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Chris Brown’s Instagram boasts more than 57 million followers! Despite some past controversies, his fans stayed loyal and continue to support both his music and his social media.

The singer first hit the music scene way back in 2005 and quickly made a name for himself with his first big hit “Run It.” He continued to release hit after hit ever since, with his most recent release “Indigo” in 2019 becoming his third album to debut at number one on the Billboard charts.

Though no one ever questions his talent, back in 2009 he pleaded guilty to felony assault of then-girlfriend and fellow star Rihanna. The result? Many people have protested and boycotted the singer since then. 

So what can you expect if you give Chris Brown’s Instagram a follow? We’re digging into the singer’s social media presence and rounding up the things you’ll see if you hit that blue button. Let’s get started!

Chris Brown’s Instagram Includes His Famous Friends

As a celebrity, Chris Brown often rubs elbows with the rich and famous. As a result, he counts some pretty famous faces as his pals. And on Chris Brown’s Instagram, you never know who might pop up.

Chris often shares photos with other celebrities that he counts as buddies. And sometimes they really get his fans excited.

Take this photo for example, where he’s standing next to the one and only Drake.

Chris added a caption this post, writing: “Somethings coming”. His fans instantly began wondering if the two were collaborating on new music or projects. With just one single Instagram post, Chris got the music industry buzzing.

He’s also shared photos beside other big celebs, like Jamie Foxx.

@iamjamiefoxxME AND BIG BRO COOKING 🙏🏽❤️” he captioned the sepia-toned picture.

Another famous face he considers a pal? Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson. Chris posted a photo alongside the member of Hollywood royalty showing them embracing.

He captioned this photo with a simple red heart emoji, leading some fans in the comments to wonder if there was anything going on between the two. It turned out there wasn’t, the two celebs are just very close friends.

Sometimes he’s spending time with other famous people in the music business for work. A great example of this? The time he took the stage with fellow recording artist Bad Bunny and later shared a picture on his Instagram.

This photo included the caption, “@badbunnypr show was great bro. LA FAMILIA”.

Chris Brown Celebrates His Wins On Social Media

It’s important to celebrate big accomplishments. And followers of Chris Brown’s Instagram knows, he’s often sharing his career wins on the social media platform.

He’s been known to share any major milestones on Instagram, often by posting a screenshot of the information.

He recently shared one of these milestones via a tweet from a Twitter account called Chart Data.

The tweet explained that Chris has surpassed 120 million RIAA certified units between his albums, single and features.

When he learned about a massive achievement his album “INDIGO” made, he did a similar post.

He shared this information without a caption, letting the impressive stat speak for itself.

Chris Brown is no stranger to the top of the charts. And when his songs go number one, he lets his followers know.

“No Guidance,” his song with Drake, reached number one on Apple Music in June and he shared this tweet proving it from Chart Data.

When Chris discovered he was on the top of the YouTube US Artist Chart and the YouTube US Music Video Chart, he shared that info as well. He posted a tweet from an account called @MANUELCAV that shared the good news.

So if you’re curious about what’s happening with Chris Brown’s career, it might be time to give him a follow. Whether it’s a new song dropping or just a piece of great news about his music, Chris Brown’s Instagram keeps you posted.

Chris Brown’s Instagram Includes Awesome Throwbacks

We love seeing what our favorite stars looked like when they were younger. And if you follow Chris Brown’s Instagram, he’s no stranger to posting throwback photos to give you a peek.

Just take this photo for example. He shared an old photograph of himself all dressed up and sitting in a chair.

He included the caption, “Born READY” alongside this post of an adorably younger Chris.

When it was time for Mother’s Day, Chris Brown’s Instagram included a sweet throwback photo of he and his mother.

He captioned it simply, “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!”

Sometimes the throwbacks aren’t adorable, but hilarious instead. Take this photo for instance:

In this old snap, a younger Chris is all dressed up and making a funny face.

No matter the throwback, Chris Brown’s fans on Instagram love to see the older photos of the star. It gives them a glimpse into his life pre-fame and shows that at the end of the day he’s just a regular guy.

Chris Brown’s Instagram Shows He’s Also A Doting Dad

Did you know Chris Brown is a dad? Yep, the singer is a father to daughter Royalty, who was born in 2014. And his doting daddy side pops out often on social media.

If you follow Chris Brown’s Instagram, you’ll get to see photos of Royalty often.

Like this adorable one, of the adorable little girl in a pink heart-shaped chair.

Or this one of Royalty posing like an adorable pro!

Chris captioned this one adorably, writing: “SUGAR PIE HUNNY BUNCH” alongside the sweet photograph.

He also shared a photo of the little girl decked out in lime green.

This one featured a caption that read: “STARSEED 💫 💜”

It’s clear that Chris absolutely adores his daughter Royalty. And he posted a photograph proving that the little girl is a true Daddy’s girl.
Look at this sweet snap! Royalty is giving dad Chris Brown a kiss, showing the two’s adorable bond.
We love getting this unique glimpse into Chris Brown’s home life. He truly is a doting dad.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Whether you’re a huge Chris Brown fan, or simply know him from his scandals, his Instagram is an interesting follow. You’ll get to see pictures of Chris and his famous friends, and even learn about future music collaborations in the process.

Chris shares his big wins in his music career, posting about his accomplishments. There’s also plenty of throwbacks and photos of his darling daughter, Royalty.

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