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Fashion Instagram has given millions of people plenty of outfit inspiration over the years. And with the popularity of Instagram continuing to increase, more and more fashion Instagrammers continue to pop up.

Whether they’re posting their outfit of the day or sharing a new clothing line, fashion Instagrammers post great content. Most often tag their clothes, so you can see where to buy the exact same look.

The best part? Once you find a fashion Instagram account that matches your personal style you’ll have plenty of outfit inspiration. And if they’re one of the accounts that shares where they purchased everything, you’ll have a brand new wardrobe in no time.

If you’re new to fashion Instagram, don’t worry. We’re rounding up some of the most popular accounts here. There’s sure to be one fashion Instagram star that strikes your fancy!

Fashion Instagram Star Chiara Ferragni

If you’re talking fashion Instagram, you’ve got to start with the original. Chiara Ferragni started her blog The Blonde Salad back in 2009.

Her Instagram presence has only grown since then. She currently boasts over 15.4 million followers! The fashionable blogger now has her own fashion empire, thanks to the power of fashion Instagram.

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Big Babol, am I right? 😂

A post shared by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on

Fans love both her casual and dressy style.

The fashion Instagram star often wears high fashion items and blends them in with more casual wear.

She also shares her fashion collabs. Chiara has been lucky enough to collaborate with some pretty major brands, like this one with Converse.

No matter what kind of outfit she posts, fans love seeing what Chiara is wearing.

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Fashion Instagram Star Arielle Charnas

You may not recognize the name Arielle Charnas at first. That’s because for years she went by the name of her blog on Instagram: Something Navy.

The fashion blog began in 2009, and Arielle has built a devoted fan base of 1 million followers on Instagram since then.

She recently changed her Instagram handle to her real name. That’s because her Something Navy account is dedicated to her very own fashion line.

Yep! Arielle’s success as a fashion blogger has translated into her own line at Nordstrom. That’s great news for her fans. If you love Arielle’s look, you’ll love the clothes she helped design for the department store.

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Full November look 🧣

A post shared by Something Navy (@somethingnavy) on

But don’t worry, she’s not just wearing her own designs. The fashion Instagram star made a name for herself by piecing together unique pieces and donning designer duds.

And if you have any little ones, you’ll love Arielle’s feed. She’s mom to two darling daughters, Ruby and Esme. The girls have their own Instagram account with more than 80,000 followers.

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Sister, Sister 👭

A post shared by Ruby Lou and Esme Rae (@rubyandesme) on

Arielle doesn’t only share sweet pictures of the sisters. She also shares where her daughters’ outfits come from on that account.

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Fashion Instagram Gabi Gregg

We all know fashion isn’t one size fits all. Instagrammer Gabi Gregg is the perfect answer to those looking for more than tiny-sized fashion.

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Jester, but make it fashion👩🏽‍🎤🌵

A post shared by Gabi (@gabifresh) on

The self-proclaimed “OG fat girl” has a following of more than 657,000 fans. They follow to see all of her chic outfits.

And the fashion Instagram star doesn’t shy away from bikini pics.

Gabi found so much success on social media, she co-founded her own plus-size clothing brand! serves sizes 12 to 30. And she’s done a lingerie collection with Playful Promises and a swimwear collection with Swimsuits For All.

Fashion Instagram Star Leandra Cohen

Leandra Cohen is best known for her blog Man Repeller, one of the first major fashion Instagram stars. Her main concept? To embrace clothes that most men wouldn’t be fans of, like funky high fashion pieces.

She built a huge following — her blog’s Instagram has over 2 million followers, while she has 748,000. Many women also wanted to embrace clothes than men don’t particularly fawn over. (Think belted cardigans and shoulder pads.)

Leandra offers a different take on fashion. She often layers multiple items for a totally unusual look.

You’re guaranteed to see some real thinking outside the box on Leandra’s feed. That’s what sets her apart from the rest!

Fashion Instagram Star Danielle Bernstein

With nearly two million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say people like Danielle Bernstein’s style. Her account, under the Instagram handle @weworewhat, serves up tons of fashion inspiration.

She started her fashion blog as a sophomore in college, by the same name as her Instagram handle. And quickly became one of the first bloggers to turn blogging into a career.

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Accidentally on purpose 💙

A post shared by Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) on

Danielle describes her style as “minimal and clean,” and her followers connect with that fashion sense.

Like many other fashion Instagram stars, she’s launched her own lines. She also dealt with controversy when followers discovered she was photoshopping her pictures to make herself thinner.

Despite the drama, she’s still one of the best known fashion Instagram bloggers.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Fashion Instagram is filled with plenty of style inspiration for everyone. And you don’t have to follow the well known bloggers.

If you dig around it’s guaranteed you’ll find someone that strikes your fashion fancy. Just check out the #fashion hashtag on Instagram and start browsing!

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