Establishing Brand Presence Through Instagram Aesthetic

Instagram is a wonderful visual platform. Itโ€™s a place where people can share and discover new products and brands.

According to research, engagement is 10x higher on Instagram than Facebook. Plus, it gets 54x more engagement than Pinterest and 84x than Twitter.

With that said, a strong online presence on Instagram is a must. Creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic is one of the best strategies.

coffee bean instagram aesthetic

It’ll help you attract more audience and drive engagement. But building brand presence through Instagram aesthetic is challenging.

We’re here to cover the basics in creating a cohesive brand feed.

What The Heck Is Instagram Aesthetic?

It’s the certain look or feel of a series of images on your feed. Your content must be cohesive and work well together. They must complement each other in terms of color, tone, or story.

soft pastel instagram feed

Why is Instagram aesthetic important?

A curated feed is one of the key strategies to grow your account. Build your brand’s presence through your unique style.

Your audience is using Instagram to search for brands and businesses. That means, your account must stand out. Nailing your Instagram aesthetic leads to:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lasting online relationships with your target audience
  • Long-term organic growth

Your Instagram feed is what your audience will see when they visit your account. So put your best foot forward.

In this case, curate your best content. The users must like what they see so much that they’ll hit the follow button.

What Content Should You Post?

Before you can create a cohesive aesthetic, first you must know what to post. Creating content on a whim will result in uninspired posts. You might end up posting photos or videos that donโ€™t align with your brand.

To help you get started, here are a few ideas.

1. Showcase Your Brand Identity

Before setting up an aesthetic, you must first determine your brand identity.

  • What is the personality and tone of your brand?
  • Do you want a professional tone?
  • Is your brand playful?
  • Bold and adventurous?

Your Instagram aesthetic must reflect what your brand stands for. This creates uniformity. More importantly, your audience can easily identify your content.

Avoid posting content that isn’t in line with your identity. This leads to disconnection and confusion.

Take a look at Taco Bell‘s Instagram feed. Their new slogan is “Live Mas” which means to live more. So you’ll expect tacos, vibrant colors, and eye-catching visuals.

View this post on Instagram

With the best. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

A post shared by Taco Bell (@tacobell) on

They successfully injected fun and vivacity into their aesthetic. Users are more inclined to like, comment, or share!

2. Introduce Your Brand Values

Let your audience know that there’s a real person behind your brand. Use Instagram to share your brand values. Give your audience a reason to follow your account.

Take Everlane as an example. They seamlessly incorporate their brand value into their Instagram aesthetic.

Quoting from their mission and vision, “Our way: Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency.” And that’s exactly what they are doing.

Tip: Entice your audience to follow you because they share your values. This creates a healthy online community. One that is willing to engage.

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3. Determine Your Target Audience

Before deciding on an Instagram aesthetic, you must first know your market. Your content is meant to attract customers. Your goal is to drive engagement.

To do this, get to know your audience.

  • Determine your market’s age group
  • What do they love about your brand?
  • Are they into fun and vibrant content?
  • What products and services do they like?

Use this information to curate your Instagram feed. However, don’t compromise your brand identity and values.

Check out GoPro‘s Instagram aesthetic. Their content is full of adventure and action. Exactly what their target audience expects from them.

GoPro instagram aesthetic sample

Their feed focus on fun and unique moments. It drives the audience to document their own exploits.

4. Create a Story

Connect more intimately with your audience. Don’t just sell them products and services. Instagram is an excellent platform to show the human side of your brand.

Your content must all work together to tell a compelling story. Create a narrative that is in line with your brand identity. Doing so will make your brand more relatable.

Take a look at Nike. Their world famous “Just Do It” tagline plays a huge role in their Instagram aesthetic. Their content showcases their brand identity well.

The post above is a wonderful example. It inspires the audience to go for their dreams. If you want to achieve your goals, wear their brand.

You now have an idea of what content you should post. So how do you make individual post work together?

Basic Tips For Curating A Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

The next step is to tie everything together.

To create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, you need to plan it. Your feed must reflect your brand style, vision, and identity. Between your website and Instagram profile, your branding must be consistent.

Here are a few strategies:

Determine The Look And Feel Of Your Feed

Do you want to have a bright and airy feed? Or do you prefer a dark and moody aesthetic?

