How To Post A GIF On Instagram

Believe it or not, GIFs were invented in 1987. They’re extremely popular today and we’ll teach you how to post a GIF on Instagram.

What Is A GIF?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It’s basically a short moving image to express a feeling, state of emotion, reaction or short message online.

Normally, people use them on Twitter as a reaction to something, in text messages, or even emails. However, Instagram is a popular place to use GIFs.

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me to my email inbox at 4:59pm: #bbmas @iamcardib

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Here is an example of a GIF and a situation in which you might use it. Of course, if your friend is annoying you, you can send them a GIF like this to end the conversations! GIFs are certainly hearted lighted ways to communicate with people.

How To Post A GIF On Instagram

If you have a GIF in your camera roll, you can share it to Instagram like a photo. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have an embedded way to share a GIF to your feed yet so we’re going to focus on how to post a GIF on Instagram stories or messages!

Instagram Stories

Sharing a GIF on Instagram stories is so easy! First of all, access your story. Take a photo to use as the background.

Healthy Dinner On Instagram Stories

Next, click the sticker icon at the top of the screen. It’s a square smiley face. Therefore, you will get a list of options.

List Of Sticker Options On Instagram

Click the one that says GIF and search for your GIF.

List of GIF options on Instagram

Of course, choose a GIF that goes with your photo. For example, we will search “Yum” and see what comes up.

YUM GIFS On Instagram

Choose the one you want, put it wherever on your photo and you’re ready to post your GIF on Instagram stories!

How To Post A GIF On Instagram

Sharing a GIF with your Instagram stories adds a fun layer to your photo! It captures the attention of your audience better and can always add some humor to an otherwise basic photo. Plus, it’s moving, so that’s great!


Some friends communicate only in GIFs! Instagram is great for that because there are thousands of GIFs to choose from.

We’ll show you how to post a GIF on Instagram messages so you can up your conversations with friends.

Open up a conversation with a friend and click the “Message…” bar. If you click the “+” icon, Instagram gives you an option of sending a GIF. You can search GIPHY, the internet’s bank of amazing GIFs.

Screenshot of GIF Selection For Instagram Messages

You can choose your own, or click randomize and Instagram will automatically send them a GIF of their choice without you seeing it first. That can always make for a fun conversation!

Of course, you can even search for specific people, songs or TV shows. Searching for Stranger Things brings up a lot of great GIFs on Instagram!

Stranger Things GIFS on Instargam Messenger

As we’ve shown you, it’s easy to post a GIF on Instagram. For more Instagram tips and tricks, check out Upleap. Upleap is a great service that provides you with a dedicated account manager for your Instagram. They will help you grow your account, build your brand and be the best Instagrammer you can possibly be! Certainly, click here for a free trial.

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