How to Monetize Instagram in 5 Different Ways

Make Money on your Next Instagram Post

Have you ever thought that one of the most popular social media apps can serve as a source of income for you? Do you dream about taking your Instagram to the next level? Well, now you can — learn how to monetize your Instagram!

Instagram is an amazing tool for growing your business or simply making extra money. There are endless ways to monetize your posts with the help of Instagram. If you’ve ever wondered how to monetize your Instagram, you have come to the right place! 

In this article, we have curated a list of 5 trusted ways to monetize your Instagram. Keep reading to learn how to monetize your Instagram!

1. Seek Instagram influencers

When deciding how to monetize your Instagram to grow your business, seeking Instagram influencers is a great starting point. This option works best if you have an existing business that you are actively promoting on social media.

instagram influencer marketing guide

An Instagram influencer can be defined as a user with a substantial amount of followers and promotes a specific idea, aesthetic, or personality. Influencers are found all over social media, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. 

Instagram Influencers are often approached by brands looking to have them advertise a product to their followers. Hence the word “influencer,” brands hope to have the user influence his or her followers to buy your product!


  • It is important to find an influencer in your niche. For example, if your brand sells protein powders, definitely look for fitness influencers who may be interested in using and advertising the product!
  • You may be thinking, “how will this monetize my Instagram?” The advertisements from influencers will generate more views to your business account and more clicks to your website.
  • Lastly, how you will pay your influencer is up to you. In many cases, it would be a great idea to send the influencer your product for free. In exchange, the influencer will use and advertise the product.

There is so much more to learn about seeking Instagram influencers to promote your business! To read more about how to monetize your Instagram with influencers, check out this related article: Instagram Influencer Marketing Crash Course

2. Advertise your business

Knowing how to advertise your business on Instagram is a necessary step in knowing how to monetize your Instagram. Advertising on Instagram is a pretty broad subject. That being said, we will break down some of the essential points that will help you help you learn how to monetize your Instagram.

Following these tips are arguably the most important ways to advertise your business on Instagram:

  • Set up a business profile on Instagram. To learn how to do this, read this post: Why You Should Switch To An Instagram Business Profile
  • Make frequent posts that showcase your products. Whether it’s simply a picture of the product or someone using it, it’ll catch your follower’s attention!
  • Spoiler Alert: Learn how to use Instagram Shoppable posts!
  • Also, make sure the website to your business is linked in your Instagram bio
  • Profile pictures are important! Make sure the picture is clear and shows the name of your business.
  • Follow accounts that fit into your business’s demographic. Unsure what your business’s demographic is? Check out this article here: The 5 Instagram Demographics That Matter Most to Your Social Media Marketing

An account that follows all of these tips is setting a perfect stage to a well-monetized Instagram!

3. Utilize Instagram shoppable posts to monetize Instagram

Example of a shoppable post

We previously stated that using shoppable Instagram posts is a way to advertise your business on Instagram. Well, that tip is just so important that it deserves a little more spotlight!

Using shoppable posts to monetize your Instagram is perfect for you if you have an existing online business. Think of shoppable posts as a mini version of your existing online store!

Shoppable posts serve as a way to get users to your website faster than ever. It allows followers to shop products straight from the Instagram app. Here’s how it works:

  • First, post an eye-catching picture of your product and tag the picture as a shoppable post
  • When another user taps on the post, they’ll see the name of the product and the price pop up.
  • When the user taps on the pop-up box, they’ll be taken to the product page, making it super simple for them to buy.

By turning your Instagram into a tool to get more buyers, you are successfully monetizing your Instagram!

Instagram shoppable posts are a super interesting topic that can significantly impact your sales! To learn more about this topic, check out this informative article on shoppable posts: How Instagram Shoppable Posts Can Grow Your Business

4. Become a brand ambassador

One myth about monetizing your Instagram is that you need to be promoting your own products. However, even if you don’t have your own business to promote, you can still monetize your Instagram! Now, you can start making money or getting free stuff by becoming a brand ambassador!

If you want to know how to monetize your Instagram as an influencer, you should start out by becoming a brand ambassador for a brand!

Back when we were talking about how to monetize your Instagram with Influeners, we mentioned that brands send or pay influencers to advertise a product. Well, you can also monetize your Instagram by being the influencer! This is known as being a brand ambassador.

Moreover, a great thing about being a brand ambassador is that you do not need hundreds thousands of followers to be one. Although you should have a substantial amount of followers, there is not always a follower requirement to work with brands. 

You can start out by reaching out to brands that you’d like to promote. Keep in mind that many brands hire ambassadors. These are users who promote the brand on Instagram by getting free products. Brand ambassadors can also get paid if their promotions result in more sales.  In fact, ambassadors can also be given a custom coupon code to promote to their followers. As a result, you’ll be monetizing your Instagram in no time!

Being a brand ambassador is a great side hustle if you want to make money from Instagram.

Go ahead and try to reach out to a brand today! How To Become An Instagram Influencer

5. Run Instagram ads to generate more sales

Last but not least, monetize your Instagram by using Instagram ads. We’ve all seen ads pop up on Instagram before. Usually, the ad is for a product that you might actually use. That is because Instagram uses analytical tools to show certain ads to certain users.

You may be asking, how can Instagram ads monetize my Instagram? Although Instagram ads won’t necessarily provide you instant success, they can definitely help grow your customer base over time. In exchange for paying for a limited-time ad, you’ll have a better chance at getting more followers, views to your website, and sales. Thats the goal, right?

There are many great reasons to use Instagram ads. The only downside is that it will cost you money to get the ad posted. However, you are able to set a campaign budget for your ad so you don’t end up spending more than you’d like.

If you are trying to promote your online business on Instagram, we strongly recommend giving Instagram ads a try. The results may surprise you!

To read more about Instagram ads, check out this great article: How to Increase Instagram Impressions With Instagram Ads

Now that you know how to monetize Instagram…

Now that you know how to monetize your Instagram in 5 different ways, you’ll start making some extra money in no time. As always, consider contacting Upleap! As a result, we’ll help you to get more likes, engagement and ROI, by providing you with your very own Instagram account manager.

If that interests you, find out more today!

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