Spotlight On: Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram is a fun follow! The former professional boxer, who now works as a professional boxing promoter, won multiple world titles over the years and became one of the most famous fighters in the world.

Floyd made a name for himself as Fighter of the Year twice, once in 1998 and once in 2007. He also won the Best Fighter ESPY Award six different times over his career. But these days, his entertaining Instagram earns him even more fans.

Despite being thought of as the best defensive boxer in history, it’s what he posts on social media that makes news now. And we can totally see why. Even for those that aren’t fans of fighting, Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram is filled with fun posts.

So what exactly does the former athlete share on his social media? From his surprisingly stylish wardrobe choices to his crazy jewelry to his extravagant travels, there’s something for everyone on Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram.

Curious if you should join the millions of men and women that follow along with Floyd’s escapades? Don’t worry! We’re breaking down our favorite types of posts from the famous guy, so you can decide if it’s time to give him a follow.

Let’s dive right in:

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram Is Fashion-Filled

This might come as a surprise to some, but Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram includes some stellar fashion. 

One thing that’s very obvious to his followers? The athlete appreciates designer duds. He shows off his cool threads all the time in photos. So for those that love fancy fashion, his Instagram is a great follow.

First up? This insanely stylish Gucci poncho. Look how fresh this look is!

The former fighter donned the designer poncho with matching blue pants. And when it came time for accessories? He added another coordinating pop of color with a bright yellow hat and shoes.

He captioned this snap, “The Head Honcho in a Poncho.” And that sums it up perfectly.

Next up? A killer outfit from Louis Vuitton.

Check out this look from Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram. He wore the Luis Vuitton hooded jacket with an all black ensemble and flashy kicks. This just shows off the way he likes to experiment with fashion.

When it came time to add the caption he wrote something clever: “Not from Louisville but it look like I signed a Louis deal”.

The next cool look was also from the same designer — Louis Vuitton.

The famous fighter wore this look:

Can he be more stylish? We don’t think so. He topped an all black look with a white Louis Vuitton coat this time.

And the caption couldn’t be more fitting. He wrote alongside the photograph, “All I do is dress, flex and progress.”

Next up, Floyd tried out another designer — Versace.

Take a look at this ensemble:

Floyd posted a photo in this head-to-toe Versace getup. And when it came time to add the caption, he let people know he was buying ever more cool clothes.

“In Versace coppin’ more Versace.” Floyd captioned this one.

So if you like fabulous fashion, make sure to give Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram a follow.

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram Includes Killer Jewelry

If you’re a fan of excessive jewelry, Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram might be of interest to you. He loves to wear (and show off!) extravagant watches and jewels. Following him is like peeking into a high end jewelry store.

Just take a look at this photo for example:

Wondering exactly what you’re looking at? Floyd’s caption sheds a little light.

He wrote alongside this snap: “The timepiece is 41mm, so how many carats is the ring? @petermarco90210 & @jadellebh keep up the great work! Follow: @petermarco90210 @jadellebh“.

Next up? A watch we guarantee you’ve never seen before.

Unfortunately, Floyd didn’t add a caption to this photograph. So we don’t know any details about this crazy, diamond-encrusted watch.

Next up? A different jewelry item — bracelets. He showed off his stack of bracelets on Instagram.

Floyd wrote alongside this snap, “8 the hard way.” In the photo he’s rocking eight different spiked bracelets all decked out in diamonds for a splashy statement.

First we covered Floyd Mayweather’s fashion, and now we’ve showed you his jewelry. Whether you like designer duds or flashy jewels, you might want to give his Instagram a follow to check out his insane collection of both.

His Instagram Will Give You Travel Lust

If fancy clothes and jewelry aren’t your thing, maybe this next part of Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram will lure you in. The former fighter also spends a lot of time traveling the world. Lucky for his followers, he shares all the extravagant photos on Instagram.

If you’ve been hoping to take a journey or simply want to see other corners of the world, check out his posts. They cover some pretty fabulous places.

First up? A photo from his travels to Bali.

The fighter is posed in the middle of a waterfall in this snap. And he captioned this cool exotic photograph, “Immortal”.

Next up? A photo from his next elaborate trip in Fiji.

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram showed off his fabulous travels to Fiji. And he added in his caption, “Drinking a Fiji in Fiji 🇫🇯 I know this shit looks like a postcard, but what did you expect.”

Ready to see a different side of the world? Next up — Abu Dhabi.

Floyd Mayweather shared this artsy snap. And he added the simple caption, “Abu Dhabi”.

Another area of the world he showed off on his Instagram? Greece. He shared this photo from Athens on his feed:

This time Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram included a straightforward caption again. He wrote, “ACROPOLIS

As you can see, he spends time traveling the world and shares it all with his followers.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram is filled with plenty of entertaining content. From fashion to jewelry to luxurious travels, his social media has it all. And if you’ve been wondering if you should give him a follow, it’s time to hit that blue button.

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By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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