How to Build an Instagram Following for your Business

Are you looking for ways to build an Instagram following for your business? Instagram is a vital tool for getting your business’s name out there. Because Instagram has some of the highest engagement rates compared to other social media platforms, putting your business on Instagram is a no-brainer.

Here at Upleap, we think it’s safe to say that you don’t just want followers, but you want engaged, interactive followers. So, that is why we’ve developed 10 ways that will help equip you with engaged, interactive followers in no time. Keep reading to learn how to build an Instagram following for your business!

1. Develop a posting schedule

You want your followers to remember you, so don’t disappear from the gram! On the other hand, you don’t want your followers being bombarded by posts. This may seem like a tedious task, but don’t worry, you can actually schedule your Instagram posts when you have a business profile.

When deciding your posting schedule, consider:

  • When is the best time to post on Instagram?
  • In what order should I post?

Overtime, you’ll get a feel of what time of day your followers are most active and how often you should post.

2. Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories: Everything Businesses and Influencers Need to Know

Instagram stories are awesome at increasing follower engagement. There are endless possibilities as to how you can utilize Instagram stories to build your Instagram following.

Instagram stories also have the ability to catch followers who haven’t seen your recent post. If you post a story related to your recent post, followers who didn’t see the post yet might see the story first.

Instagram stories are simply a (really good) accessory to your account. you can create polls, re-post tagged photos, make announcements, and so much more. Not to mention the cool stickers!

To read more on Instagram stories, be sure to check out this article: Instagram Stories: Everything Businesses and Influencers Need To Know.

3. Interact with followers

Yes, you can build an Instagram following for your business by simply interacting with your current followers.

First of all, why not interact with your followers? Replying to comments and liking posts are common examples of interacting with your followers. Doing these things will only make followers more engaged and less likely to unfollow you.

Furthermore, think about brand loyalty. When followers can see a person behind the account, it makes them feel more attached to the business.

Secondly, posts with high engagement rates are more likely to show up on the explore page. High engagement, in this case, means posts with lots of comments. You can help increase comments by interacting with your followers.

4. Try Instagram advertisements to build an Instagram following

Example of Instagram ad

Have you ever launched your own advertisement on Instagram? If not, we’re sure you’ve seen them while scrolling. Put simply, an Instagram ad is shown to a tailored-group of users amid scrolling through their feeds.

TO decipher Instagram ads from other posts, look for the word sponsored under the account username.

The great part about Instagram ads is that they are specifically shown to users who might want to follow you.

You might want to consider using Instagram ads to build your following. However, keep this in mind. Running ads on Instagram costs money, so you’ll need a budget.

Although Instagram ads cost money, there’s also the chance that you could get significant followers in return. Why not give it a try then?

Thinking about running an Instagram ad for your business? Read this: Advertise On Instagram: Cost And Tips.

5. Collaborate with other businesses

No need to look at other Instagram businesses as your competition. Instead, collaborate with these accounts! In fact, it’s likely that you’ll gain followers from doing this.

Any business can collaborate with other businesses on Instagram. Consider making a shout-out to other businesses you support.

Another way businesses collaborate is through Instagram influencers. Consider sending out some free products to influencers that you’d like to work with. This could be a great way to quickly build your Instagram following.

6. Review your Instagram statistics

One of the best parts of having a business Instagram account is having access to your own statistics.

These statistics can provide so much insight that will  help you build an Instagram following for your business. Here are just a few statistics that are great to monitor:

  • What time of day (and day of the week) you should post
  • Where your followers are from
  • Gender and age of your followers
  • How many followers you have gained in a specific time period

There is so much more to know about Instagram statistics, so definitely check out this article if you’re interested: The 6 Instagram Analytics Metrics You Need to Measure.

7. Use the right hashtags on posts to build an Instagram following

Now that you can follow specific hashtags, using the right ones can help build your Instagram following. Using the right hashtags can bring in new followers as well as likes.

However, you can’t just use any hashtag and call it a day. Make sure to use hashtags that are relevant. Might sound obvious, but using unrelated hashtags can make it harder for new followers to discover you.

Along with using relevant and popular hashtags, consider making an original hashtag just for your business. Make it something memorable and related to your business’s  name.

8. Host your very own Instagram contest

Hosing an Instagram contest not only gets your followers excited, but it is also an amazing way to build your Instagram following quite quickly.

Contests give followers the chance to win something. Maybe its a gift card to your store, free merchandise, or really whatever you want. To enter, followers must do a few things. Asking your followers to follow your account, use a hashtag, or tag people in the comments are a few great examples. Interested?

This can be a really fun way to engage with your followers while also getting more followers. If you’d like to learn more about Instagram contests, read this article: How To Host An Instagram Giveaway And Grow Your Audience.

9. Keep captions interesting

You can build your Instagram following by making small changes to your actual posts.

Captions are the starting point of conversation with your followers. Look at it this way, imagine 2 Instagram posts. The first post has no caption, and the other post has a few sentences asking questions, and stating thoughts and opinions. Wouldn’t you think that the second post will get more comments?

In the example above from @colourpopcosmetics, notice how there is a question in the caption. Check out all the people who answered that question in the comments!

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If you ask questions or put interesting content in the caption, that will potentially cause users to have something to say. As we said earlier, having lots of comments is great for increasing engagement.

10. Keep brand originality to build an Instagram following

Last but not least, be original! Remember what makes your business stand out from others, and highlight that.


  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What does your brand feel is important?
  • How is your brand different than others?

When you highlight the best and more unique aspects of your business, you’ll get more engaged followers. To say it simply, remind followers why your business is so great!

Now you’re ready to build an Instagram following for your business

Use all these tips, and you may get on the EXPLORE PAGE. This is commonly a top-goal for Instagram businesses! When your post gets to the explore page, you’ll get tons of exposure! Check out this article about the Instagram explore page: Instagram Explore Page: Everything You Need To Know

Keep in mind, there is no 100% guaranteed way to get followers. If there were, we would all have hundreds of thousands of followers! Every business account is different. That being said, take these tips into consideration and discover what is best for you.

Looking for more ways to make your Instagram skyrocket? Contact Upleap!

By Kim

My name is Kim Hanna. I am a college student at Monmouth University. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I like writing about current trends that have to do with social media and fashion.

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