How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

Instagram videos are a great tool to show followers a glimpse of your exciting life! However, with their short length, it’s important to choose just the right moment to share. With that said, we’ll talk about exactly how long an Instagram video can be.

What Are Instagram Videos?

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ll have seen them pop up somewhere.

Instagram videos are short snippets that people share. When they appear on your timeline, they play automatically. They are silent but you can just tap the video to un-mute it.

Because of the short length, Instagram videos aren’t used like YouTube videos. They’re not vlogs or morning routines.

In fact, they tend to focus more on trivial topics.

@Instagram shared this video of ASMR slime. Silly but fun and quick to watch!

Sharing easy recipes through Instagram videos is another awesome idea! Be warned: it’ll definitely make you hungry.

Also, YouTubers might use Instagram videos to tease a new video on their YouTube channel.

In conclusion, Instagram videos can be used for many different things. Their length is what makes them unique.

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How Long Can Instagram Videos Be?

One minute. 60 seconds.

Yes, it’s very short! But it’s a good thing.

  1. It means that Instagram will remain focused on pictures and images. While it’s great to see a video every once in a while, they’ll rarely pop up on your timeline. This ensures that Instagram stays true to its original purpose in sharing photographs.
  2. Instagram videos won’t distract you. With their short length, it’s safe to check the app in your tea break at work without having to pause a video halfway through.
  3. People post what matters to them. There’s very little nonsense on Instagram videos. With the short length, people are confined to only showing the highlights.

Keep in mind, your video must be at least 3 seconds long.

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How Long Were Instagram Videos Before?

Instagram videos weren’t always 60 seconds. In fact, one minute is a luxury.

When Instagram videos were introduced in 2013, users were only allowed to upload 15 seconds of a video! It’s true, that’s not very long at all.

In March 2016, Instagram extended the 15-second video to 60 seconds.

In fact, they realised that 15 second Instagram videos limited creativity and stopped people from posting what they wanted.

So while 60 seconds is still short, be glad it’s not 15!

Use Slideshows To Lengthen Your Instagram Video

In February 2017, Instagram introduced the slideshow feature.

This feature allows users to upload up to 10 images in a slideshow, all in one post.

Tip: Use the slideshow feature to lengthen your Instagram video. You can post ten 60 seconds videos in one post. Therefore, you create a 10-minute video!

This is a great technique if you have something important to say on your Instagram feed.

Particularly, this is a good idea if you need to tell a story that will exceed 60 seconds.

For sure, do this if you’re sharing a song through Instagram videos. Now, you don’t need to leave your followers hanging!

Length On IGTV

IGTV is a new app by Instagram. It was launched in June 2018. It enabled users to create vertical videos. What’s the length limit for these? One hour!

IGTV makes watching videos easy. Because it’s full screen and vertical, like your smartphone, there’s no faffing with turning the screen around and making sure the image turns, too.

It’s simple.

In fact, Instagram basically spoon feeds you the content. You don’t have to go searching.

IGTV videos start playing as soon as you open the app. You can also watch straight from the Instagram app. Click the black and white icon in the top right corner. Note: it may be orange on some accounts.

Instagram Video New App

IGTV is an exciting update from Instagram.  Although there’s controversy around whether it’s a threat to YouTube, they are two very different platforms.

For example, lots of YouTubers are using IGTV. However, not as a replacement to their YouTube channel, but as a supplement.

Successful YouTuber with 8 million subscribers, LaurDIY, has uploaded a couple of IGTV videos.

LaurDIY Instagram Videos

One was a short artsy travel video.

The second was a Target haul. It was smart to upload this on IGTV because while her followers care about these types of videos, it wasn’t as creative for YouTube.

Also, brands can use IGTV to promote new campaigns or share behind the scenes.

Michael Kors On Instagram Videos

Fashion designer, Michael Kors, uploads a lot of Instagram videos to IGTV! They launch new campaigns, show their artists in the studio and announce their new collections. Spring 2019, we see you!

New apps and social medias can be daunting. However, Instagram has made IGTV simple to use.

IGTV App Face


When you open the app, there is a simple interface. Everything is reached from one page, as pictured above.

First, Instagram has a ‘For You’ section which includes videos they think you’ll find entertaining based on your activity on Instagram.

Next, you can swipe for videos from people you’re following.

Swipe along again for IGTV most popular Instagram videos. This is a great way to discover new accounts!

Lastly, you have the history section where you can see all the videos you’ve recently watched.

If that’s not enough for you, you can search IGTV for your favourite celebrities or even friends who are trying their hand at the new trend.

If you’re feeling up to it, click the settings icon and create your own IGTV channel.

Tip: Find out if your favourite accounts are using IGTV by searching their name and visiting their profile. If they use IGTV, it will be the first circle in their highlights strip.

How Long Can Instagram Stories Be?

Instagram stories are pictures and images that disappear after 24 hours. They’re great for updates, behind the scenes pictures and sharing favourite products or accounts.

Each image lasts for 15 seconds. In fact, this is also the maximum length for one video.

However, you can upload as many videos or images onto your Instagram story as you like. Therefore, it is another great platform if you have a story or update to share through video.

Simply record your video, choose your filter, add any text, upload it and then start again. Your Instagram stories will always appear in chronological order, making it easy for your followers to follow along with what you’re saying.

Instagram Videos: Live

Instagram introduced live videos in November 2016.

Unlike Instagram videos on your feed, these can be up to 1 hour long. But they can also be as short as you like.

Of course, if you aren’t finished with your Instagram live video, you can start broadcasting another one straight away.

What’s so great about Instagram Live? Your followers can interact with you in real time! It’s great for Q & A’s, big announcements or general discussion.

The Future Of Instagram Videos

Instagram is always bringing out new updates. Right now, they feel constant!

The changes to Instagram videos have been big and fast. There’s no doubt that more changes will come soon.

However, YouTube is the go-to for videos and IGTV doesn’t seem to have much competition. For example, you can’t watch IGTV on a PC, laptop or television yet. As mentioned earlier, IGTV and Instagram videos are more of a supplement to YouTube than a replacement.

Instagram videos have a place online. That is to share short snappy glimpses of amazing or beautiful moments.

Let’s enjoy that while it lasts because who knows when Instagram’s next big change is coming?

To finish, enjoy this cute video of Hank, the pig.



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