Tip: Take the time to look at other brands’ feed as well. Learn how they are incorporating their products and services into their content.

See what look and feel will best represent your brand. Take into account these factors:

  • What your products and services are
  • Where you’ll be shooting

Look at Barefoot Barista‘s Instagram aesthetic. They have a dark and moody theme going which suits their brand.

dark and moody instagram feed

The shots are mostly taken indoors. Plus, they beautifully showcase their food and coffee.

Create a Mood Board

Get your creative juice flowing. Gather inspiration from apps like Pinterest. Look for color combinations, patterns, textures, or quotes that best represent your brand.

This will help you in visualizing your feed. You’ll know what aesthetic to aim for, making editing a breeze.

Layers clothing Mood board

Choose a Color Scheme

There’s a quick hack to create a cohesive Instagram aesthetic. It’s to use one filter throughout your feed. Doing so will result in a more consistent visual.

Look at Happy Grey Lucky‘s Instagram aesthetic. Users can quickly see the recurring themes and color schemes in their content.

happy grey lucky uses similar themes throughout their instagram feed

Most of their photos have whites, greys, and muted colors for a cohesive look.

Note: Using a consistent color theme allows users to quickly recognize your content from their feed. This helps establish your brand presence.

You can also use a high-quality editing software. Lightroom is one of the best options. It has a lot of powerful editing tools. Plus, it has ready-made Lightroom presets!

Dirty Boots and Messy Hair‘s feed is a wonderful example of using Lightroom presets. This results in photos having similar tones.

dirty boots and messy hair lightroom preset

Arrange Your Content To Create A Sense Of Balance

To have a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, all photos must work together. This means they must look good next to each other.

Your main goal should be to create a depth of field. The photos must flow without interruption. Here’s how to do it:

  • Busy photos must be placed next to clean, minimal photos
  • Space your content based on subject, background, or color.

Tip: Avoid posting similar concepts twice or thrice in a row.

Another option to achieve a killer Instagram aesthetic is to use grid formats.

Square: This is an easy and simple format. You simply need to use the same filter or edit your photos the same way throughout.

perfect bar instagram aesthetic square grid

Diagonal: Create a consistent look by placing similar photos diagonally. Take a look at GC Paris‘ Instagram feed. They place content featuring footwear at a diagonal order.

GC Paris diagonal grid instagram aesthetic

To achieve this, you should either choose a type of photo or a color scheme. Rearrange your photos.

Tiles: Use each square on your feed as a tile. The easiest way to achieve this is to post a photo and a quote, alternately.

Don’t limit yourself to only using quotes! Look at how The Beauty Chef uses the tiles grid to create a minimalist Instagram aesthetic.

Tip: You can use a minimalist graphic. Or you can post a statistic that relates to your brand.

Borders: This grid format puts your content on center stage. Perfect for creating an Instagram aesthetic that is both unique and eye-catching.

canary grey's border grid instagram aesthetic

Plan Your Feed

Creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic helps establish your brand presence. Randomly posting content is a huge no-no!

Take your time and plan ahead. Think of a photo or video’s impact and how it works with your other content.

  • Post high-quality images or videos
  • Weave your brand story or identity into each post
  • Keep the right balance on your feed

Tip: Use a visual Instagram planner to help you plan and schedule posts. These apps allow you to drag and drop photos. You can also rearrange them to see how they look as a whole.

Don’t Neglect Your Instagram Aesthetic In Stories

Further establish your brand presence with IG Stories. This feature is growing in popularity. In fact, more and more brands are using stories to reach out to their audience.

With that said, take your Stories seriously. Consider giving your Instagram Stories the same look and feel as your feed.

This will help build your brand, making it easily recognizable by users. Take a look at JCrew’s Instagram feed and Stories.

JCrew instagram aesthetic sample

JCrew Stories instagram aesthetic

They use similar tones for their photos. Additionally, they use high-quality images for their Stories. As a result, it creates a compelling campaign that users won’t simply swipe past.

Instagram aesthetic isn’t only about creating a cute, fun feed. It also helps establish your unique brand identity. This, in turn, drives your brand presence forward, making it easily recognizable.

Take these basic ideas and start curating your feed.

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