How To: Delete Instagram Messages

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. That includes clearing out your DMs. In this article, we’ll tell you how to delete Instagram messages.

How To Delete Instagram Messages

The first step to delete Instagram messages is to open the Instagram app. Of course, if you need to log in, now is the time to do it.

Screenshot of Instagram Home

You will see your home screen, timeline, and all the icons at the bottom.

Next, swipe left. Here, you will access all of your Instagram messages.

Instagram Messages

If you open up a chat with a specific person, you will notice that it’s not possible to delete specific Instagram messages. However, you can unsend some of your own messages.

Simply hold down the message or photo you want to unsend until you see the option to unsend or copy.

Unsend Instagram Message

Click unsend, confirm the next message and the text will disappear from your chat. This is one way to delete Instagram messages of your own.

However, you can delete entire chats with a recipient. Choose a conversation you want to delete and swipe left on it.

Options for Instagram Messaging

You will get three options: more, general and unread.

Click “more”.

You will then get the option to delete, flag or mute the chat. Click “delete”.

Delete Instagram Messages

To delete Instagram messages, the app will then ask you again if you want to delete the conversation.

If you delete it, it removes the conversation from your inbox only. The other person will still be able to see the messages.

Click “delete” again. The conversation will disappear from your messages!

If you search for that person again, there will be no previous chat history with them. Great for a fresh start or clearing some messages you don’t want to look at anymore!

Also, messages can take space within an app so if you want to clear some memory on your phone, try this out.

For More Tips

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