How To Drive Traffic To Your Account With Instagram Quotes

With the visual feast available on Instagram, your posts need to stand out. Take your photos to the next level by creating a unique, strong caption.

But what makes Instagram quotes quotable?

Should it be witty? Inspirational? Funny? Should you be using hashtags? What will make your audience want to double tap and follow your account?

Engaging With Your Audience Through Instagram Quotes

Instagram isn’t only about compelling visuals. The caption of each post is just as important. It represents the voice of your brand and what you stand for.

Use this space to add depth to a photo, crack a joke, or encourage your followers to take action. All these make your content more relatable and shareable.

Don’t lose your opportunity to grow your account by skimping on captions!

What’s the point of captions?

Instagram’s algorithm tends to bump famous posts up on user’s feeds. A strong, compelling Instagram caption drives engagement with your audience. Attention-grabbing Instagram quotes are more likely to get likes, comments, and shares.

A good Instagram caption adds a story behind every photo. It should entertain your audience, entice them to take action, and showcase your brand’s personality. If your audience finds your captions engaging, then you’re on the right track.

We’ve come up with an easy-to-follow guide to crafting shareable Instagram captions. Are you ready? Here we go!

Crafting the Perfect Instagram Quotes

1. Know your followers.

Instagram is used by 1 billion users, in different ages and income brackets. When brainstorming a good caption, think about who they’re for. Tailor your captions so they hit the sweet spot. Ask the following questions:

  • Who are your followers?
  • What’s their age group?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their interests?
  • Why would they want to follow you?

As soon as you know who you want to engage, create an outline for your Instagram quotes:

  • Will they get this pun? Joke? Or reference?
  • Will using an emoji be appropriate?
  • What hashtags are best to use for this post?

2. Identify a consistent brand voice

Haven’t figured out your brand voice yet? Consider listing adjectives that describe your business, like “bold”, “encouraging”, “witty”. Use the right tone of voice to embody these adjectives.

Most Instagram users prefer a casual tone. Keep your Instagram captions light. Of course, you should also take your industry and audience into account.

Take a look at Playdoh’s Instagram account. This particular post is the perfect combination of pun and wit while showing off the brand’s unique voice.

3. Will emojis say it better?

Emojis can add personality to your caption. They are cute, fun, and can easily draw audience eye in. But don’t overdo it!

Consider replacing whole words with an emoji like how Starbucks emphasized that their new frap contains lots of berries.

Tip: Insert multiple emojis at the first line of your Instagram caption. This adds color to a usually bland white space, encouraging readers to read more.

4. Add a CTA

Ask and you shall receive. Adding a call-to-action entices your audience to like, comment, or engage on your posts. Encourage your followers to do something after reading your Instagram quotes.

  • Tell your followers to tag their friends.
  • Ask them to double tap
  • Encourage them to use your hashtag

Tip #1: When writing a call-to-action, use action words like “shop”, “discover”, “check out”, “go get ’em”. This prompts followers to do something instead of simply scrolling down.

This Forever21’s Instagram caption encourages their followers to take action by tagging them and using their hashtag. All for the chance to be featured!

Tip #2: Use call-to-action in your Instagram bio as well! Adding CTA to your profile is very effective in driving engagement. Ask yourself: what do you want your followers to do after visiting your account?

5. Keep it brief

If your post is already compelling enough, no need for long captions. Keep your caption short, sweet, and concise. Let your photo or video do the talking.

6. Pose a question

Ask a question to drive engagement in your post. Start a conversation with your followers. People are more prone to answering questions when you add them in your post.

For example, ask your followers what their plans are for the weekend. Everyone’s always so excited for the weekend, they can’t help but share!

7. Use Hashtags

Although they’re not mandatory, hashtags help… a lot! Hashtags provide you with a wide reach. With the right hashtag, Instagram users looking for content related to your brand can easily find you.

Don’t save hashtags at the end of your caption. Consider integrating them into your post.

