How To Create A Brand On Instagram

According to data, 68% of Instagram users engage with brands. With that said, Instagram has become a major marketing platform.

This platform offers big and small businesses plenty of opportunities to build a brand. In doing so, they’ll attract their target audience. Plus, they’ll be able to grow their account.

However, learning how to create a brand can be daunting. That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide to creating a brand on Instagram.

These tips will help you establish a unique brand identity. Once that’s done, you can focus more on growing your account.

How To Create A Brand: The Basics

Although Instagram is a powerful marketing tool, think of it as a platform for your content. This means your account should reflect your business strategy.

Branding goes beyond creating a unique logo. Creating a brand means figuring out how your business looks, sounds, and knowing what it offers.

how to create a brand on instagram

Use pictures, videos, and Instagram Stories to market your business. Each content should help you achieve your branding goals. When figuring out how to create a brand on Instagram, your content should achieve these goals:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Build a visual brand that is easily recognizable
  • Provide value to your target audience
  • Improve the experience of your customers
  • Clearly establish what your business stands for, promote products you offer, and why your products or services are essential

If a user visits your account, they should recognize your brand. With that said, stick to your brand identity. Create valuable human experiences and focus on communicating with your audience.

Benefits of Creating A Brand On Instagram

Instagram offers an amazing opportunity to tap a huge market. With almost half a billion active users, businesses can reach out to a wider audience.

Knowing how to create a brand on the platform has its perks.

Build Trust

Successfully creating a brand on Instagram builds trust. Your business will surely enjoy payoffs when your followers trust your brand. Instagram is the perfect channel for visually showcasing your products and services.

Take a look at Klean Kanteen. Their products include insulated tumblers, cups, mugs, and steel straws. They are doing a great job of creating stunning visuals.

KleanKanteen feed

This company post content daily. They showcase their products being used in different situations. As a result, they receive around 400 engagements for each post.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

Figuring out how to create a brand will help you point your audience in the right direction. When Instagram users like your content, they’ll visit your profile.

Instagram allows you to add one link in your bio. This link should be updated regularly so your audience will be directed to the right pages.

This strategy should be executed together with a well-planned post. Consider adding a call-to-action in your Instagram caption.

Take a look at this Victoria’s Secret Pink post. First, they encouraged followers to comment for higher engagement. Then they informed users to shop through the link in the bio.

Tip: Use action voices that don’t sound over the top.

Learning how to create a brand on Instagram is not only crucial for the success of your business. It also helps attract your target audience.

Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Make it count! Here are a few tips for creating a brand on Instagram:

How To Create a Brand #1: Establish Your Identity

First, know and understand what your brand is about. Clearly define your brand identity.

What are the core principles of your brand?

When figuring out how to create a brand, you’ll discover that reputation plays a huge factor. Build a good reputation. Ask yourself what would your business be known for? How will your target audience talk about it?

When you have a clear definition, infuse this into your content. Take a look at GoPro. This brand is known for its high quality, rugged cameras. From everyday life to extreme sports, their cameras are up for the job.

In their Instagram account, their content showcases their identity in the market. Each post is full of adventure. The products are even showcased in extreme situations.

how to create a brand sample from GoPro

What can you offer the audience?

Provide your followers value. Give them a reason to keep coming back. You can offer them information, education, motivation, high-quality products, and services, etc.

Tip: Place a short description or headline in your bio. Explain what your audience can expect from your account.

Look at A Color Story’s Instagram bio. Visitors will know exactly what they are about. They also added a call-to-action with the word “Use”.

A Color Story sample bio

Plus, they featured their branded hashtag #AColorStory. For added value, they even listed a link for tutorials.

Defining your brand identity will help you create consistent, cohesive content. This will communicate to your audience what your brand represents.

How To Create A Brand #2: Decide On A Simple Username

On Instagram, choose a username that is associated with your brand name.

For a personal brand, consider using your real name. When marketing your product or services, use your business name.

It should be short, simple, and easy to remember. This will help improve brand recall. Take AirBnB as an example.

Their Instagram username is the same as on their website. It’s memorable and easy to find.

how to create a brand Airbnb sample

Glossier is another brand that succeeded in Instagram branding. They combined unique username and engaging content for a successful strategy.

how to create a brand Glossier sample

How To Create A Brand #3: Set An Effective Instagram Strategy

Instagram is one of the leading marketing channels in 2019. It’s a completely different platform than traditional media. There is no specific playbook where you can look up the rules.

With that said, develop an Instagram strategy. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Objective: Why do you want to be on Instagram? Do you want to grow your account? Improve brand awareness? Increase sales?
  • Target audience: Who are your customers? Are they on Instagram? What content would they like to see? For this, use Instagram insights to learn more about your audience.
  • Plan your content: What photos and videos should you post? When should content be posted to boost engagement? Consider using hashtags to widen your reach.
  • Track your success: Are you reaching your goals? It is crucial to observe and track engagement rate, website traffic, sales, and audience response.

