How to Choose the Perfect Instagram Name

Your Instagram Name Is Important

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but an Instagram name is a different story. All you have to do is look at thousands of years of literature to prove to you that names are important. The name you use on Instagram deserves the same respect!

When you’re creating your Instagram account, it’s easy to just pick whatever comes to mind first. Maybe you use whatever you’ve been using the longest on every website. But unless you want to be announced on a red carpet as “xXDark_EssenceXx”, it’s worth taking the time to think about your name. 

In your Instagram journey, your name can become a key symbol of your brand. It’s quite literally the first thing that people see or hear when they think, read, or talk about you. 

If you’re stumped about what kind of Instagram name is best, keep reading for our guide to coming up with the perfect Instagram name!

Your Instagram Name Should Show Your Personality

There are a lot of options of what to include when it comes to picking your Instagram name – your name, your business, your sense of humor. The most important thing to remember is that your Instagram name is a reflection of you. So, it should reflect your unique personality!

If you’re comedic, don’t be afraid to use a funny name. If you’re glamorous, let that shine through! Let’s look at how some celebrities show of their personalities with their usernames:

Eric Andre lends his signature absurdity to his brand by using the name @ericfuckingandre, showing off his abrasive and odd sense of humor.

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New horse, who dis? 🐎

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Rihanna uses her fierce reputation in her Instagram name @badgalriri. The name falls in line perfectly with the image of her lingerie line and Fenty Beauty business. 

Even king of the internet Ryan Reynolds keeps it interesting with the moniker @vancityreynolds (although we still can’t figure out what that means!)

Even the most high-profile celebs make sure their personality shines through. Their usernames give you a little taste of what it’s like to follow them. Take a page out of their book!

How Your Instagram Name Can Build Your Brand

Of course, when it comes to your personal brand, your Instagram name should probably have more than just a name attached to it. The way that your personality interacts with your brand is the perfect place to start an Instagram name brainstorm.

Although you can simply use your name, that doesn’t tell any new followers what your brand is about. Even by adding in a simple word or coming up with an altogether memorable name can help people remember you!

Your brand will more likely than not have some kind of focus. It’s a good idea to incorporate a key word into your name. That way, you’ll show up in searches or hashtags.

The popular (and fabulous) beauty guru @nikkietutorials specializes in artistic, creative, & colorful makeup tutorials. By using the word “tutorials” in her Instagram name, she lets potential followers know exactly what they can find on her Instagram and Youtube channel! 

The queen of Instagram templates @shethespy has gained widespread recognition with that clever name. Although nobody could figure it out for a while, it was certainly memorable. She explained in a post that it fits in perfectly with her idea of “spying” on what’s going on.

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spy on duty 🕵️‍♀️ thank you @thedailyedited for this beauty 😘 A common question I get asked is … what does my user name mean? My username is She The Spy. I started this account in July 2017. My username is derived from the name of my business ‘We The Spies’. I wanted She The Spy to be a personal behind the scenes of what it was like to be a freelancing creative etc. 💕 Now it gets confusing – We The Spies wasn’t always my business. It used to be a blog back in 2014, first set up by both Paolo and I (hence the ‘we’) but he got lazy and I just blogged on my own. The ‘Spy’ part was to imply spying on trends, spying on what’s going on etc. 😅 When I decided to start my business, I loved the name so I transformed the blog into my freelancing business. Phew that’s a bit of a long explanation 😅 QOTD // What’s the meaning behind your username?✨ Image edited with #thespypresets ‘The Spy’s Potion’. Available on my shop. Link in bio. #thedailyedited #tde #monogram #thespy #blushpink

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You may have seen Nathan Kehn in TV commercials. Or you may have seen his pictures with his cats on Instagram. And his name is only proof of how much Instagram loves him for how much he loves his cats: @nathanthecatlady.

By adding a word or two to your name, you can show off your brand and your personality at the same time. 

Finding Your Instagram’s Purpose

How creative you want to be with your Instagram name is up to you. Some people delight in silly and strange names, and others want to keep things more low-key. 

Whatever you decide, take a few moments to think about what the purpose of your Instagram is. Trying to build an interactive online brand from the ground up gives you a little more freedom than an established brick and mortar business trying to move to Instagram marketing.

Another important to consider is the aspect of professionalism in whatever you’re advertising. Creative fields will generally allow for more tomfoolery. A law firm and a family photographer are going to have a different approach to what makes a great Instagram name.

Whatever the purpose of your Instagram is, use the pre-existing standards to help you in coming up with your Instagram name.

Keeping It Professional

If you want to keep it professional, sticking to the name of your business is usually best. If you’re just starting out, throw in an extra word that shows what you’re about or where you are.

@Interiordesignmag shows exactly what it’s about with its straightforward, sleek Instagram name that matches the interesting interiors it posts. 

One of youtube’s original It girls, Bethany Mota, uses a spin on her name: @bethanynoelm. She’s well-loved by followers for her down-to-earth vibe, which her name showcases. 

…Or Get Creative 

Thankfully, if you long for a little more freedom, Instagram is a platform where it’s totally okay to push some boundaries. There’s no law that says your name must perfectly encapsulate everything you do. If you want to play around a bit more, Instagram will reward you for creativity! 

Nephi Garcia of the adorable @Designerdaddy account posts gorgeous designs of princess dresses he makes. His young children often model them, too. His Instagram name perfectly captures the exact content you’ll see on his account!

Beauty blogger Alix has an Instagram name that’s perfect for the luxury products she buys and talks about on @Icovetthee.

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Forever dreaming of ✨

A post shared by a l i x . (@icovetthee) on

Travel Instagrammer Rebecca Ellul loves to share gorgeous nature photos, especially of blue beaches, from the Instagram account @thisparadisehere.

Using a creative name can sometimes sum up your brand even better than a more professionally minded one. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. After all, that’s what Instagram is all about!

Your Instagram Name Isn’t Set in Stone

If you’ve already got an Instagram account or you get anxiety at the thought of committing to one, don’t worry too much! You can always change your name.

Massive Youtuber Zoella changed all of her personal accounts from @zoella to @zoesugg last year, and it worked out just fine for her! 

Instagram names can take some fine-tuning, so don’t worry if yours isn’t exactly right the first time around. Just focus on communicating your personality, and a great name will naturally develop. 

But Don’t Confuse People

You can change your Instagram name, but make sure you aren’t confusing people. Your followers would probably like to know where they can find you, after all!

We recommend changing your Instagram name no more than three times. And it’s similarly a good idea to spread those times out!

When recognition is quite literally the name of the game, you don’t want your followers to always think “Who is this?” when they see your Instagram name.

What’s In A Name?

Your Instagram name is the first point of contact between you and a potential new follower. So it’s very important that you put time and effort into choosing the right one!

You can always change your name, but make sure you leave space between any changes to let followers know where they can find you. Consider your industry standards and the level of professionalism expected from you. But feel free to get creative with your name!

More than anything, just focus on letting your personality shine. Sooner or later, you’ll have an Instagram name to die for!

If you still need help, let Upleap come to your rescue. The experts on building Instagram communities, Upleap can help you build a brand recognized everywhere. Try it for free today!



By Victoria Hendersen

Victoria is an American expatriate currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she lived in Bordeaux, France before relocation to Russia's cultural capital. Victoria holds a BFA in Film and Media Studies from UC Irvine.

She works as a copywriter and translator. An experienced travel blogger and vlogger, her main drive in life is discovering the jewels of lesser traveled cities. You can keep up with her travels on Instagram at @village_witch.

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