Take a look at how Nintendo seamlessly integrated a hashtag into this caption. They added a short but useful info about their newest Go Vacation™ game.

8. Direct your audience to your Instagram bio

Clickable links aren’t allowed in Instagram quotes. That’s why you need to update and optimize your Instagram bio. Update your URL frequently to direct your readers towards a particular product or special offer. Round off your caption by adding “link in bio” to direct your readers.

Tip #1: Use a shortened URL so your Instagram bio won’t look cluttered. Additionally, add a UTM tracking code to easily monitor the traffic that came from IG.
Tip #2: One of the best Instagram bio ideas is adding a CTA to your profile. Ask your followers to follow the link. Let them know where to go to learn more about your business.

Now that your Instagram quotes are done, what about your Instagram Bio?

Those little blurbs at the top of your account may seem trivial, but they are ESSENTIAL.

It’s not enough to post a compelling visual and craft strong Instagram quotes. Your Instagram bio must make a great impression. So don’t slack off! After all, it’s the first thing that your followers see when they visit your profile.

Instagram bio has a 150 character limit so make the most out of it. Your Instagram bio should have:

  • Short but concise information about what your business does
  • Your value points. Think of words like “organic”, “free”, “eco-friendly”
  • Contact information
  • Call to action with a shortened URL

A strong, compelling bio explains what your brand does in a quirky and fun way. Show off your brand’s personality and encourage visitors to do something. A great bio can do wonders for your account.

So take your time in tweaking your profile. We’ve gathered a few Instagram bio ideas from the best.

Instagram Bio Ideas For Inspiration

Don’t be afraid to use emojis

These cute symbols are worth a thousand words. Take a look at Asos Instagram bio.

Look at how they used emoticons in place of words leaving their profile less cluttered. Each emoji also directs their followers to different accounts and pages.

ASOS uses used emoticons in place of words for their instagram bio

Insert line breaks

Sure, it may look like a to-do list but hey, that’s a good thing. This format provides small chunks of information at a time. Consider Asos bio once again and look at how they added breaks and spacing, highlighting the important info.

Unfortunately, web and mobile views may differ with this format. Does your audience use mobile more? If yes, prioritize the mobile view. However, make sure to check both on mobile and desktop to see if the format looks okay.

Advertise what makes you special

What’s your edge over your competitors?

Let your followers know about your unique skills and specializations. Let them know that you’re the best at something. If you’re looking for Instagram bio ideas, GoPro serves as a great example.

They introduced themselves as the official account. Then they proceeded to say that they make the world’s most versatile camera.

GoPro's Instagram bio says they make the world's most versatile camera

Add a tagline

This tells your followers exactly what your brand stands for- in as few words as possible.

Nike’s official Instagram bio account showcases their famous tagline, “Just Do It”. Short. Simple. On point.

Nike's famous tagline

Encourage engagement

Take Airbnb’s Instagram profile as an example. They are encouraging customers to share their stories and experiences. Want to book from their feed? Easy! Simply click the custom link they provided.

Airbnb's instagram bio encourages audience engagement

Call-to-action must not be limited to your Instagram quotes

Take a look at your goals for your account. Do you want people to buy your product? Like your page on Facebook? Or take some other action?

Be very clear in asking your audience what you need them to do. Most importantly, the call to action must be aligned with the link you listed in your Instagram bio.

Take a look at Delish‘ IG bio and how they seamlessly weaved together a CTA and their tagline. You can’t help but hit the link!

Delish's instagram bio seamlessly weaves together a CTA and their tagline

You’ve successfully driven traffic to your account, what now? How will your followers get in touch with you?

Include your contact information in your Instagram bio!

List your email address so they can directly connect with you.

Most importantly be humorous and witty. Whether it’s writing captions or finding compelling Instagram bio ideas, don’t be afraid to spice things up. Instagram is a lighthearted, fun, playful platform. Use this opportunity to inject a unique personality into your brand.

Know any witty, funny Instagram quotes and bio ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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