How to Make Money with Your Next Instagram Post

Want your next Instagram post to earn you #DollarBills rather than just likes?

Who could blame you?

Instagram is easily one of the most valuable social media channels in the world, with around 1 billion monthly active users ready to help you pay your bills. Already, countless people around the world have tapped into the power of their Instagram account to make a little extra income.

If you’ve got an #InstaGood style and help from a team like Upleap to maintain a loyal following, then you could soon become one of those rich Instagram users too.

Today, we’re going to introduce you to the basics that you need to know if you want to make cash from every Instagram post.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to make #Gramming your day job.

1.     Make Money from Every Instagram Post with Influencer Marketing

Did you know that influencer marketing on Instagram has grown into a billion dollar industry?

If you can convince other businesses or brands that you can convince their target market to buy their products and support their growth, then you can make some serious money. Of course, you’re going to need a somewhat significant following, to begin with.

It’s fair to assume that no-one will take you seriously as an influencer if you only have 20 followers on Instagram. However, the number of likes and followers you need per Instagram post might not be as huge as you think.

It turns out that “micro influencers” have the biggest impact right now in the marketing world, as customers prefer to get recommendations from people they can resonate with. The number of followers you need will depend on things like:

  • Which niche you’re in and how easily you can tie it to a specific product category. For instance, it’s easy to make cash as a fitness or beauty influencer, because there are so many products you can link out to.
  • How engaged your followers are. You need your Instagram connections to be authentic. Twenty thousand followers that like and comment on every Instagram post are far more valuable than 500,000 fake followers who just linger on your page.
  • How committed you are to your partnerships: If you’re willing to go above and beyond to gather new followers, connect with the people you speak to on Instagram, and raise brand loyalty, then more companies will be willing to give your influencer abilities a chance.

Ultimately, even if you only have 1,000 followers on Instagram, you could have the potential to start making some money from your favorite hobby. Just make sure that you know what you’re getting into. Influencer marketing requires a lot of commitment. You need to engage with your followers and create new content every day – not just when you’re feeling inspired.

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2.     Make Money from Every Instagram Post with Affiliate Marketing

If being an influencer doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, why not try affiliate advertising instead?

To get started, all you need is a mid-sized, but loyal following of people who take your opinion seriously. Affiliate marketing is similar to influencer marketing in that you’ll be relying on the connections you make with people to earn an income from each Instagram post.

The main difference is that with influencer marketing, a brand specifically pays for you to post on their behalf. In other words, your content is sponsored by another company. On the other hand, when you’re affiliate marketing, no-one sponsors you directly to do anything. Instead, you simply get a specific link that you can paste onto your Instagram posts. When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a small percentage of whatever they spend.

Affiliate marketing might not sound quite as exciting as influencer marketing, but you also don’t need to have as much experience on #IG to get started.

All you need is a link from an affiliate program like Amazon’s Affiliate system, or ClickBank, which you can add to every post. Pro tips:

  • Only share links to items that you genuinely believe in. Have some integrity with what you promote or attempt to advertise.
  • Be valuable with your content. Don’t just try and push people into buying things, show them how the items you’re suggesting can benefit their lives.
  • Stick to a specific niche: The more you develop your credibility in a specific space, the more your reputation will grow. You may eventually have the option to branch out as an influencer.

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3.     Make Money from Every Instagram Post by Selling your Photos

Is every Instagram post you publish a beautiful, candid moment?

If you take high-quality photos that people love, then there’s a good chance that you could make some cash selling your best images. Remember, there are countless companies out there that pay-through-the-nose for brand photography for their website, or stock photos that they can use on their blogs.

Your ability to sell photos for an income will depend on your photography skills to some extent. You’re going to need a great camera, and you’ll need a basic understanding of how to upload images from your computer onto Instagram, as you’ll probably want to edit your photography before you publish it.

However, if you can snap some stunning photos like this one:

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a buyer in a travel company, or brochure business. Pro tip? If you want your photos to shine for sales purposes, avoid using too many filters. It’s also worth sticking to the horizontal or landscape format, as square images aren’t as desirable for whatever reason.

Once you’ve built up a great collection of stunning images, you can try selling them on websites like Foap, or Twenty20.

Remember, when it comes to making money out of every Instagram post, your best bet is usually to stick with a specific theme or niche. This will help you to build an avid following of fans more quickly and improve your reach to potential customers who might want to invest in your services. Decide in advance if you’re going to be a landscape photographer, wedding photographer, or something else entirely. What’s more, it doesn’t hurt to have a separate portfolio website to boost your digital presence too.


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4.     Make Money from Every Instagram Post by Promoting a Business

Perhaps the most obvious way to make money from every Instagram post?

Use your social media presence to drive success for a company or freelancer gig. If you want to make cash selling beautiful handmade scarves on Etsy, then you can use your Instagram post strategy in the same way as any other brand – to drive traffic or leads to your website.

Typically, Instagram works best as a promotional strategy if you run a visual business. For instance, your #IG account will be great for advertising your food, beauty, or fashion products.

To get the most potential value out of every Instagram post:

  • Make sure you understand the Instagram algorithm: Know what it takes to reach the top of the Instagram Explore page and connect with as many potential customers as possible. Usually, you’ll need to commit to regular engagement, which means liking and commenting on other people’s photos to drive them back to your profile.
  • Promote your products in a range of exciting ways: Use Instagram Stories to give your customers access to temporary voucher codes and discounts, consider hosting an Instagram Live session where you can answer questions about what you sell, or simply show people how to use your product on IGTV.
  • Use hashtags: Never underestimate the value of hashtags for making your promotional posts stand out. Remember, a combination of branded hashtags and trending terms is often the best way to go for growing brands.

5.     Make Money from Every Instagram Post by Selling your Account

We have one final way that you can make some cash from your Instagram accounts – you can sell them.

If you decide to sell your account, then you won’t be able to continue to making cash from every Instagram post after. Instead, you’ll be earning money for the hard work you’ve put into building a following for a specific niche or idea.

Although it’s difficult to consider the concept of giving up your Instagram account – particularly after you’ve worked so hard to build it, many people consider selling their account to be a far better option than simply deleting it.

There are a few sites that support the sale of Instagram accounts, but we recommend you think carefully about this option before you follow through with it. You probably won’t be able to back-track if you change your mind after handing over the keys to your #IG following.

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Make the Most out of Every Instagram Post

It turns out that Instagram isn’t just a great place to spend your free time.

Every Instagram post you publish can be a lucrative investment if you know how to use it correctly.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your Instagram account more valuable, or you want help building your social strategy on the world’s favorite photo-sharing platform, don’t go it alone. Upleap can help you discover the true value of your Instagram account – and it all starts with a no-obligation free trial.

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