You’ll find detailed answers to all of your questions regarding Famoid in this Famoid review, including:

  • Is Famoid a safe choice?
  • How does Famoid work?
  • Is there a disadvantage to using this tool?
  • Should you take a chance on it?

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Famoid is one of those Instagram growth services that have been around for a while and have accumulated a substantial user base, so you’d think they must be doing something right. We’ll discuss it all below, so keep on reading!

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Now, if you’re dying to find out the truth about Famoid, dig in!

Famoid – A quick preview

Take a look at all the yays and nays of Famoid and consider them carefully before coming to a conclusion about this service. Which column wins?

Secure websiteNo free trial
Safe payment options, including PayPalMixes fake followers with real ones
Sells some real followersRemoved from Trustpilot

What is Famoid?

A screenshot depicting Famoid’s homepage.

Famoid has been active since 2017 and, unsurprisingly, claims to be one of the best in the game.

It is without a doubt one of the largest follower suppliers on the market, we can’t question that. We can, however, question the quality of the service.

Is Famoid truly excellent as it claims, or is it only a marketing ploy with false promises? That’s what we’re here to discover. 

Before getting into these details, we want to explain how it all works so you know in case you decide to give it a shot. 

How does Famoid work?

Famoid is a company that sells engagement on the four most popular social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

We’ll talk about Instagram as it is our main focus. 

The process of using Famoid is rather simple: you pick a package, pay for it, and wait.

But here’s the catch – when you choose a bundle you want to buy, before checkout, you’re required to leave the following info:

  • Your Instagram username – totally legit
  • Your email address – kind of unnecessary, but still alright
  • Your phone number – why?

Famoid doesn’t need anything more than your Instagram handle. Although they don’t ask for your password, we don’t like the fact you have to provide them with your private phone number. 

There is absolutely no need for this so it made us wonder if Famoid is perhaps up to no good…

If you decide to proceed, you can pay with a credit card, debit card, or via PayPal and Skrill.

Famoid Instagram service

When it comes to Instagram, Famoid sells a lot of features, so let’s inspect them one by one:

Instagram followers

A screenshot of the four smallest followers packages available on Famoid.

Famoid offers you to buy from 100 to 50K followers, and with each package, you get the same besides the number of followers. 

All of them promise premium quality followers, gradual delivery, and 24/7 customer support. 

If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the promise of instant delivery and no mention of a drip-feed method. This is an issue if you buy one of the larger deals.

Consider this – you order 10K followers from Famoid and they all arrive within a few minutes after purchase. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’ve purchased them, let alone an advanced algorithm that Instagram uses to detect suspicious activities.

So, if you’re going to buy followers from Famoid, our advice is to get no more than 1,000 of them at once. 

Instant delivery is problematic, but there’s another issue we have to address and that is bot followers. Although Famoid promises only real followers, it turns out that they in fact sell followers of mixed quality. 

This means that you will get a bunch of real accounts, but you will also, unavoidably, get fakes too. And this is where the real trouble begins with Instagram.

Instagram likes & auto likes

To be honest, the function of purchasing likes isn’t half bad.

You pay for a particular number of likes, and you receive just that. They offer from 100 to 25K likes and they are reasonably priced. For instance, 100 likes are only 2 USD, while the largest package goes for $169. They don’t say, though, whether you can split them between posts. 

However, we would suggest that you go with the smaller packages. Getting too many likes all at once isn’t a good idea, so pick a package that appears as natural as possible.

The automatic likes package is a good option if you want to buy likes. You can count on receiving likes for each new upload if you use the automatic likes. Until you’ve used up all of your purchased likes, the tool will automatically like your posts.

Other features

Besides the ones we mentioned so far, Famoid offers Instagram views and reels views and likes. 

We’re not a fan of regular views, but reels are very popular now, so perhaps it couldn’t hurt to get you some of that if you’re into these IG videos. 

Free trial – where is it?

At one point, there was a chance to try out this service for free, but we can’t seem to find their free trial anymore. 

We found one review from a year ago or so that mentions a free trial that included two packages:

  • Famoid free followers – you get 25 followers
  • Famoid free likes – you get 50 likes

It’s a shame they don’t offer this trial anymore because it was a great opportunity to not only test the service, but also to show potential customers they have faith in their product. 

Customer reviews

Probably the most surprising part of our research of this service was realizing the conflicting nature of customer reviews.

Let us elaborate:

If you visit Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Scamadviser (the most reputable review sites), you’ll find completely different things. 
For instance, Famoid was removed from Trustpilot. They consider this company a bad fit, and this usually happens when the company in question is buying fake reviews.

A picture showing Famoid’s Trustpilot page.

On the other hand, if you go to Famoid’s Sitejabber page, you’ll find more than a thousand Famoid reviews, with an excellent average score (4.83 out of 5). 

Most of the reviews speak highly of this company, but there are some unsatisfied customers, too. Although they make a small percentage, there are 50 negative reviews that we can’t ignore.

A screenshot of the top critical and top positive review of Famoid on

All of the negative reviews agree on one thing: 

After a while, followers purchased via Famoid start to drop.

This is alarming as it is a sign that the company sells fake followers, probably mixed in with the real ones. 

As for Scamadviser, we checked it out too. However, it wasn’t particularly helpful in this case as it has only one available review that gave it a Trustscore of 100%. 

Is Famoid legit?

Famoid is a legit service – we have no reason to suspect otherwise. There are a few things we don’t like, though. 

Let’s start with the good sides of this service. For starters, it has a secure website and verified payment gateways, and they accept PayPal payments. 

However, we don’t appreciate that they ask for your personal info. 

While they don’t want to know your password, they need your phone number, which makes even less sense. 

Honestly, we’re not happy to give away private info to a company that has no business asking for it in the first place. However, we didn’t find a single review that says Famoid misused their data, so who knows. We’re still on the fence about it, though. 

All this poses another question – Is Famoid safe? 

The fact that they require your number combined with the very real chance of receiving fake followers is a recipe for disaster. 

Although you will get real followers from Famoid, we can’t overlook the fake ones since they could seriously jeopardize your account. 

Add insult to injury, they offer only instant delivery, which is acceptable with smaller bundles only. 

So, answering this question is not that easy. We wouldn’t go so far as to say that Famoid is a scam, far from it. There is no evidence that would support this claim. 

That being said, we’re having trouble justifying a claim that it’s 100% safe since let’s face it, it isn’t. 

There is some risk involved, but it’s not enough to urge you to stay away from Famoid.


Is Famoid, as they proudly say, one of the best services?

It’s arguable, to be sure.

It will get you some engagement, but there’s also a chance, albeit a small one, it could harm your account.
Before you spend money on this service, think about it carefully. Is it really worth it?

By Dejan

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