Ways to Figure Out “Who Unfollowed Me?” On Instagram

At one time or another, we’re sure you’ve wondered who unfollowed me on Instagram?

We definitely have!

Ugh, don’t you just HATE those mornings when you wake up to see you randomly lost 20 followers overnight? 

You want to know what gives, but the Instagram app doesn’t tell you who unfollows you.

Unlike other social media platforms, such as Twitter, you can’t simply scroll through your followers to see who is following you back.

While Instagram itself isn’t going to be much help, there are ways of answering the age-old question who unfollowed me on Instagram?

This guy holding his phone is probably wondering, who unfollowed me on Instagram?
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Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram: Manuel Check

There’s a very basic (and very time consuming) way of conducting an unfollow check.

If you keep a close eye on your follower count and notice your number dropping, you can go into your “Following” list and check for specific users. 

While this might be an okay way of seeing if certain people are following you back, it’s a pretty unmanageable strategy if you have more than a few hundred followers.

For most users, follower counts fluctuate daily, so rather than wasting your time searching usernames like a crazy stalker, we recommend trying an unfollow tracker.

Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram: Helpful Apps

It’s important to note Instagram, for privacy reasons, has serious restrictions concerning its API (application program interface).

What does that mean?

Well, many third-party apps that do unfollow checks have trouble working in conjunction with Instagram. 

Maybe you’ve tried an unfollow tracker in the past, but it didn’t work.

That could have been because Instagram limits access to users’s followers.

Don’t throw your hands up quite yet.

Some third-party apps work and can answer your burning question, who unfollowed me on Instagram?

Follow Meter For Instagram

For an app that gives you awesome insights about your Instagram popularity, secret admirers, ghost followers and—of course—unfollowers, we recommend Follow Meter.

Available on both iOS and Android, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account before you can check out the unfollow analytics.

Once you do, your unfollowers (and new followers) will appear right on the dashboard. You can also see users who aren’t following you back (and vice versa).

Followers Tracker Pro

We love Followers Tracker Pro because it’s free to download and easy to start using right away.

This app is pretty simple, but it still has all the unfollow analytics you could want.

All you need to do is click on the “Lost Followers” tab to see users who aren’t following you back.

Available on iOS only and updated regularly to stay ahead of Instagram’s API restrictions, you can also check out your ghost followers, track your average likes per post and more.

This guy holding his phone is probably wondering, who unfollowed me on Instagram?
Image Credit: Unsplash

Follow Cop

Similar to the Followers Tracker Pro app, this next app is for Anroid users.

Follow Cop shows you users who recently unfollowed you as well as users who don’t follow you back, top likers and more.

Because the app only shows you who unfollowed you most recently, you’ll want to check in with the app regularly.
But, that still beats manually checking for who unfollowed you!

We also love Follow Cop’s filter feature which helps you weed out fake followers.

Is It Normal To Want To Know The People?

Feeling bummed when you see someone (or a lot of someones) have unfollowed you is totally normal.

You put a lot of time and energy into your Instagram, and when people unfollow you, it can be hard not to take that personally. 

For businesses and influencers, retaining followers is extremely important since that’s how they earn a paycheck.

All that being said, it’s important to have some perspective.

If unfollows affect how you feel IRL (in real life), you might have an Instagram addiction.

And, while we understand the desire to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, don’t pursue the answers at the expense of your mental health.

This guy holding his phone is probably wondering, who unfollowed me on Instagram?
Image Credit: Unsplash


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How To Stop People Unfollowing You On Instagram

The number one way to stop people unfollowing you on Instagram is to cultivate a dedicated follower base.

And, create awesome content, OBV.

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