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How many brands do you know that have over 15 million followers on Instagram? Fashion Nova has used Instagram in brilliant ways. The brand has used the platform perfectly and built a huge following in the process.

So how did they do it? We’re breaking down Fashion Nova’s bustling Instagram business. From making Instagram users their models to working with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, Fashion Nova’s every move on Instagram is a study in how to use the platform.

Keep reading to learn more about this clothing company’s amazing social media strategy!

Fashion Nova’s Instagram Shines The Spotlight On Their Followers

A few years ago had you ever heard of Fashion Nova? Probably not. That’s because the brand has grown thanks to social media.

The people behind Fashion Nova’s Instagram embraced social media from the beginning. They used Instagram to help grow their brand awareness. What are most people on Instagram trying to do? Grow their following. So Fashion Nova encouraged their fans to post photos in their clothes and tag them.

They gave followers specific instructions on what to include in their captions. Like this example, where they included in the caption: “We want to feature you, too! Tag your post with @FashionNova #FashionNova so you can be featured like @yungmiami305!”

Fashion Nova’s Instagram doesn’t just tag the user who features them on their own profile. They make sure to call out their username. This makes fans feel extra special. They’re being seen by all of Fashion Nova’s Instagram’s followers.

The photo is one they specifically chose to share on their own platform, so they’re definitely comfortable with it being seen. So the fan will be happy to see their photo shared widely, and Fashion Nova has their clothes being shown off for free.

What Does This Do For Fashion Nova’s Instagram?

This is a win-win scenario. It provides them with free content for their social media, given to them by fans.

This also raises brand awareness, since fans are including the brand in their caption. That means all of the fan’s followers are also learning about Fashion Nova through the fan’s post. That’s more eyeballs seeing the name and the clothing, even if they don’t follow Fashion Nova’s Instagram themselves.

Finally, this method of social media benefits all of Fashion Nova’s followers at the same time. It gives their fans an opportunity to gain followers by being profiled on such a large platform. Fashion Nova’s Instagram boasts over 15 million followers. You never know how many people will see that post and then decide they’d like to follow that Instagram user as well.

What Can You Learn From This Practice?

If you’re starting up an Instagram account for your own business, take note! By encouraging fans of your brand to interact with you on social media, you’re only gaining free press. Then embrace those posts and share them with your own followers.

It’s a very simple, cost-free way to get your brand’s name out there. And it will make your users feel special when they are highlighted on your page.

Fashion Nova’s Instagram Is Diverse And Inclusive

In today’s world, being inclusive is key. Fashion Nova’s Instagram realizes that all different shapes and sizes can be beautiful.

The brand comes in a wide range of sizes, and unlike other brands, they feature plus size models and all shapes on their social media.

Fashion Nova’s Instagram is also diverse. They make sure to show models and followers of all races wearing their designs.

Another cool strategy Fashion Nova’s Instagram uses? Putting a photo of people with two different body types wearing the same piece. That’s helpful for shoppers, as it shows what the designs look like for different people.

Whether it’s a dress or jeans, it’s always nice to see an item of clothing on different body types.

Shopping online can be stressful, and this is one way to help out customers who are trying their best to envision what something might look like on their own body.

By making sure all kinds of body types and ethnicities are represented, Fashion Nova’s Instagram has done a great job at making everyone feel welcome. That’s likely why they’ve had so much success on social media.

Women everywhere can follow Fashion Nova’s Instagram and they’re bound to see someone close to their size, shape and skin color.

What Does This Mean For Your Instagram?

If you are starting up or running an Instagram for your business, take a page out of Fashion Nova’s Instagram’s book. Make sure you incorporate diversity and inclusivity so everyone feels welcome on your page.

Fashion Nova’s Instagram Includes Major Celebrities

Fashion Nova’s Instagram got started by aligning with huge celebrities like the Jenners and Kardashians. With huge names wearing the affordable brand, the label gained a massive amount of recognition. And after that came the followers.

Take Kylie Jenner for example, who sported some comfy clothes by the line in this mirror pic on Fashion Nova’s Instagram.

Or Khloe Kardashian, who rocked the jeans on their Instagram.

Even big sister Kourtney Kardashian and rapper Cardi B have been profiled in Fashion Nova fashions.

By embracing celebrities, Fashion Nova made their brand more aspirational. Everyone wants to feel like a star, and this was an affordable way to look like one!

What’s The Bottom Line?

From embracing their followers and interacting with them in genius ways to using celebrities to promote their designs, Fashion Nova’s Instagram is like a textbook for success on the platform.

Their business is thriving, and they seem to be making all the right moves. If you’re looking to increase your brand’s Instagram following or maybe just hoping to boost your own followers, look to their great ideas.

Make your followers feel special, included and welcome. That’s an easy recipe for success on social media.

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By Megan

Megan loves to write about all things celebrity, fashion and entertainment!

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