How To Create A Brand #4: Visual Branding

Your content should have the same theme on other platforms. This creates a cohesive look which the audience will associate with your brand. Consistency is the key to visual branding.

For instance, if you prefer clean and minimal visuals, this should be apparent in your Instagram. If you have a colorful brand, your IG content should reflect this.

Create a Mood Board

When figuring out how to create a brand on Instagram, decide on a theme. Set up a mood board to determine your Instagram aesthetic. Here’s how:

  • Choose colors and patterns to visualize your feed.
  • Consider adding quotes to your board to determine the voice of your brand.
  • Select a theme. Do you prefer a moody theme? Youthful? Colorful? Simple and minimalist?

Mood board sample

Always keep your brand identity in mind. Once that’s done, take a look at the overall vibe of your board. Use this as a guide for your visual branding.

Profile Image

Your profile photo should be on brand. For businesses, consider using your logo. It is crucial for long-term brand recognition. Your visitors and followers will associate the image with your brand.

Tip: Instagram profile image is small. So make sure that your logo is legible.

Take a look at this series of brands. They have their brand name clearly printed on their Instagram profile. It looks clean, simple, and easy to recognize.

how to create a brand on instagram

Some brands use company logos or a shortened version of it. Take a look at Lululemon and Starbucks.

creating a brand on instagram logo

creating a brand on instagram logo 2

On the other hand, if you’re building a personal brand, consider using your headshot. This is because you’re basically selling “you”.

Influencers use this strategy to build trust and authenticity. Look at Renee’s Instagram profile image. She is a skincare influencer and vlogger.

creating a brand on instagram profile photo

Lastly, your Instagram profile picture should match your feed. In doing so, your account will look cohesive.

  • Edit your profile photo the same way as the rest of your content
  • Consider using the same filter
  • Stick to the color palette of your content

How To Create A Brand #5: Post The Right Content

Always plan your content. Make sure that everything you post is well-thought of and on brand. Avoid posting on a whim. If you want to be spontaneous, use Instagram Stories.

Posting about your products and services is essential. You’re running a business after all! But there are other types of content you need to incorporate in your feed.

Images and Videos That Reflect Your Brand Identity

Show off your brand values while following your Instagram marketing strategy. Instagram is more casual. So don’t be afraid to let your audience know about your advocacies.

KraveBeauty, a skincare brand, aims to uncomplicate the skincare industry. They built a brand around their #PressReset core value which aims to simplify skincare routine.

Aside from their products, they also post informative content. Take a look at this specific post. They talk about maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

Share why you’re passionate about certain values and advocacies. By using Instagram as a channel for promoting brand values, you’ll give the audience more reasons to follow you. Encourage your target audience to support your core values.

Content That Reveals Your Brand Story

Give your audience a glimpse of your brand’s journey. This builds trust and grows a devoted following.

Tip: Consider adding bits of your story in your captions.

Take this post from Glow Recipe. Co-founders Sara Lee and Christine Chang shared how the business got started. Plus, they also shared what it’s like to work with female entrepreneurs.

View this post on Instagram

Almost five years ago, we dreamed up Glow Recipe while sheet masking in Sarah’s apartment over a glass (okay, a few glasses) of wine. It's been a wild journey since, one that’s taken us everywhere from Korea to curate the newest brands and trends, to all over the states to launch products and meet our amazing retailer partners. We’ve since sheet masked together in more vehicles ✈️🚖🚄 than we can count. More often than not, we still get asked questions about what it's like to work with another woman. We’re always surprised to get questions like this when the female entrepreneurs we know agree that it's one of the best decisions any of us could ever make. Collaboration is so much at the heart of Glow Recipe, and our friendship and synergy are our most invaluable assets. After five years of working side by side – we joke we spend more time with each other than our husbands – we still find time to eat lunch together almost every day. We still share hotel rooms when traveling – something that started as we were bootstrapping our business but we now choose to do because we can debrief and brainstorm after the day is over (and share skincare 😂). We’ve been through it all from the early stages of our career, to transpacific moves, to baby showers and weddings and this shared history of almost 15 years is our bedrock of trust and mutual support. We’ve experienced firsthand what it’s like when women uplift each other and we see it in action everyday amongst our friends, colleagues and peers. We’re excited to see more of that spirit in 2019, and can’t wait to show you some more amazing ideas that come to life when women get together. xoxo, Sarah and Christine

A post shared by Glow Recipe (@glowrecipe) on

Content such as the example above gives the audience a deeper understanding of your brand.

Content That Your Audience Love

Beautiful and valuable content engage users. That’s why you should keep track of what your audience love.

  • Take a look at your competition. Why are the audiences liking, commenting, or sharing their content?
  • Consider reaching out to your target audience. Ask them what they want to see more of.

These are just a few tips to get started. If you still need help on how to create a brand on Instagram, let Upleap come to your rescue.

Our social media managers can help build your brand from scratch. Try it for free today!

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