How Instagram Helps Grow Your Online Business

Instagram helps friends and family keep in touch, but it’s also very beneficial to online businesses. Any successful online business has used social media to gain traffic to their website.


To get the most benefit out of Instagram, it’s super important to know how to use it. Keep reading to learn how Instagram helps grow online businesses.


Use a Business Profile

Instagram helps businesses tremendously nowadays due to the features included in a business profile. A business profile can give you access to Instagram analytics, which can tell you about your followers habits.

Using a business profile is the very first step to making your account look like a legit business. When you’re done reading this article, make sure you do this! Instagram helps businesses by having these features so owners can get an idea of follower engagement.

Reasons to use a business profile:

  • Lets followers know your account represents a business
  • Lets you get insights about your followers.
  • You’ll get access to statistics that have to do with account views, content popularity, and audience info.
  • You will have a contact button
  • You can access the shoppable posts feature (we will discuss more on shoppable posts later in the article)


Don’t know how to set up a business account? Check out these pictures to see how Instagram helps you easily set up a business profile.


How to set up a business profile:

  • First, tap ‘Edit Profile’ on your account page
  • Scroll down a little and tap ‘Try Instagram Business Tools’
  • Next, tap through the info screens to learn about business profiles

    Tap through these info boxes
  • Fill out what category you want to be in…
Think about which title best describes you. Are you an artist, local business, public figure or blog? There are many more options to choose from, just find the one that fits you best.
  • Review contact info…
Make sure your contact info is correct, because this is who people will be reaching you.
  • Lastly, Create your Facebook page. 
Any business profile has to be linked to a Facebook page.


Now your business profile is complete! You are well on your way to making your Instagram account a strong platform for your online business!


For some more info on business profiles, check out Why You Should Switch To An Instagram Business Profile


How Instagram Helps Retail Websites Through Shoppable PostsShoppable Instagram Posts

Now It’s easier than ever to online shop, thanks to Instagram shoppable posts. Instagram helps online retail businesses make their products easier to find But first, it’s important to know how to use them.


Shoppable posts allow followers to shop your products straight from your Instagram post. This virtually makes your Instagram profile into another platform to sell products.


For example, here’s what a shoppable post looks like to followers. It’s recommended to add this feature to any post on your feed which shows a product you sell.

Example of a shoppable post. From @freepeople


How Instagram shoppable posts helps followers shop more efficiently:

  • Tap on a shoppable post and get access to items for sale on your site.
  • View price, item name and item description all through Instagram.
  • Followers who want to buy the product can quickly be taken to the product page straight from your Instagram post.


How shoppable posts on Instagram helps business profiles

  • Gives your products exposure on a huge social media platform
  • It’s free! (we love that)
  • Have the ability to post beautiful photos of your products that will entice followers to purchase them.


If your Instagram account represents a retail website, shoppable posts are an excellent idea to grow your customer base. Go ahead, try it out on a few posts…you can even add multiple products to one post!


Check out this article here to learn all about shoppable posts.


Use Instagram Analytics

The next tip is to use Instagram analytics. Instagram analytics is one of the most beneficial parts of having a business profile. Instagram insights can give you super informative information about your follower and their habits.

Why learn about your followers habits? You can take those analytics to help you decide the right times and days to post, as well as what to post.

If you want to get the most out of Instagram analytics, you’ll need to know what everything means. However, Keep in mind that you MUST have a business profile to get access to these insights.

With Instagram analytics, you’ll get insights on:


  • Activity


      • Track how many people viewed your profile on each day of the week
      • See your weekly profile visits
      • See your weekly impressions (how many times someone saw your post)


  • Content


      • See what posts from that week are the most popular in terms of likes and comments. (same goes for stories)


  • Audience

    Audience insights including the gender breakdown and follower activity by day.


    • See the countries or cities the majority of your followers are from
    • Find the age range and gender of your followers
    • All of this info is shown in graphs to make it easy to read.
    • See what days your followers use Instagram the most
      • Take this audience analytics, for example:


Overall, it just becomes really interesting to see who your followers are. You can grow your online business by looking at these insights and tailoring habits like your posting schedule to it.

Update your Instagram Profile

It’s important that your Instagram bio is always up to date. Instagram helps businesses by giving users a platform to make contacting a business very easy.


Instagram helps make it as easy as possible for users to contacts you through your bio. That’s why it’s good to have accurate and updated contact info such as website, email, phone number, and location (if applicable!)


Here’s a checklist for having a completed Instagram bio:

  • First, make sure the name on your profile is the name of your business
  • Have a working link to your website
  • Fill out your bio with a short description about what your business is.
  • Add an email, phone and address under ‘contact options’ found in ‘Edit Profile’.
    • Address and phone is not always necessary, but it’s good to at least have a business email so anyone can contact you.


Check out this article: 6 Instagram Bio Ideas to Attract Your Ideal Followers

Now, when your Instagram bio is updated, you can rest assured that potential customers will have an easy time getting to your website. It’ll also allow for people to get in touch with you more easily.


Post Frequently

It’s important to find a happy medium between posting too much and not posting enough.


If you post too much, your followers probably won’t like getting bombarded with promotional posts all day long from your business. However, you also wouldn’t want your followers forgetting about you!


Here are some tips to help you figure out when and how often to post on Instagram:


  • Use Instagram analytics- Specifically, go under ‘audience’ in Instagram analytics and scroll all the way to the bottom. This bar graph shows what days and times your followers are most active.
  • Avoid forgetting to post for long periods of time- To increase and maintain follower engagement, post frequently AND consistently. You don’t want your followers forgetting about you!
  • Avoid posting too many times a day- Have you ever followed an Instagram account and you feel like that’s all you’re seeing on your feed? That means the account it posting a little too much…and that may make people unfollow it.



Overall, there’s no one set formula that will give you tons of followers based on how often you post. It’s totally ok to experiment and see what seems to be working best for your account.

Build a community

Finally, you want to build a community on Instagram.

Instagram helps like-minded people meet each other on Instagram. For businesses, this is great for a number of reasons:

  • Businesses can follow users that fit into their target market.
  • Follow similar businesses to start positive connections
  • Be an active account by commenting positive things and liking other user’s posts.

Furthermore, who doesn’t want to virtually meet like-minded people? It’s a great way to form new connections and eventually grow your follower base.

It’s a great thing that Instagram helps businesses with so many tools to promote themselves. Fortunately, there are so many ways to grow your online business nowadays, but these tips are vital to starting and maintaining a good business profile. If you follow these tips, look forward to an increase in followers, engagement, and sales!


By Kim

My name is Kim Hanna. I am a college student at Monmouth University. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I like writing about current trends that have to do with social media and fashion.

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