How To Boost Instagram Posts

When you post on Instagram, of course, you want the post to do well. Without spending any money, we’ll teach you how to boost Instagram posts so they reach as much of your audience as possible!

One: Take Quality Images

When scrolling through Instagram, your eye catches the best posts. You notice the ones with a great color palette, ones that tell a story, ones that highlight a great scene, ones that are high quality.

When scrolling through the Instagram photo, this is a photo that caught my eye.

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Ich bin Jungfrau! Und zwar durch und durch. Ich hab das Gefühl die Mond-Stern-wasauchimmer-Konstellation bei meiner Geburt hat mich total versaut 😂 man sagt uns Jungfrauen zwar nach, dass wir gründlich, bescheiden und ehrlich sind. Wir sind auch strukturiert, überlegt und vernünftig. Aber jede Medaille hat halt auch ihre Kehrseite 😅 Laut Internet, und ich möchte einige Eigenschaften gar nicht leugnen 🙈, sind wir Jungfrauen auch ängstlich, hypochondrisch, kleinlich, kritisch, kühl, misstrauisch, nörgelnd, pedantisch, perfektionistisch, rechthaberisch, unzufrieden und verklemmt. Das sind doch herrliche Aussichten um ganz fröhlich in diesen Dienstag zu starten 😂 Was für ein Sternzeichen seid ihr denn? 🌟 @germaninteriorbloggers @solebich #germaninteriorbloggers #pflanzenmuddi #solebich #wohnstagram #kleinerfeinerfeed #gemeinsamdurchinsta #wohnklamotte #pflanzen #planstagram #shelfie #plantshelf #houseplantsofinstagram #houseplantclub #monstera #pausewithplants #interiores #interiør #jena #midcenturymodern #mylvngrm #planthoarder #plantcollector #livingwithplants #plants #livingroom #inspo #inspiration #diy #hallway #garderobe

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Not only is it high quality, but it’s also a gorgeous photo. The color palette is warm, cozy and consistent. Plus, the decor is super interesting. The longer you look at this photo, the more you notice about it! Of course, it got a lot of Instagram likes, too.

On the other hand, here is a photo that didn’t catch my eye.

Although it’s a high-quality photo, it’s not interesting to look at. It doesn’t grab users as they’re scrolling through the app.

So the first tip on how to boost Instagram posts: post high-quality images! Not just in clarity and focus, but in color, subject and tones.

Two: Know The Best Times To Post

If you want to know how to boost Instagram posts, you first need to know when is the best time to post.

Definitely sign up for an Instagram business account. Click here to read a how-to article on that! It’s easy, free and quick.

When you switch to a business account, you can see the best times to post.

Instagram takes seven days to memorize your audience’s habits. Then they give you a graph where you can see when your followers are most active.

Instagram Business Insights Screenshot

After many years of trying this out, we think the best time to post is just when the graph is starting to peak. For example, in this graph, the peak time is 6 pm. However, the graph declines after that so if you post at 6 pm, by the time the post is picking up, everyone is going offline.

The biggest jump is around 12pm when everyone is starting to come online. If you want to know how to boost Instagram posts, post in the hours before peak time.

For this graph, we have found that posting right after 3:00 pm works the best! Instagram isn’t too busy yet, so your post doesn’t get swamped, but there are enough people online to get the post traction. So when Instagram is busiest around 6:00 pm, Instagram knows your post is already doing well, so it shows it to more people!

Plus, we have found that the following day, around the same time, the post is still getting likes. Therefore, during peak times, it gets pushed out by Instagram again, accumulating even more likes!

Three: How To Boost Instagram Posts During Peak Time

Engaging is an invaluable tip. It’s such an important part of Instagram if you want to boost your posts!

Take an hour out of your day every time you post on Instagram. 15 minutes before you post, start engaging with accounts, comment and like photos, post on your stories, reply to DMs.

Then after you post your photo, spend 45 minutes to an hour replying to comments on the post.

Instagram boosts posts that have a lot of engagement within the first hour. Of course, if you’re also commenting on your post, that’s double the engagement! So reply to those comments straight away.

Also, continue to like and comment on other people’s posts in order to boost your own Instagram post.

Exhausted? That’s okay! It’s totally worth it if you want to know how to boost Instagram posts.

Four: What Not To Do

Of course, with all these tips has to come some warnings!

  • Don’t edit your post once you’ve posted it. If you do this, for some reason, your post will lose traction and significantly decrease in likes. If you find a typo in your caption, or you’ve tagged the wrong brand, the best thing to do is delete the post altogether and re-upload it the next day.
  • Don’t post more than once within the space of a few hours. If you piggyback your Instagram posts, they will not be seen by as many people!
  • Don’t abandon your Instagram post. If you don’t have time to engage, sometimes it’s best to not post that day.

Five: Use Your Instagram Stories

A great tip on how to boost Instagram posts is to use those Instagram stories as much as possible! Of course, don’t spam your audience, but posting every hour or two is great when it comes to increasing engagement.

Post on your Instagram stories a few times after you post to increase your engagement. In fact, post in your Instagram stories just to tell your followers that you have a new post on Instagram.

You can include a link, or a mention, or a “tap here” gif.

For pretty Instagram stories, check out these apps:

  • Unfold
  • Canva
  • Mojo
  • StoryArt
  • Instories

If you’re enjoying these tips, be sure to check out Upleap! Upleap is an account managing service. You will be paired with a dedicated Instagram account manager who will help you build your Instagram brand, grow your followers and make the most out of your Instagram journey. Click here to start your free trial.

Six: How To Boost Instagram Posts With Captions

Captions are far more important than you might think! When you have a good caption, you can totally boost your Instagram posts.

Your Instagram captions give your followers an opportunity to get to know you. You can also use them to explain more about the photo you’re posting, ask questions to your followers or include a call to action. This is ideal if you’re trying to sell a product, get traffic on your website or blog, or promote your YouTube channel.

When scrolling through Instagram, you only see the first two lines of a caption. Those two lines are your chance to catch your audience’s attention! So in those two lines, try and include:

  • A QOTD (question of the day). This can relate to the image, or it can be totally random!
  • A quote. Followers love an inspirational quote when scrolling through. It can totally cheer someone up on a bad day!
  • A call to action. If you are running a sale or promoting your blog, this is the time to do it. Of course, make it exciting.
  • Share big news! Pregnancy announcement? Tour? Sale? Use these two lines to grab the attention of your audience.

Of course, spend the first hour of your post’s lifespan replying to these comments so your followers know you care.

Seven: Know Your Brand

When your audience is scrolling through Instagram, you want them to be able to recognize your account without even looking at the username.

The accounts that do this grow so quickly and organically. Don’t post a picture that anyone else could post. Create unique and branded content that is individual to you. This is how to boost Instagram posts in the best possible way.

Spend time curating your Instagram feed before you start posting. Take photos, edit them and plan out your feed so you know where you’re going it.

Figure out your trademark. Will you include yourself in all your photos? Are your photos going to be full of popping colors? Will they have a vintage retro vibe? Same with your Instagram stories. Edit them in a unique style so when people are flicking through them, they know exactly who created them: You.

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By Beth McCallum

I'm Beth, a Scottish writer and bookworm. I'm currently agent hunting for my debut novel while running a candle business from my home. I obsess over dogs, Hamilton, chai lattes and recently, Harry Potter. I know, I'm decades late.

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