How to Get Followers on Instagram: 6 Proven Methods for Beginners

You don’t need me to tell you that Instagram is a pretty big deal.

But, let me do it anyway.

Instagram currently has 1 billion users, and 500 million of those people log onto their feeds at least once a day. That means if you’re looking for popularity, influencer success, or just an opportunity to grow your business, then Instagram could be the place for you.

Not only is IG teeming with social fans, but your everyday Instagrammer is also a lot more engaged than the people you’d find on channels like Facebook and Twitter. Forrester found that IG engagement levels are 58% higher than they are on Facebook.

Of course, before you can really get the most out of your social world, you need to figure out one crucial thing: how to get followers on Instagram.

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Earning Instant Instagram Followers

There are plenty of companies out there that think they can get by just paying for Instagram followers to fill up their feed. Unfortunately, while those methods may give you the numbers you need, they won’t give you the engagement you’re looking for.

The only real option is to learn how to gain followers on Instagram authentically.

So, how do you stand out among the 95 million posts shared on IG each day?

That’s where we can help.

By time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a list of the best, most stringently-tested strategies for an #Instagood Insta-following.

As Instagram algorithms continue to change, and customer preferences evolve, these tips for how to get followers on Instagram remain successful year after year.

Let’s get started.

How To Get Followers On Instagram Step 1: Optimize Your Instagram Account

First off, you need to create an identity for yourself on Instagram.

You can start doing that by building out an Instagram profile that speaks to your audience.

You’re going to need:

  • A profile picture that conveys something important about you, your brand, or your company. Most businesses can get away with a brand logo, whereas individuals need a compelling head-shot to create emotional connections with their audience.
  • A name for your profile: Your name, the name of your company or something similar is the best way to go here. Your Instagram account needs to be as easy to find as possible.
  • A bio: Your bio tells people about your company, links them to your other social pages, and can even send them to your website or product The bio is a tremendous back-linking opportunity for companies, and a fantastic way to generate traffic for your site.

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How To Get Followers On Instagram Step 2: Choose An Engaging Aesthetic

Instagram is all about the visuals.

Think you can just fill your profile with snaps from your camera phone? Think again.

While your Twitter followers might forgive the occasional typo in a tweet, and your Facebook fans will let you off with a sub-par post, Instagram followers won’t overlook a poor photo.

You don’t necessarily need to be an expert photographer to get instant Instagram followers, but you will need a basic understanding of how the app works, and how you can edit photos with it.

The good news?

Instagram does help out a little with your photography education by offering you filters you can use to enhance your pictures. However, before you start fiddling around with those, here are a few quick tips:

  • Stay focused on one specific subject in each photo
  • Look for interesting perspectives to enhance over-done images.
  • Make your followers feel something with your pictures
  • Capture small details
  • Don’t be afraid of negative space.

Once you’ve started to produce attractive photos, Instagram filters will help you to create a consistent image for your profile. TrackMaven conducted a study into Instagram accounts to find out which filters had the biggest impact on engagement, and they learned that Mayfair, Hefe, and Ludwig are the most effective. However, be careful to choose the filter that’s most appropriate to your brand identity.

Graph of filter popularity

How To Get Followers On Instagram 3: Get The Hang of #Hashtags

Hashtags might have started life on Twitter, but now they’re one of the best ways to generate IG attention, without paying for Instagram followers.

Posting new, engaging and interesting photos on a regular basis helps you to keep your current network happy, while an excellent #hashtag strategy ensures that new people can find your profile. Tagging your photos makes them more accessible to a broader audience. The question is, which hashtags should you use?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all hashtag strategy for instant Instagram followers.

Most experts recommend using a combination of popular tags and branded phrases. For instance, some of the top hashtags on Instagram today are #Love, #PhotoOfTheDay, and #Instagood.

However, tacking #Instagood onto the end of your post just puts you in competition with about 700 million other posts. Figuring out how to gain followers on Instagram is all about finding the right combination of tags for your intended audience.

Don’t be afraid to @mention influencers and other brands that might be willing to help you boost your following too. Referencing another company or person in your post gives you access to their audience, as well as your own.

How To Get Followers On Instagram 4: Have Some Fun

They say that Instagram is the happiest place on the internet.

Whether you believe that or not, it’s safe to say that your followers tune into their ‘Gram feeds looking for entertainment. The easiest way to get instant Instagram followers is to provide them with the content they’re looking for. This means:

  • Sharing Instagram Stories that showcase your unique personality, and drive attention to your personal brand or business.
  • Creating videos for IGTV or posting fun pictures that help you to be one of the 2 billion posts Instagrammers like each day.
  • Running competitions and giveaways that engage your audience and get them excited about your product. You can even use a branded #hashtag to promote the event or ask people to share pictures of your product for a chance to win.

Play around with the content that you post on Instagram each day and use the channel as a chance to show off your unique personality. Not only will you end up building a better connection with your target audience, but you could end up with user-generated content to share from competition winners too.

Remember, when you do run competitions or giveaways, ask the winner to share pictures of themselves with the item they won to enhance your social proof efforts.

How To Get Followers On Instagram 5: Be Consistent

Want to know a social media secret?

Your followers don’t come to you just because of what you’ve shared in the past. They follow you because they’re enticed by what you might share in the future.

That doesn’t mean that you need to tell your audience everything you’re going to post from day one. But if you’re wondering how to gain followers on Instagram, then you’re going to need a solid strategy.

A feed that has a consistent theme, consistent branding and posts that are published at a constant time makes a significant impact on your audience. As well as making sure that your aesthetic remains cohesive with the same filters and ideas, remember to create a schedule for your posts, and follow it to the letter. Most experts recommend at least a few posts per day on Instagram between the hours of 12 pm and 1 pm, or 3 pm and 4 pm, Monday to Thursday.

If you’re not going to be available at those times, you can always try using a social media scheduling tool.

How To Get Followers On Instagram 6: Use The Right Tools

Finally, the easiest way to successfully gain Instagram followers is to simply get some help.

There are plenty of tools and solutions out there that can help you to boost your Instagram strategy, from social scheduling software that allows you to post automatically, to the social account managers available here at Upleap.

Your account manager will get to know you, figure out a strategy for Instagram success, and give you everything you need to get started.

As Instagram algorithms continue to change, and the platform becomes an increasingly competitive place, why struggle to get instant Instagram followers on your own? A little support from the right service can help you to expand your reach, your engagement, and your following in no time.

The best news? You can try Upleap today for free. Just click here to get started.

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