Easy Ways to Earn More Instagram Likes on Your Posts

Itching for more Instagram likes?

You’re not alone.

Instagram is currently the most prominent photo and video-sharing networks in the world. Users on IG happily share an average of 95 million videos and photos each day.

If that stat isn’t enough to get your slavering over Instagram’s potential – how about the fact that IG images get around 23% more engagement than the posts on Facebook?

Simply put, Instagram has a thriving network of potential fans for you to tap into, and those people are ready to make genuine connections too!

It’s no wonder that eMarketer predicted the social channel would see revenue of $10.87 billion by this time next year!

Of course, if you want to be one of the people slicing off a piece of that delicious profit pie, then you need to do more than post pictures on a daily basis. The most successful ‘grammers also know how to engage their audience and cultivate Instagram likes.

Why Instagram Likes Should Matter to You

Just like many other social media platforms, the “Like” is a button on Instagram that allows users to show their appreciation of a post.

Likes appear as hearts on your content, like so:

Screenshot of Instagram likes on the @CocaCola page

People hit the IG “Like” button an average of 4.2 billion times a day.

That’s an impressive number – but you’re probably wondering why it should matter to you.

In simple terms, Instagram Likes matter because they’re evidence that you’re engaging with your target market. People aren’t just passively consuming your content; they’re actively engaging with what you share. When that happens, you have more opportunities to make a sale.

Additionally, Instagram’s latest algorithm considers engagement to be the most critical metric in measuring post popularity. The more likes and comments on a post, the more IG will take you seriously. In other words, more Instagram likes = more social cred.

Now you know why Likes are essential, let’s examine how you can get some more of them.

1.     Share Content Your Followers Will Love

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” before. That concept doesn’t apply exclusively to your blog posts. Your social media campaigns also need exceptional content if they’re going to earn the love of your followers.

If you’ve been an IG icon for a while, look back over your previous posts and analyse them. Instagram Insights will give you an overview of the content with the highest engagement levels.

One reason to get an Instagram business profile is to have access to analytics.

If you’re new to ‘gramming and gaining followers, then just stick to the basics. For instance:

  • Show your human side: Pictures of people increase your odds of Instagram likes by around 38%.
  • Choose the right filters: Instagram gives you plenty of ways to make your content stand out with filters. Studies from Track Maven suggest that the best interactions come from using the “Mayfair”
  • Choose the right colours: Focusing on a single colour in your images increases your chances of a like by 17%. Additionally, blue photos get a 24% higher like rate than red ones.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your content, just look out for #Trending hashtags that are relevant to your audience and use them as inspiration. You can also search for additional ways to spruce up your content by using “Focus” to blur background images, “Boomerang” to create video loops, and more.

2.     Create Killer Captions and Ask for Instagram Likes

Want more Instagram likes?

Why not ask for them?

One study found that tweets were more likely to be “retweeted” when people asked their viewers to engage. It makes sense that the same rule would apply to IG content too. Foundr is a great example of a company that’s earned some serious love for their posts by simply asking people to “double tap” if they agree with a quote:

View this post on Instagram

Double tap if you agree!

A post shared by Foundr Magazine (@foundr) on

Foundr’s simple approach to IG content has helped them gain more than a million followers. Of course, there are other ways you can kick-start your captions too. For instance:

  • Use relevant hashtags to make your content stand out: Remember to use a combination of popular and branded hashtags to elevate your posts.
  • Drive engagement by asking questions in your captions: Starting a conversion increases your chances of getting Instagram Likes.
  • Show your personality: Have a bit of fun with your captions and your followers will be more likely to respond.

3.     Tag Your Location for Extra Instagram Likes

Hashtags aren’t the only relevant “tag” in a strategy to get more Instagram Likes.

Did you know that posts with a location tag get 79% more engagement than their counterparts?

Tagging your location puts your business on the map, and gives you access to a community of dedicated people looking for influencers or brands just like you. Often, when someone’s looking for a restaurant or a place to visit on IG, they start by looking for a location, rather than a particular brand name.

Screenshot of the #NewYork Instagram hashtag page

To tag your location, all you need to do is:

  • Tap add location when creating your content
  • Search for the area you want to tag
  • Tap the place and post the video

Proper tagging improves your chances of generating interest from the right target audience, and it gives you a great way to get onto the Instagram Explore page too. Since the Explore page is one of the biggest sources of new followers for your brand, it’s worth finding a way to hack it.

Even if you’re not looking for love from a specific local audience, location tagging gives you another valuable way to build a community around your brand.

