be wondering why you’d bother looking for a workaround in the first place.

Why not just upload your pics from your phone like you’re supposed to, and call it a day?

Simple – because you need to stand out.

By editing your photos on your PC or Mac before you upload them, you give your pictures that extra edge of quality that says “Hey, Look at Me.”

It’s the difference between a professionally-made website, and a WordPress theme you throw up in 5 minutes. Well-edited photos make you look #Legit. With them you can:

  • Build trust in potential followers and customers.
  • Show your credibility and authority in a niche.
  • Stand out from the millions of other photos posted every day.

Make sense?

Okay, let’s look at how to use Instagram on PC or Mac.

Option 1 – Changing Your Browser Agent

Before you run screaming at the concept of some fiddly browser work – don’t panic.

Changing your browser agent is one of the easiest ways to upload to Instagram from a Mac or PC. You don’t need to download any extra software, and it’s free. Only downside? You can’t use this hack with videos or gallery posts.

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The easiest option is to use Google Chrome. This will work with either a Windows PC or Mac.

On Chrome, go to the Instagram website and log into your account, then right-click anywhere on the page and choose the Inspect option.

Screenshot of the Chrome right-click menu

The Inspect option will throw up a bunch of code on the right side of your screen, including a tiny little icon looks like a tablet. When you hover over it, a box will appear that reads: “Toggle Device Toolbar.” Click that.

Screenshot of the Inspect option on Chrome

At the top of your page, just underneath your search bar and any bookmarks you have, you’ll see something that says “Responsive” and an arrow next to it. Click here, and a range of options will appear like “iPad” or “Pixel 2”. You can select any of these options.

Screenshot of the phone view options on Chrome

Once you’ve chosen the device you want to pretend you’re using, refresh the page, and you’ll notice your computer screen just looks like your mobile, and it includes an option to add your image. Voila! You’ve done it!

Option 2 – Using the Safari Browser

If only all browsers worked the same as Chrome – we’d have fewer workarounds to consider when figuring out how to upload to Instagram from PC.

If you’re a Mac user that prefers Safari, you can take a similar route to the one we just outlined above by using “Preferences.” Go to the website from your Safari browser, and log into your account. Click on the Safari Icon at the top left of the browser, and select Preferences

Screenshot of the Safari menu

Excellent! Now, while in your preferences tab, choose “Show Develop Menu in the Menu bar.” It’ll be at the bottom of your preferences list.

Screenshot of the Safari preferences section

When you click on the Develop tab from your menu bar, you’ll see a bunch of option. The one you need to be interested in is “User Agent.” Hover over this, and you’ll see options like “Internet Explorer” and so on. Choose the option for “Safari iOS – iPhone.”

Screenshot of the Safari iPhone option

Just like with the Chrome workaround above, you’ll need to refresh the page to start tricking your browser into thinking that it’s now on a smartphone, not a computer. Once again, your Instagram page should suddenly look like it would on a mobile, and your option to add an image will appear.

Option 3 – Using Computer Emulators

If switching back and forth between browsers doesn’t sound like much fun to you, don’t panic. There are other options.

Computer emulators are third-party pieces of software that allow your computer to replicate alternative systems. If you’re wondering how to upload to Instagram from PC, an emulator can act as an extra iOS or Android device within your computer, mimicking the phone for you on your desktop.

All you need to do is download the emulator of your choice, and you’ll be on your way to high-quality photos on your #IG profile in no time.

There are plenty of options available, but the most popular one seems to be BlueStacks, an Android emulator for Mac or PC. All you need is a Google account to start using it.

BlueStacks works a lot like the methods we’ve just covered above, by tricking the Instagram app into thinking that you’re using a smartphone when you’re actually on your PC. When you open Instagram through the software device, the interface will change automatically, so that it looks like you’re using your smartphone.

The great thing about using a third-party app like this one? You can upload photos, videos, or stories at your leisure – with no limits. You can even edit posts, share to other social networks, and more. Unlike changing your browser, BlueStacks gives you all the features of the Instagram app on your desktop.

The only drawback is that you won’t be able to share your posts to multiple accounts at once or upload in bulk. But hey – we can’t always have everything!

Screenshot of the Bluestacks tool

Option 4 – Try a Scheduling Platform

If you don’t want to change your browser configuration, and you also don’t like the idea of a third-party app, then there’s one final option available.

Scheduling tools allow you to post directly to Instagram without actually using the app on your phone. The only real issue here is that if you want a great app, you might have to pay for it. However, if you’re planning on building a successful Instagram profile, then it may help to schedule your posts anyway. After all, a consistent posting schedule helps to build credibility for your brand and keeps your followers engaged.

Up until recently, Instagram didn’t allow scheduling apps to work on the platform. However, a recent API update means that you no longer have to worry about your scheduling strategies getting you #Shadowbanned.

With auto publishing on a scheduling app, you not only get to make sure that you’re posting the best content at the right times each day, but you also don’t have to worry about having underwhelming, unedited photos on your profile.

Want to know the best news?

With Upleap, you can start scheduling your automated posts instantly, based on the times of day you know your followers are the most active. That means you don’t just learn how to upload to Instagram from PC; you learn how to get more followers too!

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