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Even if you’re not familiar with the world of MMA fighting, you’ve heard the name Conor McGregor. The young mixed martial artist and boxer is a superstar in the sports world. And Conor McGregor’s Instagram boasts over 32 million followers!

The athlete hit the MMA scene back in 2008, and by 2012 he won the Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Championships. He later picked up the fastest victory in UFC title fight history in 2015. And in 2017 he got involved in professional boxing. This made him an even bigger name.

Curious what type of posts Conor McGregor’s Instagram includes? There’s something for everyone, including those who don’t follow MMA and boxing. We’re breaking down our favorite types of posts Conor McGregor’s Instagram shares, and explaining why you should hit that blue follow button!

Let’s take a look:

Conor McGregor’s Instagram Includes His Family Life

He’s not just a ruthless fighter, he’s a family man. Conor McGregor’s Instagram gives his fans a glimpse into his adorable home life.

The star has been in a committed relationship with girlfriend Dee Devlin since back in 2008. He shares photos alongside his other half often.

Like this sweet picture with his arm around Dee:

The fighter sweetly captioned this photograph, “True friends and true love ❤️”. Aw!

The happy couple who’ve been together over a decade now share two children together. Son Conor was born in 2017 and daughter Croia was born in 2019.

Check out this happy family:

The caption Conor added to this adorable family photograph? The star wrote, “Family holiday ❤️ #Godbless” alongside this perfect picture.

But it’s not just family snaps you’ll see on Conor McGregor’s Instagram. He also posts plenty of proof of his busy #dadlife!

You’ll See Conor On Daddy Duty

Conor McGregor’s Instagram includes plenty of photos showing off his dad skills. And for many fans, this is a fun side of the star to see.

Here is the famous athlete getting down on the ground to play with his little ones. And he also spends plenty of one-on-one time with the tots.

Check out this sweet pic alongside his youngest child, daughter Croia.

The fighter can be seen giving his daughter a kiss on the cheek in the sweet snap. He captioned it, “So good to be home!
Day out with family in Howth, Ireland 🇮🇪”.

But don’t feel bad for his oldest son, who was left out of this cute photograph. He gets plenty of quality time with his famous papa. Just take this next photo for instance:

This cool picture on Conor McGregor’s Instagram shows him checking out airplanes with his son, Conor Jr. The MMA star captioned this photo, “Happy 4th of July America 🇺🇸❤️What a country!”

He paid homage to the United States of America in this post for the Fourth of July. And his adorable son looks lovingly up at him in the picture.

Do you want to see Conor McGregor on daddy duty? You’re going to love this next picture, then! He shared this photograph on Instagram sitting at a toy table with his son, Conor Jr.

The caption he included? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t as kid friendly. Though this photo shows Conor embracing playing with his toddler and playing with a toy train, the text he added wasn’t G-rated. 

Conor wrote, “Choo choo motherf*ckers 🚂 Happy Friday everyone!” The cuss word certainly looked out of place with this sweet image, but made more sense with his tough guy persona.

That’s why this part of Conor McGregor’s Instagram is often our favorite. It’s a unique peek into his home life that we otherwise would never see.

Conor McGregor’s Instagram Also Shows You His Intense Training

It’s no surprise that Conor McGregor’s Instagram includes glimpses into his work life. You’ll see behind the scenes photographs of his life training and keeping fit.

Want to see examples? Check out this cool action shot:

He wrote alongside the picture, “Major League Baseball down the pipe.”

And it’s not all fighting. He also works out and builds muscle. This photo proves that:

He captioned the photo, “Compound work. Building the necessary strength for the future! @mcgregorfast @reebok 👑”.

And then there’s this photo of Conor on the bar.

He didn’t add a caption to this cool photo, and quite honestly it doesn’t seem to need it.

For fans of his MMA and boxing work, these sneak peeks into his training are important. They give a cool view into his life and what it takes to make him into the true superstar he is today.

Did You Know Conor Is A Fashionista?

One side of Conor McGregor you might not know? The fact that he is very into fashion. Despite the tough guy persona, Conor seems to have a real love for amazing suits and dress shirts. And when he needs to dress up, he does so in style.

Want to see some examples?

Fortunately, Conor McGregor’s Instagram often includes outfit photos and shows off his impeccable fashion sense.

And even more surprising? The athlete is now a designer. He’s started creating his own line of clothing, and they often show up on his social media.

Look at this incredible suit:

“Clean up right with @augustmcgregor 🛁” Conor captioned the photo, tagging his brand. Can you believe this gorgeous embellished suit is Conor’s own creation?

Next up? This pink striped suit that only Conor could pull off perfectly.

The fighter shared a photo with his belt rocking this killer suit on Instagram.

He smartly realize there was no caption even needed — though he did tag August McGregor to tell fans who made the suit.

And sometimes, Conor even gets his adorable son Conor Jr. in on the fashion fun.

Check out this photo taken at the Super Bowl:

How sweet is this matching father son duo? Both decked out in chic purple suits by Conor’s August McGregor. He added the caption, “We are live from the #SuperBowl in Atlanta! Stay tuned for the halftime surprise that the @nfl has for us! #NFL100“. Like father, like son!

Instagram is the perfect place for Conor to show off his sharp dressing. And fans love seeing him all decked out instead of in uniform.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Conor McGregor’s Instagram gives fans and followers insight into who the fighter really is? It turns out, he’s a family man who also loves fashion! Who would have known?

But for those following because they love his sport, Conor also includes plenty of behind the scenes training footage and photos and shows fans just what it takes to be the best.

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