4.     Post Consistently and Reshare on Other Networks

Posting the right content is only one part of the equation when it comes to getting Instagram Likes.

You also need to make sure you’re publishing photos at the right times, and with the correct frequency too.

Consistent posting on Instagram is essential because it helps people to know what they should expect from you or your brand. When you want your fans to be engaged by the things you share, it’s rarely a good idea to sporadically share pictures once every couple of months.

Consistency also establishes you as a credible professional who devotes significant time and attention to building the right social presence.

Before you decide that you’re going to post a new picture once a week on a Wednesday, it’s worth looking into the best times to post for Instagram Likes. Interestingly, your niche can affect the day that delivers the most engagement for you. For instance, most Tech companies get the best results between 10 am and 5 pm on a Friday, while Educational companies get more interaction between 11 am and 4 pm.

You can find the schedule that works for you by:

  • Analyzing your competitors and finding out what works for them.
  • Testing different times and recording your results
  • Checking your Instagram Insights

Once you’ve found the time and frequency that’s best for your business, remember to share your content outside of Instagram too. Re-share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to drive additional engagement to each photo.

5.     Run a #LikeToWin Contest

While buying Instagram Likes isn’t always a good idea (we’ll come back to this later) that doesn’t mean you can’t casually bribe your followers.

Like to Win contests are an easy-to-implement way of driving Instagram engagement. To run a #LikeToWin campaign, all you need to do is post an image or video on Instagram and ask your fans to like the image for a chance to win whatever you’ve taken a picture of. You can also add the #LiketoWin hashtag to make your content easier to find.

For an even more significant boost to your contests consider:

  • Asking people to both like the content, follow you on Instagram and tag their friends in the comments to improve your social reach. This way, you don’t just get Instagram Likes, you also get various other forms of value.
  • Putting a timer on the campaign: Make sure that your customers don’t have forever to enter your contest. Make it clear that they only have so long to get involved. This will stop you from having to tally up too many entries, and it will give you access to the driving phenomenon of “FOMO” (fear of missing out).
  • Team up with partners and influencers: Help to spread your content across more of the IG landscape by teaming up with another company or influencer. For instance, check out the campaign by @BraveFoods and @LifeBoxFoodCo below. By working together, both companies got more attention from their audience:

View this post on Instagram

|| BE FEARLESS || Why not show off your daredevil side and snack yourself HAP – PEA by entering this week’s competition with @bravefoods (they make the most incredible crunchy roast peas – a serious fave in the LB office!) THE PRIZES: • 3 x Boxes of @bravefoods delish peas (that’s 1 of each flavour – SEA SALT / PAPRIKA CHILLI / GARLIC + CHIVE • 1 x July Lifebox of your choice + a July Lifebox “Little One” TO WIN: • FOLLOW @bravefoods @lifeboxfoodco + like this pic • TAG your three most fearless bad ass pals in the comments below who deserve to share your prize! Entries close at midnight on Sunday 15th July. Open to U.K. residents only. GOOD LUCK BRAVE WARRIORS 💪🏻

A post shared by LifeBox (@lifeboxfoodco) on

6.     Give Instagram Likes to Get Them Back

Finally, if you’re on the hunt for Instagram likes, it’s a good idea to practice what you preach.

Digital marketing influencer Neil Patel liked photos of people he wasn’t following on social media. After a while, Patel discovered that every 100 likes he gave out led to 21.7 likes back, and 6.1 follows.

The ratio here isn’t perfect, but if you’re hungry for engagement, liking other people’s posts could be a great way to ramp up your efforts.

Your best bet is to like as many “relevant” posts as possible.

Look for content from people who you’d like to follow you, including Instagram influencers and other brands. You can also go to the pages of people on your follower list, and like some of the posts, they’ve engaged with from their friends.

Part of being successful on Instagram is simply engaging with your community.

Time to Get More Instagram Likes

It’s hard to deny the fact that Instagram likes are crucial to social success.

People are so obsessed with getting engagement, that some will even buy their Instagram Likes to speed the process up.

Unfortunately, while a lot of engagement is valuable, it’s only productive for your business if you’ve achieved those likes organically. Buying your likes puts you at risk of deactivation if Instagram finds out you’re breaking the rules. What’s more, purchased likes don’t lead to long-term engagement or growth.

If you want to get more Instagram likes fast, and you don’t have time for the strategies above, there’s another option. Contact Upleap! We’ll help you to get more likes, engagement and ROI in no time, by providing you with your very own Instagram account manager.

Intrigued? Find out more today!

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