Spotlight On: G Eazy’s Instagram

G Eazy’s Instagram boasts 8.4 million followers. But who’s the man behind the photos and music?

The rapper, whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, first hit the music scene in 2014. He’s since had popular singles like “Me, Myself & I” and “No Limit.”

So what can you expect if you give this famous rapper a follow? Well, the creative guy is partial to posting pretty black and white photographs, when he’s not hanging around with his equally famous friends.

But here’s one important thing to know about G Eazy’s Instagram — it’s not very lengthy. Yep, one cursory glance at his feed would show that he hasn’t been posting for very long.

In fact, his posts only date back until October 2019! He often refreshes his page, giving it a new, fresh feel.

If you’re looking to give him a follow and get in on his social media strategy, we’re breaking down exactly what you get when you give G Eazy’s Instagram a follow.

Let’s dive right in:

G Eazy’s Instagram Includes Artsy Black And White Photos

Aside from being a talented rapper, G Eazy shows off his edgy side on Instagram with plenty of black and white photos.

The star shared this photo of himself on the streets in crisp black and white:

When it came time to add an option, it seems G Eazy took inspiration from a spooky dark holiday — Halloween! He wrote alongside the photo, “πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ”.

Since G Eazy’s Instagram only has photos from mid-October 2019, there are tons of photos in line with the festive holiday. They all give the same scary feel and Halloween vibe.

In keeping with the theme, he added another black and white photo with an equally creepy message.

This one was of G Eazy alongside an intimidating looking dog. It fit alongside the previous photo, and the rapper added a caption. It said, “Scary nights in the city πŸ¦‡πŸƒ”.

Sometimes he shares black and white snaps that show off his face. Like this one:

And this one also had a creepy message, as he captioned the brooding photograph, “Scary Nights 9PM PST”.

No, he’s not advertising a scary movie! G Eazy was actually hyping his latest album and sharing the release time with his fans via this cryptic post.

Next up, one of our favorite reasons to follow this talented musician.

Get Ready To See His Famous Friends

G Eazy has been on the music scene for five years now. That means the people he spends time with are equally successful — and famous! — musicians.

So who does this rapper count among his friends? Some pretty big names. And fortunately for us, G Eazy shares photos of them on his social media page.

First up? A double hitter, a photo of the star alongside two famous people.

Recognize those people? It’s none other than Miguel and the Game posing alongside G Eazy, who looks tough flipping off the camera in the shot.

The rapper captioned it, “Demons & Angels”.

Ready to see who else G Eazy considers a pal? And a close enough pal to shout him out on his birthday? The one and only Drake!

Check out this photo, which was in black and white on the star’s feed:

There’s G Eazy alongside Drake, seemingly deep in conversation. When it came time to add a caption, G Eazy wrote, “Happy bday 🐐 keep breaking records and inspiring us all”.

It’s pretty cool to get to see which stars he counts among his good pals. Though celebrity friendships aren’t usually public knowledge, by following G Eazy’s Instagram account you get a sneak peek into his personal life.

G Eazy’s Instagram Includes Lots Of Costumes

Since G Eazy’s Instagram has only been active since mid-October 2019, a lot of the posts include Halloween costumes. And many of these are very impressive getups!

First up, this incredible rendition of Jack Skellington that G Eazy wore:

Isn’t that an impressive costume? Alongside the amazing photo, G Eazy wrote, “This is Halloween… the pumpkin king πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ Jack Skellington πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€”.

Next up? G Eazy as the Joker. It’s an equally impressive outfit and makeup job:

You can barely even recognize the famous rapper under that disguise! The Joker was one of many costumes, and he captioned it with a single emoji: “πŸƒ”.

Another costume that G Eazy rocked this year? Edward Scissorhands! Ready to see the star transform into the famous movie character?

This one he also added a caption with emojis. There are pictures of scissors Β to give it an Edward Scissorhands vibe in the caption: “βœ‚οΈ βœ‚οΈ”.

And what would Halloween be without a classic costume? Instead of emulating characters in movies, he also dressed up as a vampire. Check out G Eazy’s take on the famous creepy creature:

This snap of the star in a dramatic ensemble included the caption, “So it begins”.

Finally, we have his most creative Halloween costume. Can you guess what it is?

Curious what this costume is supposed to be? Fortunately, G Eazy explained things in the caption. He wrote, “Rockabilly Frankenstein” to clarify exactly who he was decked out to be.

We always love seeing what celebrities dress up as on Halloween, so it was a treat to get to see not one, not two, but five different costumes on the rapper.

What’s The Bottom Line?

G Eazy’s Instagram is pretty unique. The rapper only has posts for the last few weeks, and it’s clear he’s trying to evoke a specific vibe when you reach his feed.

From artsy black and white photos taken in the spirit of Halloween to the photos alongside his very famous friends, following along G Eazy’s Instagram is a treat.

It’s clear why he’s amassed so many followers. Unlike a lot of celebrities who simply share selfies and photos of themselves in action, G Eazy’s photographs go a little deeper.

For those that are hoping to gain a following like this famous musician, but who aren’t exactly stellar rap stars, listen up! Upleap is offering you the chance to have your very own personal Instagram account manager here. Try it for free!

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