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Do you follow Catherine Lowe’s Instagram? If you don’t perhaps you need a little introduction to this Texan who found love on network television almost 7 years ago.

Fans of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” know that true love is rare on the show. Though finale episodes usually end with proposals, most happy couples end up splitting after the cameras stop rolling. In fact, not many final couples have stayed together, but a few lucky duos have beat the odds.

One of those romances that continues to thrive in the real world? Sean Lowe and Catherine Lowe, who met on Season 17 of “The Bachelor” back in 2013. Viewers noticed from the start that these two were meant to be, as Sean was captivated from the very beginning.

But this couple who met on reality television — and even married on ABC to the delight of fans! — are still going strong. They’ve even welcomed three children since meeting at that famous “The Bachelor” mansion. And more than one million fans of the pair follow along with their love story via Catherine Lowe’s Instagram.

Even if you weren’t a diehard fan of the ABC reality show, there’s plenty of things to see on her social media. We’re rounding up all the reasons why you should be following Catherine Lowe’s Instagram. From silly snaps with Sean to pictures of their adorable kiddos to photos from family outings, check out our favorite posts from Catherine.

Let’s get started:

Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Includes Silly Photos With Sean

Fans of Season 17 of “The Bachelor” watched sparks fly between Sean Lowe and Catherine. Part of the couple’s charm? Their hilarious jokes and similar senses of humor.

If you loved the couple back in 2013, rest assured they’re still their hilarious selves. That’s evident from Catherine Lowe’s Instagram, which is filled with silly jokes and playful photos alongside the former “The Bachelor” star.

Sometimes her funny captions make you giggle out loud while perusing her Instagram feed. Case in point? This snap of hubby Sean standing on the front porch with a backpack and lunch box.

Catherine captioned this snap of Sean, “Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that he is a fool.” The line, of course, comes from the funny flick “Billy Madison,” proving these two enjoy quality comedic films.

Catherine And Sean Make Pregnancy Funny

Recently, Catherine and Sean welcomed their third child — a daughter! But before Catherine gave birth, she posted some hilarious photos with Sean poking fun at the process.

Even without a caption, this photo is goofy. But Catherine added even more laughs by captioning it, “Looks just like Daddy!”

Another time Catherine used her third pregnancy to get laughs on social media? With this photo, where she showed Sean borrowing her hair,

Catherine Lowe’s Instagram included this funny photo, and she added an equally hilarious caption. The former “The Bachelor” star wrote alongside the selfie, “Sean Lowe wanted to see what the baby would look like if it was a girl #woof“.

Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Even Makes Ads More Fun With Sean

Since Catherine cultivated quite a following for herself, with over a million followers, she often gets the opportunity to share ads. When she needs to advertise a product, she incorporates hubby Sean. And don’t worry, she still keeps things lighthearted and fun.

Want to see an example? Check out this Subway ad Catherine Lowe’s Instagram included:

She posted this funny photograph along with the explanation in the caption. “Sean’s idea of a perfect dinner: A Meatball Marinara Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread sub from @Subway followed by the Spicy Italian and then completed by saying “Gaya, I think I ate too much.” #plusacookie #okprobablytwo #ad“.

When Catherine Lowe’s Instagram includes a photo of Sean, get ready to laugh.

Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Is Filled With Her Adorable Kiddos

Catherine and Sean have welcomed not one, not two, but three cute kiddos since meeting on “The Bachelor.” They’re the proud parents of sons Isaiah and Samuel, and recently welcomed their first daughter, Mia, to the fold.

Fortunately for fans, Catherine Lowe’s Instagram often includes adorable snaps of these seriously cute kids.

Just take a look at this photo of the boys in matching outfits:

Catherine manages to infuse her signature humor into captions involving her children. The former reality star wrote, “Hide ya kids, hide ya wife” alongside this darling snap.

Those Lowe brothers obviously love each other. Catherine posts plenty of sweet photos of the oldest two in her clan, just like this one:

Catherine captioned the photo of the brothers hugging, “And just like that, Halloween was over.”

Now that there’s another kid in the mix, new daughter Mia, the Lowe family photos are even sweeter.

She posted this photo with the caption, “Christmas this year didn’t have us unwrapping gifts under the tree or leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, but we wouldn’t have changed a thing. 🤱🏻🎄🙌🏼”.

How sweet is this family? Once they got home from the hospital Catherine shared another photo of the siblings.

And don’t worry, Catherine’s humor is still going strong now that she’s a busy mom of three. Just take a look at this snap:

The caption? “We’ll be back at 10 o’clock, help yourself to whatever is in the fridge, make sure she’s in bed by 7.” Too funny!

If you love following funny moms with cute children, Catherine Lowe’s Instagram is definitely for you.

Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Includes Family Outings

First we had funny photos with Sean, then sweet snaps of the kids. Are you wondering where the family photos are? Don’t worry! Catherine Lowe’s Instagram also includes family photos.

Before welcoming little Mia, Catherine shared this photo of the original four Lowes.

The caption alongside this snap? Catherine made it into a debate, “Next baby hair color poll: blonde like daddy or brunette like mama?”

Another outing before baby Mia joined the crew? This one, which Catherine shared on social media.

The caption read: “Of course Samuel chose the pink butterfly wings. Celebrating @krisiandnathan’s Haven at the Butterfly House! Happy 1st Birthday!”

We can’t wait to see more family photos now that there’s another little lady in the mix.

What’s The Bottom Line?

If cute kids and funny captions are your jam, it’s time to give Catherine Lowe’s Instagram a follow. Join more than a million people following along on her fairy tale post-“The Bachelor”.

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