How to Temporarily or Permanently Delete Instagram Account

Instagram is undeniably one of the best apps that exist today, where you can simply share photos, videos and live streams with your followers whenever, wherever. But keeping up with Instagram updates can be tiring and annoying sometimes.

If you are tired of looking at everyone’s perfectly captured photos and edited videos, or simply do not find any reason to use Instagram anymore (or maybe you already have a second account!), luckily Instagram allows you to delete Instagram account easily.

Before deleting your Instagram account, think about it again, because you will not be able to restore back your account once it is permanently deleted. That means you will lose your entire account, and all the photos, videos, archives, hashtags, followings and followers that come along with it.

Still not sure if deleting your Instagram account is the best thing to do? We get it. Sometimes all we need is a little break from social media.

Thankfully, Instagram also allows you to deactivate your account for a brief period of time. You can always access your account later. But if you do not wish to use the popular photo-sharing app anymore as it no longer serves your current needs, then do not hesitate to choose the permanent delete. You can always create a new account again next time and start all over again.

In this article, we have outlined how to deactivate Instagram account and permanently delete Instagram account.

How to Deactivate Instagram Account Temporary Delete

If you wish to take a break from Instagram for a while, then follow these quick steps on how to temporarily delete Instagram account:

1. Visit

Visit to deactivate your Instagram account. Unfortunately, you cannot delete Instagram account within the app. Also, you will not be able to delete your Instagram account straight from your profile. You need to go to the deletion page.

If you are not logged in to your Instagram account yet, enter your username and password, and click on the Log In button.

If you do not remember your password, click on the Forgot Password button and simply follow the instructions on how to reset your password. You must already know your username or the email address used for this account in order to delete it.

2. Find the Deactivation Feature

Go to your profile and click on Edit Profile. On this page, you will see all your personal details, from username to phone number. Scroll down until you see the Temporarily Disable My Account option on the right corner. Click on it.

delete Instagram temporarily


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3. Choose a Reason for Leaving

In order to deactivate your account, you need to give Instagram a reason why you are leaving: trouble getting started, want to remove something, too busy/too distracting, can’t find people to follow, privacy concerns, created a second account, concerned about my data, just need a break, too many ads, or something else.

why delete Instagram temporarily

Select your answer. Whatever your choice is, Instagram will let you deactivate your Instagram account.

4. Delete Instagram Account

Once you have chosen your reason, re-enter your password in the text field provided.

Enter password to delete Instagram account

You are almost there, but bear in mind that once you click on the Temporarily Disable Account button, your Instagram will disappear from Instagram search. In other words, people will not be able to find your profile or any content linked to your profile.

Since this is not a permanent deletion, your Instagram is only going to be temporarily disabled, which also means that your account is only going to be hidden. It will stay hidden until you reactivate your Instagram account once again. To reactivate your Instagram account, you need to log back in.

Note: You can only disable your Instagram account once a week.

If you wish to re-activate your Instagram account, all you need to do is log in to your Instagram account. You can log in from or directly from the Instagram app on your device. Once you are logged in, you can use your account and see everything again the way you left it.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanent Delete

If you want to get rid of your Instagram account once and for all, for whatever reason, then follow these quick steps on how to permanently delete your account:

1. Find the ‘Delete Your Account’ Page

Again, you cannot deactivate or delete Instagram account straight from the Instagram app. You need to visit Instagram official website to do it. Click on this link to find the page where you can delete your account.

Even though Instagram will not stop you from deleting your account, it will try to encourage you to temporarily disable your Instagram instead, just in case you are simply looking to take a break after all.

But if you still persist in deleting your account, then you need to give Instagram the reason why.

2. Choose the Reason for Deleting Instagram Account

Once you are on the page where you delete your account, choose your reason for deleting your Instagram account, from trouble getting started to something else.

Delete Your Instagram Account

Once you have chosen the reason for deleting your Instagram account, re-enter your password.

Maybe you have not logged in to Instagram for awhile and you have forgotten your password. If so, click on the Forgot Password option.

Reset password for Instagram

To reset your Instagram password, you need to enter your username, phone number, the email address associated to your Instagram account. Click on Reset Password and follow the instructions that follow.

Once you are ready to delete your Instagram account for good, click on the red Permanently Delete My Account button. Bear in mind that once you press the button, all your photos, videos, likes, comments, friendships and all other data will be permanently removed. They are not recoverable once removed.

If you ever want to create another Instagram account in the future, you will not be able to sign up with the same username again, or add the same username to another account.

Be sure to do backup for your Instagram content. There are many ways on how to download your Instagram pictures and videos; we’ll show you how to do that. If you still wish to keep in touch with your followers, you can always inform them about your decision on deleting your account, and swap contacts.

How to Download Instagram Pictures, Videos and Account Details

Before closing your Instagram account, it is worth spending a few moments to download your content such as your photos, videos, comments and profile details. To do that, click on this link.

Download Instagram Content

The email address used for your Instagram will automatically show up. Click on Next. Then, enter your password and click on the Request Download button.

All you have to do now is wait for Instagram to gather your data and send it to you. This could take up to 48 hours, so it requires some extra patience. Don’t worry, you will get it!

Are you planning on deleting your Instagram account, as well as other social accounts? Feel free to share your reasons with us!

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