How Eric Andre’s Instagram Is Wrong In All the Right Ways

When you think of a top-tier influencer, Eric Andre’s Instagram probably isn’t the first place you think of. The talk show host’s bizarre comedy style isn’t exactly Instagram’s aesthetic match.

Yet, with 1. 5 million followers, Eric Andre’s Instagram manages to significantly outnumber even top tier influencers. And he does so seemingly without any kind of planning or execution to his feed.

That seems impossible. Although he may be 100 million followers behind Taylor Swift, Eric Andre’s Instagram still has a healthy, active following.

What can Eric Andre’s Instagram tell us about breaking the rules? Let’s look at some of his posts to find out…

Eric Andre’s Instagram Isn’t Concerned with Image

People who make money off of Instagram spend hours of their day poring over whether a picture looks aesthetically right for their feed. Eric Andre couldn’t care less.

Eric Andre’s Instagram is a mish mash of colors, poses, and double posts. The comedian doesn’t play by the rules of Instagram. That’s part of his charm.

This double post of Eric Andre’s Trippie Redd Halloween costume breaks the cardinal rules of Instagram. Neither photo appears to have a filter. They were posted back to back, without any time for followers to wonder what’s next in between.

Remember when Instagram wasn’t a stream of carefully curated influencers? People miss that, and that’s what Eric Andre’s Instagram delivers in full. He posts what he wants, when he wants to. 

Eric Andre’s Bizarre Vacation Pictures

Eric Andre’s Instagram captures that unique feeling that makes the Eric Andre show successful. In a bizarre twist on parody, Eric Andre takes the formats people are most familiar with and makes them weird.

That makes everything more entertaining. Even if that is a vacation to Paris…

Eric Andre showed off his vacation on Instagram in a bizarre way that truly enveloped his personal brand. This shot from the Louvre shows his truly unique perspective…

This shot of him in front of the Mona Lisa focuses on Andre’s face rather than the painting. You might not even notice it was there if you weren’t paying attention, a trick Eric Andre employs often on his show.

A post from a trip to Manila is a little more conventional. But Andre still manages to cram some personality in there with his pose and captions.

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I’m becoming my father.

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Eric Andre’s vacation pictures take what we’d normally expect and turn our expectations on their heads. Instead of heavily edited and composed images, Eric Andre’s Instagram followers are never sure exactly what the wacky host is going to post next.

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Eric Andre’s Instagram Embraces Things As They Are

Something else that stands out about Erice Andre’s Instagram is the seeming lack of re-touch to his posts. The whole point of Instagram is making things look better, right?

Not in Eric Andre’s world. Instead, he again delivers what we least expect.

Eric Andre’s documenting of his “quinceanera” for his birthday shows exactly how the comedian delights in the uncomfortable. The pink of the dress is bright enough. The refusal to package it in an Instagram filter somehow makes it more effective.

The cake, aptly decorated with Andre’s face, is likewise far from the perfect Instagram shot.

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Everyone is invited now. Break down the doors

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

This travel shot, complete with a black mark down the middle, is so far outside the mark of “Instagram-worthy” it was almost brave of him to post it.

Yet the lack of re-touching brings a kind of confidence and genuineness to Eric Andre’s Instagram.

In an app where it could be argued that the appearance of genuineness is far more important than actual genuineness, Eric Andre’s Instagram is a refreshing respite.

Eric Andre’s Instagram followers are not being advertised to: they’re being treated like friends.

Eric Andre’s Instagram Shares The Spotlight

One of Eric Andre’s favorite things to do on Instagram is to share art by other creators. Whether it’s fan art or simply something that resonates, the comedian is always sharing the spotlight with one artist or another.

He was a fan of this watercolor by @britt.spencer. His caption doesn’t say anything about it – only a repost with credit to the artist.

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A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

He shared this post in celebration of Pride, showing his support for the LGBTQ community at the same time.

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A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

We can see why this emoji face was something he wanted to share! He even made it his profile picture.

