How to Become Instagram Famous in 2019

Instagram isn’t just a place to share pictures with friends anymore.

These days, with around 500 million daily active users making the most of Instagram each day, everyone wants to know how to become Instagram famous.

Use Instagram correctly, and it can be a powerful platform for building your business, finding your voice, and sharing your identity. The potential of Instagram grows even further when you consider the fact that engagement rates on most social networks are less than 0.1%. However, on Instagram, the average engagement rate is 58 times higher than it is on Facebook.

Whether you’re a looking to attract followers as an Instagram influencer, or you’re a business searching for traffic, here’s your ultimate guide to #InstaFame in 2019.

How to Become Instagram Famous – The Pre-Requisites

Before you discover how to become Instagram famous by implementing the strategies in this post, you need to get a few basics out of the way. First of all, you’re going to need an amazing Instagram profile.

That means signing up for a business profile where you can track the impact of your posts through Instagram Insights. While personal profiles may be easier to manage, you can’t beat the power of a business profile when you’re looking for fame. You’ll also need a theme, a bio, and a selection of stunning Instagram posts to get you started.

Once you know what you’re doing with your ‘Gram profile, you’ll also need to set up a content strategy. If you’re struggling to plan your content, don’t panic – the team here at Upleap can help. In the meantime, here are some additional tips for finding your Instagram fame.

1.     Discover Your Passion

If you’re not thrilled by the things that you’re sharing on Instagram, why should your followers feel any differently? The easiest way to make your content stand out is to post about something that you’re good at. For instance, if you’re a dedicated #Fashionista, then it makes sense to post Instagram content that looks at fashion. If you’re posting about your business, decide what makes your company different, and post things that highlight that uniqueness.

As @SneakyMommies told Hubspot in an interview about how to become Instagram famous, if you “stay authentic” and be yourself, then you’re more likely to bond with your target audience. Just look at how genuine Nic and Nat’s posts are on Instagram for inspiration.

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2.     Focus on High-Quality Content

Whatever you post on Instagram needs to be high in quality. The first step in learning how to become Instagram famous is remembering that people are looking for amazing experiences on Instagram. A low-quality image can turn people off, and even ruin your chances of getting verified if other “fake” accounts start publishing better content than you.

If you’re struggling to take Instagram images that compete with some of the most beautiful photos on the platform, then now is the time to start working on your photography skills. For instance, if you go on Birchboxuk’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that all of their photos are structured to follow a specific theme, with attractive color contrasts and a design that doesn’t overwhelm the post.

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3.     Use Popular Hashtags

Anyone who wants to discover how to become Instagram famous first needs to learn how to use hashtags. Although it’s essential to use a selection of different hashtags with each of your posts, one of the first things you’ll need to start with is “popular” or trending tags. Using around 5 “trending” tags like #Instagood or #TBT in your posts will improve your chances of appearing at the top of the news feed.

Remember to use hashtags to give shout-outs to other brands too, as this can give you an association with bigger companies that may boost your posts. Above all else, your hashtags need to be relevant if you want to achieve true #InstaFame. Make sure that the tags you use on your posts are connected to whatever is in your picture. If you simply use the most popular tags of the day, your followers will begin to question your authenticity.

Pro tip? Don’t be afraid to check out Insta’s weekend hashtag project for the trending tags of the week.

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4.     Pay for Fame

Buying Instagram followers and paying for likes is rarely a strategy that works out well on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out how to become Instagram famous a little faster if you have the money to spend. A big marketing budget will allow you to use Instagram’s native advertising strategies. Paid advertisement on Instagram will enable you to boost your stories, posts, and Instagram videos so that they have a better chance of getting in front of the right audience.

Of course, before you start paying for your posts, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re boosting the right ones. Look at the Instagram Insights page will give you an overview of when the best time to post your content is, which of your posts perform the best, and what kind of customers you’re bringing to your page.

5.     Reach Out to Influencers

If you’re sick of playing the waiting game and you want to know how to become Instagram famous quickly, then you can always try using another influencer as a launching pad. The more you can associate yourself with big names on Instagram, the more likely you are to look like a big name yourself. With that in mind, research and make an intensive list of all the popular Instagram accounts in your niche.

Once you’ve found people you want to connect with, reach out to them by commenting on their Instagram stories, liking their posts, and even sending direct messages from time to time. Remember, don’t be too creepy, just let them know that you appreciate their work and you’d love the opportunity to work with them some time. If an influencer sees that your business is relevant to their interests, and they like your profile, they’ll eventually agree to work with you.

6.     Kickstart Your Captions

On Instagram, a picture really is worth a thousand words – maybe more – but that doesn’t mean you can ignore words entirely. Sometimes, the things you say alongside your photos can give more context to your posts and inspire people to start a conversation with your brand. For instance, @NatGeo is excellent at providing a story with their posts. They delight their followers with the history of a photo and make sure that every post means something to the people who view it.

Since Instagram’s algorithm prizes engagement when ordering daily posts, it’s crucial to use your captions to encourage engagement. One great way to do that is to ask questions of your audience with your posts. For instance, you could say something like “Do you agree?” if you post a quote, or “Tag your friends who are like this,” to encourage people to interact with your content.

7.     Post Consistently

Finally, have you ever noticed that celebrities lose some of their luster when they fall off the grid for a while? The same thing can happen to people on Instagram. If you’re dedicated to figuring out how to become Instagram famous, then you need to maintain a consistent schedule, posting fantastic content at the same time every day for your followers.

For instance, Talia Koren from Workweek lunch has thousands of followers, because she’s committed to posting every day.

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The more you post on Instagram, the more engagement and interest your posts get. Additionally, frequent posting also improves your chances of getting in the “Top Posts” on Instagram, particularly if you learn how to make the most of trending hashtags.

Just make sure that you’re consistently churning out the content that your people want to see. Don’t let a focus on quantity make you forget about quantity.

If you’re struggling to post every single day, and maintain your inspiration, then turn to Upleap for help! With your free trial, you can access a dedicated account manager to boost your engagement and increase your chances of success every day. Get started now, and you’ll have #InstaFame in no time.

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