By calling attention to others, Eric Andre’s Instagram uplifts other artists. He uses his platform for their exposure without making a big deal out of it. Sometimes less words is exactly what Instagram needs.

Eric Andre’s Instagram Takes Parody To the Next Level

Eric Andre runs a parody talk show. So did we really expect his Instagram not to be just as weird? Maybe even a little weirder…

Eric Andre is particularly known for his disjointed, often uncomfortable sense of humor. He brings that right to his Instagram page, often sharing art and photos that seem like they should have a home elsewehre on the Internet.

One of Andre’s favorites to share is Tim W (@tripwave204’s) faceswaps, which result in photos like “Rhiandre.” Tim W’s photos often feature swaps from the Eric Andre show.

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@tripwave204 does it again! Rhiandre

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Eric Andre’s photo with his mother in the same style outfit is charming and funny while being uncomfortable at the same time. Why do they look so similar, and yet so different?

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Drinking with mom 🍷 🍹 🍸✡️

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

His high school yearbook picture shows he’s always had a wacky sense of humor.

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#tbt my high school yearbook pic

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Fans of Eric Andre’s show get the same on Eric Andre’s Instagram. His weird jokes and comedic style are doubly portrayed through what he chooses to showcase there.

The consistency of his personality between his public and private persona helps followers feel close to him – he’s the same no matter the platform.

Eric Andre’s Instagram Has an Intellectual Side

Comedy is the best when it has a serious undertone. It would be easy to assume that Eric Andre’s Instagram, much like his show, has no backbone under its seedy exterior.

But because his career is so centered around the strange and unusual, when Eric Andre is serious, it holds heavy weight.

In this post, Andre stands up for trans rights. With no caption other than credit to the original artist, the image literally speaks for itself.

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A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Eric Andre’s summer reading material might surprise many people. They’re a little heavy.

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Just some light summer reading 📖

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

He uses some of his irreverent comedy skills in this post to call out slavery and bring attention to the face that he’s a black man.

He jokes about another serious matter in a post from the latest election.\]]]


These posts are how Eric Andre’s Instagram is saved from the outlandish caricature of himself he portrays on TV.

Eric Andre’s Instagram shows that Andre isn’t just out to wreak havoc on the world through comedy. He’s actually paying very close attention.

Eric Andre’s Genuineness Means More

When you build a brand out of performative weirdness, you surprise everyone by showing them your more serious moments. That’s exactly why Eric Andre’s Instagram is so effective in its more honest moments.

It’s the last thing we expect from him.

Particularly when he posts about his current (so far nameless) girlfriend, we know he must be extra serious to share without couching it in irony.

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Missing this one…. 💕

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

Here, Andre employs one of his rare uses of filters to celebrate a comedy weekend with colleagues in Chicago, including straight-man Hannibal Buress. The photos look artsy and cool, making them stand out.

Although he manages to sneak a joke into the caption of this photo from his childhood, Andre can’t erase the sentimentality of falling asleep on the couch.

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Me and Dad listening to Mom

A post shared by Eric Andre (@ericfuckingandre) on

These moments of genuineness on Eric Andre’s Instagram mean more precisely because they are so rare and unexpected. It feels almost like seeing a bit deeper into his soul.

Eric Andre is 100% Himself

In a constantly evolving Instagram landscape where people seem to be getting more similar, Eric Andre’s Instagram stands out as one that refuses to play by the rules.

He doesn’t use filters. There are many double posts. He’s crass, crude and straight-up weird.

But he still manages to usurp our expectations by displaying small moments of political awareness and intellect, or sweet, honest posts.

Eric Andre’s Instagram is living proof that the best path to success is simply being wholly & unapologetically yourself.

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By Victoria Hendersen

Victoria is an American expatriate currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she lived in Bordeaux, France before relocation to Russia's cultural capital. Victoria holds a BFA in Film and Media Studies from UC Irvine.

She works as a copywriter and translator. An experienced travel blogger and vlogger, her main drive in life is discovering the jewels of lesser traveled cities. You can keep up with her travels on Instagram at @village_witch.

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